100+ Educational Websites for Students

100+ Educational Websites for Students

Are you a student who is always looking for assistance for study activities like assignments, courses, quizzes, research, projects, a way to collaborate effectively with fellow students and your teachers or non-study ones like organisation or physical education? These 100+ educational websites for students can help.

For scholars, it is a mega list of the best educational websites for students in different areas imaginable, to help you readily get the assistance you need. Browse through our depository, take what you need, and ensure you pay it forward by sharing with other students like you who might find this article useful.

Note that while these names on our list are free education sites for students, some of them have paid subscriptions for you to be able to enjoy some of its reserved benefits. However, you can still access study websites for students free in case you don’t have the budget to subscribe. 

Keep reading to see which sites we’ve added.


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Best Educational Websites for Students

This section contains a list of websites that readily offer education to students online in any course of study available, from various disciplines taught by various institutions and instructors from all over the world. With them, you can access choice free or paid lessons at your fingertips and obtain certifications from them. These are the best educational websites for students.


  1. EdX

    No,1 on our list of websites for students, is EDX. EDX is the leading online learning site, catering to millions of users globally and has in its database over 3000+  free online courses from 140 leading institutions in the world. On EDX you can easily learn new skills and earn a certificate of completion in courses like computer programming, business, economics, digital marketing, project management, etc. 

    Visit EDX.


    2. Udemy

    Udemy is another of the best study websites for students, especially the ones looking to learn one on one from experts in their fields. This online learning marketplace boasts over 183000 paid and free well-reviewed and highly recommended courses, which it teaches to more than 40 million students. Courses available on EDX range from business to personal development. 

    Visit Udemy


    3. Alison

    If what you are looking for is free educational websites for students, then we would love to recommend Alison. Although Alison focuses mostly on the development of work-place based skills, there are also other courses available which students can either use to enhance their preexisting knowledge of a course, or to prepare themselves for studying a course they’re not very conversant with.

    Visit Alison


    4. Coursera

    Coursera is one of the most useful websites for students, especially for those who need job-ready certificates and degree programs, and are not scared to take on hands-on projects and courses. This website is a partner to over 200 leading universities and companies, and collaborates with them to offer learners and organizations flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning. 

    Visit Coursera


    5. Khan Academy

    Established in 2008, Khan Academy is one of the most well-rounded learning websites for students, as it teaches courses that are most likely to be found in a school curriculum like math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, etc. Khan, like other websites on this list, also teaches students from all over the world, and has sites translated to over 36 languages including Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese.

    Visit Khan Academy.


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Research Websites for Students

Research is a vital part of education and when you are conducting one it is important that you get all your facts straight so that you do not end up making mistakes. Whether you are conducting research for a project or paper in any discipline, these are the best research websites for students to use.


  1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the online learning sites for students which you can use for your research. With Google Scholar, you can broaden your search for scholarly literature and can also source for data from various disciplines and sources such as articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, deposited by academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Visit Google Scholar.


  1. Google Books

One of the free educational websites for students by Google, Google Books is an online repository where students like you can access, read, and download over 10 million carefully vetted and selected books. 

Visit Google Books.


  1. Microsoft Academic

Developed by Microsoft Research, Microsoft Academic is one of the educational sites for students, it is essentially a free public web search engine where users can find academic publications and literature.  Academic, profiles authors, organizations, keywords, and journals. On it, you can explore over 260 million publications.

Visit Microsoft Academic.


  1. Educational Resources Information Center

Facilitated by the U.S. Department of Education, the Educational Resources Information Center is one of the best study sites for students. ERIC is an online library that acts as a repository for education research and information. It aims to provide educators, researchers, and the public as a whole with comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable Internet-based bibliography and education research and information that improves teaching, learning, and educational decision-making.

Visit Educational Resources Information Center.


  1. ResearchGate

Established in 2008, ResearchGate seeks to link the scientific world and make research accessible to all, it has over 20 million researchers in its community from diverse areas of more than 190 countries who use it to connect, collaborate, and distribute their work. ResearchGate is among the online learning sites for students, teaching a variety of science subjects. 

Visit ResearchGate.


Presentation Websites for Students

If presentation or creating presentation slides is something you struggle with as a student, then you can rest easy knowing that the tools we have listed out in this section, will assist you in doing anything from creating colorful professional slides to making your presentations more organised and streamlined.


  1. Microsoft PowerPoint

Also created by Microsoft, Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most helpful websites for students, as it assists them in creating presentations on the go. PowerPoint isn’t just a classic in its niche, but it is also a power presentation tool you can use to easily create concise slideshows and intricate pitch decks that make your seminars and projects more professional and easier for listeners to absorb.

Visit Microsoft PowerPoint.


  1. Canva

If you are already conversant with Canva, then you will know that it is a tool that wears many hats in terms of design and it has over the years assisted both students and professionals in creating good visuals for their businesses or school projects. For presentation, Canva features thousands of templates which can be used to create all kinds of presentations, it even features beautiful designs, and the option for you to record yourself while presenting. 

Visit Canva


  1. Google Slides

Created by Google, Google Slides is one of the easiest and most useful websites for students who wish to create good presentations. Besides being from one of the greatest corporations in the world for information, some other features that makes Slides good for you is that it is thoughtfully integrated to other Google apps, contains embedded charts from Google Sheets, and has the option to reply to comments on the slide from your Gmail. Additionally, you can create presentations and collaborate with your partners in real time, access slides from any of your devices even offline, and easily source images from the web and Google Drive from it.

Visit Google Slides


  1. Prezi

Prezi is one of the learning sites for students, it leans solely towards assisting you with creating video presentations. Students using Prezi can within minutes create inspiring, engaging visuals, and appear beside them as they present. You also have the option to record to share later or go live. This one is perfect for learners who aren’t in the same location as their instructors and coursemates.

Visit Prezi.


  1. Easelly

Easelly is an easy infographic / presentation tool you can use to visualize any kind of information. As one of the useful sites for students, you can find on it hundreds of customizable templates for creating presentations and infographics at once. Furthermore, it does not require you to have an account to gain access. 

Visit Easelly.


Interactive Websites for Students

Interactive websites are essential to students’ activities, they are like virtual classrooms because on them you can take tests, submit answers or responses to quizzes or questions, present seminars, and solve complex problems. Having access to these types of websites are important, because these stated activities can be done in real-time without an instructor or student needing to visit a physical school environment. We have gathered you the best interactive websites for students.


  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the best sites for students, and is perfect for both students and teachers. It is an integrated hub of teaching and learning, equipped to empower learners with easy-to-use and secure tools they can use to enhance their learning experiences. 

Visit Google Classroom.


  1. Zoom Education

Zoom Education is another good online learning websites for students no matter the location class is being hosted. This tool engages both learners and instructors to enhance better learning, collaboration, and administration. 

Visit Zoom Education.


  1. Kahoot

Kahoot is one of the great websites for students, it is a game-based learning platform that offers to its 1 billion + players a fast and flexible study toolkit to make learning interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. 

Visit Kahoot.


  1. Seesaw

Seesaw is a core contributor to the learning process of millions of  students all over the world, encouraging creativity and feedback amongst students to get them excited about learning. Recognised as one of the important websites for students, Seesaw is one of the best learning platforms for student engagement, it creates a loop between students, teachers, and families.

Visit Seesaw.


  1. Photomath

Photomath is a mobile app that recognises mathematical equations by using a smartphone’s camera to scan and recognise mathematical equations and then display step-by-step explanations to them on screen. With over 270 million downloads, this app easily makes its way into the list of best academic websites for students as it is the most used math app in the world, and also the best app to learn elementary, high school and college math.

Visit Photomath.


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Quiz Websites for Students

The Quiz Websites for Students we have mentioned in this part, assists teachers in creating a variety of quizzes. For students, they offer an engaging easy to use interface, support for multiple media, options to contact instructors mid quiz or ask questions, and non-intrusive monitoring. 


  1. Google Forms

Google Forms is another of the best learning websites for students created by Google. It is an easy to use straightforward platform where students can easily take surveys and quizzes in a short period of time. Students can answer any type of questions or quiz on Google Forms, whether it is multiple choice or questionnaires about their personal details.

Visit Google Forms.


  1. Quizizz

Quizizz is one of the most amazing websites for students, it is a platform where learners of every school level can find gamified quizzes and interactive learners. This quiz maker is used by over 10 million students in the world, and it can be used on any device and used to answer quizzes  remotely or in-person.

Visit Quizizz.


  1. Quizlet

On Quizlet, students can access free simple learning tools like flashcards and games to help them study anything. This website is equipped with effective flashcards, an AI Learning Assistant, expert explanations, and other science-approved study tools you can easily access. Additionally, it helps students study faster for any tough exams and guarantees a high score on the tests. Quizlet is a free website for students and on it you will find study sets created by teachers, lecturers and other students or create yours. Students can revise at home, school or on the go with the mobile app.

Visit Quizlet.


  1. Survey Monkey

Besides it being one of the free learning websites for students, Survey Monkey will prove most helpful for students who are conducting a research or survey and wish to source for answers and data for it. You can use it to get answers from participants from any part of the world, which means you can both broaden your reach and make more informed decisions about the data you are compiling for your research. We mean, what’s a better way to know from the U.S.A what someone in China wants? Survey Monkey is a classic in creating quizzes and a global leader in survey software, answering over 20 million questions daily. 

Visit Survey Monkey.


  1. Plickers

Plickers is a free, accessible and engaging tool millions of teachers from all over the world swear by for assessing students and collecting instant results in classrooms, making it one of the best websites for students to study. The platform’s accessibility is top-notch and makes it perfect for a variety of educational settings, learners answer questions using unique cards which means no need for devices, accounts, and study sessions can be held offline.

Visit Plickers.


Engineering Websites for Students

Engineering students especially need to have access to good websites that contain accurate facts and resources tailored especially for this field to help them learn to understand the engineering discipline, understand basically how technology works and its trends, study for tests and exams, think outside the box, and ultimately be able to form their own thought processes. These are some of the engineering websites for students.


  1. is one of the most interesting websites for students, as it has everything a budding engineer in today’s world needs to grow in their field. For learners, this website incorporates video tutorials on engineering and its application, explanation of concepts, principles, tutorials on softwares, shows on discussions relevant to engineering, as well as related jobs in different disciplines and locations.Other interesting features of includes electronics, 3D printing, software designing, games, puzzles, and downloadable resources.



  1. Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Stanford Engineering Everywhere is among the good websites for students interested in Engineering in the USA. It is a free resource that provides learners across the U.S. access to courses and tools used by Stanford University undergraduates to master the basics of computing, artificial intelligence and electrical engineering. These resources are freely available to anyone with an internet connection and a good device.

Visit Stanford Engineering Everywhere.


  1. Interesting Engineering

What makes Interesting Engineering one of the best study websites for students is that it is managed by a senior engineering professor, and has a section where learners can send any engineering problems or enquiries they need clarification for and they get solutions for it. It also has a blog that discusses notes, research, and engaging tutorials in this field of study.

Visit Interesting Engineering.  


  1. Arduino

Arudino is one of the cool websites for students which engineering scholars are advised to familiarise themselves with. It is an open-source electronics prototyping platform that is built on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino offers sellable materials, including free online video tutorials for beginning electronics and electrical engineering students to gain hands-on experience and practice.

Visit Arduino.


  1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is a website created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which it uses to provide online access free of charge to all its courses, so that students can gain unrestricted access to its resources. On this platform, learners can view and learn from general categories such as mechanical engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science, economics, management and liberal arts, which provide real support for students across a wide range of disciplines. MIT OpenCourseWare is one of the top websites for students because it is from MIT, a school renowned globally for its science, technology and engineering courses. 

Visit MIT OpenCourseWare.


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Science Learning Websites for Students

The Science Learning Websites for Students on this list are tried and tested when it comes to helping students understand complex topics, prepare for tests or exams, as they explain things in a basic manner that advanced or beginning science students will understand.


  1. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is one of the best learning sites for students, in addition to having a website it also has books and TV shows that teach learners about basic science. For teaching it uses illustrations, charts, and graphs to explain how stuff like light bulbs, weather phenomena, spacecrafts, submarines, nuclear fission and Icecube melting works. 

Visit HowStuffWorks.


  1. Science Toys

Science Toys is one of the most practical informational websites for students as it teaches learners how to make things on their own. This site is a collection of the best old-school science projects deposited for the younger generation to use. Another thing that makes Science Toys good is that the practicals can be done with materials from around the house and doesn’t require much shopping.


Visit Science Toys.


  1. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye is a reputed American mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter. His website Bill Nye the Science Guy is among the good knowledge websites for students, and is a medium to reinforce the materials Bill Nye himself talks about on his TV show. Bill’s teaching style incorporates humor which he uses to entertain and educate learners, while still teaching valuable lessons.

Visit Bill Nye the Science Guy.


  1. Scitable

Scitable is one of the literacy websites for students from which science scholars can learn everything they need to know about science. On this site, learners can read the Scitable blog posts, discuss with other students, join groups and apply for jobs.

Visit Scitable.


  1. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is  another of the informative websites for students, it uses animation, movies, and brief interactive quizzes to engage and entertain science students on a number  of topics such as ecology and behaviour, the environment, scientific enquiries, paleontology and anthropology, genetics, and cellular life.

Visit BrainPOP


Project Websites for Students

These Project Websites for Students come in handy whenever you need to work on a project in any discipline by providing you with resources, spaces for you to collaborate, past questionnaires, and any other information you may need to make your assignment a success.


  1. Project-Based Learning Online

Project-Based Learning Online is part of the best educational sites for students, it follows the Buck Institute for Education’s research-based model. This website seeks to deepen learning and help students of every race to succeed in college, career, and life.

Visit Project-Based Learning Online.


  1. Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE)

Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment is one of the free education sites for students, it is aimed at advancing hands-on education all over the world. GLOBE features some projects like scientific measurements in atmosphere, hydrology, soils, and land cover.

Visit GLOBE.


  1. Global SchoolNet

Appearing on the list of educational websites for students is Global SchoolNet which is essentially a clearinghouse for engaging in collaboration based projects from around the world. Global SchoolNet strengthens communities and benefits humanity by using education and technology. The Platform facilitates academic performance by fostering content-driven collaborations.

Visit Global SchoolNet.


  1.  Electronics Hub 

Electronics Hub is among the project websites for students in Engineering or other electronic groups. It has over 140 projects learners can choose from and provides for each one guidelines on how to do them.

Visit Electronics Hub.


  1. 1000 Projects

1000 Projects is one of the study websites for students interested in coding, from here they can get assistance, download projects, and also get guides on how to execute these projects.

Visit 1000 Projects.


Organization Websites for Students

Between attending classes, doing assignments, hanging out with friends, and generally maintaining a healthy school-life balance, college can get tedious sometimes which is why you need all the help you can get with being organised. On that note, these are some of the best organization websites for students.


  1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the biggest retailers of beddings, covers, clothes, and other household items and services in the world. What places it amongst the useful websites for students is that it has a dedicated college page on its website that sells a wide range of items students will need for their houses, and it also offers services at affordable prices. 

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond.


  1. Ikea

Just like Bed Bath & Beyond, Ikea is another of the helpful websites for students, as it also incorporates school shopping into its stores and websites. Ikea has a designated “back to college” tab where college students can shop for items for organizing every room in their houses and transforming their living spaces as they see fit. 

Visit Ikea.


  1. MyStudyLife

When it comes to effective organisation, MyStudyLife is one of the most useful websites for students. This website also features an app that assists students with time management. It organizes and plans student’s school work like schedules, assignments, tests, and essay revisions all in one app. 

Visit MyStudyLife.


  1. myHomework

For students that often find themselves scatterbrained and unable to focus on and complete one assignment at a time, myHomework is one of the useful sites for students for your consideration. With it you track homework assignments for each class, as well as what you’ve already completed and which ones you are behind on. It also syncs across devices to enhance easy access to classes and assignments from anywhere, at any time.

Visit myHomework.


  1. Todoist

If Todoist doesn’t get you organised then nothing else will. This website/ app has an easy to use and straight-forward interface that lets you lay out tasks and get reminders for when to tackle them. On Todoist you can organise things to do based on categories and get them managed by the software.

Visit Todoist.


Physical Education Websites for Students

As a college student exercise and general fitness is important for your health, which means it is something you should try incorporating into your daily or weekly routine so that your body can stay active. To assist you on this journey we have made a list of the best health education websites for students you can follow closely for fitness tips and hacks. 


  1. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is a website run by a community of trainers committed to helping people with their fitness journey. What makes it one of the good websites for students looking to stay healthy is that Nerd Fitness doesn’t just teach how to work out or eat healthier, but it also trains the mind and helps you develop positive habits.

Visit Nerd Fitness.


  1. is one of the helpful websites for students that serves as a resource for exercise professionals, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts spanning across comprehensive libraries of over 1900 exercises, fitness assessment calculators, and reference articles. This website gets up to 50,000 visitors daily from all over the world, and on it you can find exercise programs, fitness testing calculators, general questions, and links to additional resources. 




While might be a personal fitness blog by Ross Enamait, it is still one of the useful websites for students. It is committed to high performance conditioning, strength, and athletic development. Ross is a longtime trainer and boxing coach understands which fitness regimen works for you, plus on his blog you can find resources and information on different kinds of training like fitness fundamentals and old-school workout.



  1. Mayo Clinic

In addition to making diagnosis and treating patients from all over the world, Mayo Clinic is a hub where you can find accurate proven answers on medical topics, as well as other issues that might be related to your health. It is a trusted online resource where you can find health and medical information,making it one of the most informative websites for students.

Visit Mayo Clinic.


  1. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is another of the informational websites for students in the health niche. This website prides itself as being the go-to place for getting quality information on exercise, fitness, health, and nutrition. Breaking Muscle through its platform seeks to inform, educate, and advocate its fitness community.

Breaking Muscle.


Online Portfolio Sites for Students

As a student your portfolio will consist of a compilation of your academic works and other supporting proof of your education and will be used for evaluating your coursework, learning progress, achievements academic wise, and the possibility of you meeting the academic requirements of the course you are studying.  If you wish to create one, here are some good online portfolio sites for students.


  1. Weebly

Weebly for students is a platform where they can create websites and also digital portfolios. It has a simple interface that you can navigate through, and add contents to easily. Weebly is one of the useful sites for students and features sample portfolios created by other learners like you which you can use as inspiration to create your own online space.

Visit Weebly.


  1. WordPress
    Although WordPress is primarily known for creating websites and managing blogs, it is also one of the best websites for students as it can be used to create digital portfolios for learners. It has an easy to understand dashboard where you can conveniently upload files of different formats to create an online space for yourself. Although WordPress may be a bit tricky to use, it can be mastered with practice. Do well to use instead of as the latter is more advanced and requires payment for domain name.



  1. Google Sites

Google Sites is another one of the useful websites for students created by Google. This one provides learners with an interface for them to create comprehensive and various collections of multimedia items to showcase their work throughout the academic year. Since it is from the same company, Google Sites can seamlessly integrate with other Google Apps like Blogger, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, etc.

Visit Google Sites.


  1. Easy Portfolios

Easy Portfolios is among the best websites for students, a subscription for it costs less than 2 dollars yet it is immensely beneficial to the users. As the name implies, students can use Easy Portfolios to easily create and manage portfolios, manage classes, record audio, take perfect pictures for their collections, transfer files from Dropbox and share their portfolio items via email. Note that Easy Portfolios is an iOS app.

Visit Easy Portfolios


  1. VoiceThreads

VoiceThreads is another iOsS app that is part of the helpful websites for students. With it learners can create digital portfolios, it supports various content like audio, video, files, or documents. On VoiceThreads both students and teachers work together to add work samples for forming streams and narratives on the app.

Visit VoiceThreads.


Note Taking Website for Students free

Note Taking might prove difficult for various types of students with different learning and thinking styles, this is why when you are choosing a note taking app, you should choose one that better suits your needs and has helpful features like saving, cloud backup and syncing with other devices. The note taking website for students free we have listed in this section are perfect for different kinds of users and learners.


  1. Evernote

Evernote is a classic note taking app and another of the useful sites for students who wish to get organised and be more productive at work. On this app you can do anything from take and organise notes to creating to-do lists. Evernote enhances productivity and is packed with features that lets you create student portfolios and plan lessons plus you can also take pictures, record voice reminders, and make notes searchable and accessible from any device in any location you are. This app is available on Web, Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Visit Evernote.


  1. Notability

Notability is among the best sites for students and one of the most versatile when it comes to note taking. With it you can take notes at school, home or wherever you are working and organize them by folders.  On this website you can type text, attach image and file attachments to your note and record audio as well.

Visit Notability.


  1. Flexcil 2 Note 

Flexcil 2 Note is another of the important websites for students for note taking and memorization. It is one of the best note-taking apps for study and research on iOS and Android. Flexcil is on a mission to lighten students' school bags by replacing paper texts with light digital textbooks they provide. With it you can take notes, read documents, do bullet journaling or edit pages from textbooks. 

Visit Flexcil 2 Note.


  1. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is part of the great websites for students, it is a free note taking app that offers users virtual notebooks with designer covers to store card style notes which makes it easy for you to separate and identify different notebooks. Zoho’s interface is easy to use and quite interactive, it lets you choose preferred fonts, font size, and colours. You can create up to 6 categories of notes like text, checklists, audio, photos, and documents which sync on various devices.

Visit Zoho.


  1. Bear

Bear is one of the good websites for students available on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for learners, it provides you with a tag system to manage notes and the sub tag that mimics the notebook format. This app comes with an in-built to-do list and makes it easy for users to create and move tasks around.

Visit Bear.


Educational Math Websites

Math is one subject that some students, no matter how advanced in learning they are, will always find difficult. And since in some academic streams it's not a course that can be easily done away with, these students are often stuck learning lessons that are too complex for them to understand no matter how many times they learn it. If this describes your relationship with maths then these educational math websites we’ve mentioned can help.


  1. Math Solver

When it comes to mathematics, Math Solver by Microsoft is one of the trusted study websites for students. On Solver, you learn about topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Learners using this website have access to step-by-step explanations on mathematical problems which show how to solve them, their work, and definitions of mathematical concepts. Math Solver is available in multiple languages. 

Visit Math Solver.


  1. QuickMath

QuickMath is another of the good learning websites for students struggling with mathematics. It automatically solves the most common problems in algebra, equations, inequality, calculus, matrices, graphs, and numbers faced by high-school and college students. QuickMath has a simple interface that takes care of all types of mathematical learners.

Visit QuickMath.


  1. Online Math Problem Solver

Online Math Problem Solver is one of the best online learning sites, with it you can solve all your most pressing math problems. Although Problem Solver has a free version that provides learners with immediate answers, they will still have to sign up to view complete solutions.

Visit Online Math Problem Solver.


  1. Mathway

As one of the free educational websites for students, Mathway offers a cost-effective and easier way for learners to solve those complex algebra questions  using detailed step-by-step explanations. Mathway touches various aspects of mathematics from calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra, trigonometry, etc.

Visit Mathway.


  1. WebMath

As part of the educational sites for students, WebMath is a helpful math website that generates for learners answers to the particular math questions and problems enquired for by users at any time. The answers on this site are solved and shown in real-time, the second learner types in the equation they’ll like answered and clicks “Solve”; it also shows how to arrive at the answer.

Visit WebMath.


Assignment Website for Students Free

Most college students find assignments and school work in general daunting and time consuming. These are the students that would much rather prefer it if they were able to get extra help with their work. If this is you or a friend you know, then this section on the assignment website for students free can provide the assistance you need.


  1. is one of the study sites for students, on it learners can log in and submit requests for assignments on any subject they want at any time of the day. In addition to assignments, it also offers aid like technical support, hardware support, and software configuration or installation. Like the name implies,  24hoursanswers provides help with homework no matter what time they need it.



  1. is another of the learning sites for students, it is popular for having affordable textbooks and digital books for purchasing and rent. In addition to this, it also provides to learners other forms of assistance like course reviews, 24/7 study and assignment help, and free scholarships. 



  1. is part of the most useful websites for students who need help with their assignments. It is a highly rated and large tutoring company globally recognised for helping students be more prepared and get better grades in school. is a website flanked by tutors, librarians, peer coaches, and career tutors. This website also assists with test preparation and assignment help in every subject and with online tutoring too.



  1. is one of the reliable online learning websites for students. It is a question and answer-based website that caters to a community of learners from various backgrounds to gain help with their studies and assignments from other students like them.



  1. is among the simplest academic websites for students to use. On this platform, getting assistance with common assignment questions is easy and immediate. All you need to do is type in the question you would like to see answered, choose any of the Studenthelpmate instructors you’d prefer to work with, and set the prices.



Free Online Classroom Websites

Students who try to keep up with the times will agree that the future of education is digital, and with the development of many software like proctoring tools, and websites where students can host their online portfolio amongst others, the way people study have been revolutionised. This same revolution is what birthed virtual classrooms where students can take classes without needing to attend campus. For you, these are the best free online classroom websites.


  1. Webex Meetings

Although it is prominent in the video conferencing space, Webex Meetings by Cisco is among the best learning websites for students as it has features students taking virtual classes can benefit from. Webex offers an engaging, intelligent, and inclusive video conferencing that encourages everyone in the lesson to participate.

Visit Webex Meetings.


  1. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect  is one of the best learning sites for students, learning with it you will constantly get the feeling that you are in the same location with the tutor because it creates an immersive virtual experience that transforms training and webinars into extraordinary. You will hear and see everything the teacher says or does clearly.

Visit Adobe Connect.


  1. Whereby

Whereby offers students and instructors a simple way to connect with each other via video. It is one of the best study websites for students who cannot connect with their classmates offline. Whereby does not need any apps, downloads, or long meeting links.

Visit Whereby.


  1. Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is an all-in-one platform that offers users an immersive human experience across devices, and adds a needed personal touch to online collaboration. What places it amongst the best educational sites for students is that learners can connect easily with their tutors and their classmates as well, plus it allows collaboration using audio, video, and recording, private and public chat,  whiteboard, application sharing, and clip art library. 

Visit Blackboard Collaborate


  1. BrainCert

As one of the literacy websites for students, BrainCert is a unified, rich, easy to use, and mobile ready online training platform used for delivering courses, tests, and live classes within minutes. It features all the tools and extra expertise required for students to learn and collaborate online.

Visit BrainCert.


STEM Websites for Students

Learners who are heavily interested in getting into the STEM field or enhancing the existing knowledge they already have about it, can get themselves acquainted with these  STEM websites for students we have listed in this section.


  1. is a website that promotes STEM and helps students find out how enrolling for classes in science, technology, engineering, and math can later on lead to fulfilling careers in STEM. In this place, learners can play interactive games, download study guides, and find related careers. is one of the good informative websites for students.



  1. Engineer Girl 

Engineer Girl is part of the knowledge websites for students, this one focuses solely on middle-school girls who wish to take on a career in STEM. On this platform girls get the opportunity to try out careers, talk to professional engineers, play games, participate in polls, apply for scholarships, etc.

Visit Engineer Girl


  1. Discovering Engineering

Discovering Engineering is another of the free learning websites for students interested in STEM. It promotes and grows the engineering profession using outreach, education, and volunteerism. Discover E explains engineering and gives advice on what career path people in this field should take, it also contains informative videos and educational games. 

Visit Discovering Engineering.


  1. STEM Career

STEM Career is another of the websites for students to study, on it learners can explore resources that explain the benefits of careers in STEM and get assistance with choosing the right school and specific career. Students can also get help with their homework and access to current news and developments in the field.

Visit STEM Career.


  1. eGFI (Engineering, Go For It!)

eGFI is also one of the good free learning websites for students interested in science and other related fields. It promotes STEM using materials like interactive games, newsletters, digital magazines, and flash cards. Additionally it offers scholarship information to people who want to take on a career in STEM.

Visit eGFI.


ICT Websites for Students

Thanks to the internet, there are now hundreds of sites and apps which students interested in ICT can turn to for assistance with studies, courses, resources, and jobs related to this field, without needing to go too far from their current locations. We have sourced the web and brought you the 5 best ICT websites for students.


  1. Job Ready Programmer

What places Job Ready Programmer among the cool websites for students is that it offers a wide range of ICT/programming related courses which learners can have access to while they learn how to code like professionals. This platform tests students' learning skills by putting them in practical programming assignments and providing them with a detailed video solution to pieces problems and comprehensive step-by-step answers as well so that they can understand lessons better.

Visit Job Ready Programmer.


  1. Pluralsight

PluralSight is one of the top websites for students that uses a hands-on approach in their teaching method, they don’t just leave learners to their fate after giving them a course to study, but they also guide them on discovering what’s suitable and how to make that happen. The courses on Pluralsight offer courses ranging within  software development and IT as well as other disciplines.

Visit Pluralsight.


  1. Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is among the learning sites for students that is focused solely on teaching learners cloud computing and identifying how they can use it to solve problems within the business sector. Cloud covers a vast range of topics in these two areas and their courses are regularly updated.

Visit Cloud Academy.


  1. Katacoda

Katacoda is perfect for students interested in becoming developers, as it supports them with over 250 free courses they can learn and practice with. In addition, what makes this site one of the best educational websites for students is that it takes on a fun and easy approach to teaching complex technical lessons like  Kubernetes and Machine Learning so that you can understand them easily.

Visit Katacoda.


  1. DataCamp

DataCamp specialises in data science and has more than 100 courses in Python, SQL, and Spreadsheets. It is one of the most amazing websites for students because it uses bite-sized lessons to make their teaching easily consumable and has exercises learners can perform to implement lessons they’ve just learned. Students get certificates after completion of each course.

Visit DataCamp.


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Free eBook Websites for Students

The websites we have sampled for this section provide sure links to getting ebooks for virtually any topic you can think of free of charge. On these free eBook websites for students you can read or download as many books you wish to at a pace that is convenient for you.


  1. FreeTechBooks.Com

FreeTechBooks.Com goes top on the list of informational websites for students, especially the ones interested in science and technology. Engineering / technical students in Computer Science, Electronics, or Telecommunications will find this site helpful as they can access science related eBooks, and also refer to  quality textbooks and/or lecture notes for their projects, assignments, tests or exams.

Visit FreeTechBooks.Com.


  1. ReadPrint 

Avid Readers will appreciate ReadPrint for being among the best literacy websites for students because it doubles down as an online social network for other bookworms. The site contains over 8,000 book titles from hundreds of authors including classic authors like Jane Austen & Charles Dickens, as well as biography of writers, famous quotes, and catalog of hundreds of thousands of other popular books.

Visit ReadPrint.


  1. Classic Reader 

Classic Reader is another of the interesting websites for students particularly ones that like the old school era of literature graced by the expertise and existence of classic authors like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, etc. Classic Reader contains over 3861 titles and 360 authors, visiting learners can access anything on it from fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, drama and classical. 

Visit Classic Reader.


  1. Bookshare

Bookshare is a non-profit organization that provides books to people with print disabilities. It is an online library that gives access to over 360,000 people in almost 50 countries to its collection of more than 350,000 titles. Bookshare deserves this spot among the helpful websites for students because it offers this disabled readers many provisions to read books like text to speech, reading with digital braille and enlarged fonts, etc.

Visit Bookshare.


  1. Planet eBooks

Planet eBooks is one of the best sites for students who enjoy classic literature and have no problem devouring as many classic novels and books as they can. Students can read these books and still share to their friends, classmates, and anyone else they please. Plus, they can suggest missing books to be added to the site.

Visit Planet eBooks.


Animation Websites for Students

Incorporating animation into the school curriculum, has undoubtedly made studies more interesting especially since free use of its software makes students the more creative version of themselves that can design their own movies and comic strips, as well as understand classes faster. These are the best animation websites for students.


  1. iKitMovie

iKITMovie is a software for educational animation which students can use to create amazing animated movies simply and within a short period. It is one of the most interesting websites for students, and is used by learners all over the world.

Visit iKITMovie


  1. Clip Studio

Clip Studio is renowned globally as being a leading software in the creation of materials like comics and manga. However, what makes it part of the amazing websites for students is that it gives outstanding and effective art tools for comic artists or manga lovers to rely on for creating their crafts. Clip Studio works for artists who draw with paper and pen and the ones who create cartoons digitally.

Visit Clip Studio.


  1. Moovly

On Moovly you can create videos easily for your presentations, assignments, and your school marketing or video journalism project. Being an all round educational animation tool is what makes Moovly one of the project sites for students.

Visit Moovly.


  1. Harmony

Harmony is perfect for creating any animation style quickly, and it also offers you tools that you can use for paperless cut-out and the fusion animation creations. This software is globally accepted as being part of most useful websites for students.

Visit Harmony.


  1. Synfig Studio 

The Synfig Studio allows for the easy creation of animation for educational purposes. Its free 2D software can be used to create film-quality animation using  a vector and bitmap artwork. With Synfig Studio there is no need for you to create frame by frame animation. This is one of the good academic websites for students.


Collaboration Websites for Students

Building connections and maintaining steady contact with your teachers and other students is a vital part of education as it ensures that you do not get cut-off from current happenings and information shared within that circle. If you wish to be more in touch and communicate effectively with others during group projects, assignments and classes as a whole, these are the best collaboration websites for students.


  1. FlipGrid

FlipGrid provides a sustainable way for students and teachers to learn together using simple free video discussions that make learning more enjoyable, satisfactory and empowering. This site is social learning as it believes that learning is more fun when done together. Furthermore, Flipgrid is one of the few learning sites for students that is essentially a safe space that can be reached easily by learners of different demographics to explore and share ideas, connect, create, and contribute to discussions. 

Visit FlipGrid.


  1. Diigo

Consulted by 9 million plus users globally, Diigo rightly prides itself as a power research tool and a knowledge sharing community. But what makes it  up to par with other best research websites for students is that it simplifies learning, offers the option for learners  to save and tag online resources that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, annotate web pages and PDF directly as the surf the web, organise links, references and personal inputs that can be turned into a structured research base, and the freedom to share their research with friends, classmates, colleagues or associates.

Visit Diigo.


  1. VideoAnt

VideoAnt is a simple web-based video annotation tool you can use to add annotations or comments on web-hosted videos. VideoAnt is among useful websites for students and is available on mobile and desktop devices.

Visit VideoAnt.


  1. Padlet

Padlet easily fits into the profile of great websites for students who wish to connect often with other students. With it, you can create and collaborate from anywhere in the world using a variety of media sources it provides. Padlet allows for contribution of videos, images, commentary on a virtual corkboard in real-time and across time zones. Additionally, learners can comment on each other's works or contribute to new topics.

Visit Padlet.


  1. Skype

Skype is a powerful conferencing solution that is more suited for facilitating video or audio meetings or live brainstorming sessions where everyone in the class is to participate, and generally any other virtual meetup needs both students and teachers might have. This tool is another of the useful websites for students from Microsoft.

Visit Skype.


Biology Sites for Students

If you are a biology student looking for  the right resources like study notes, past question papers, guides on practicals, and e-textbooks to back up your lessons, then you have come to the right place. These biology sites for students can help.


  1. Microbe Notes

Created in 2018, Microbe Notes is a niched website related to education in microbiology, created to provide undergraduate and graduate students with study notes that prove useful during examinations. Microbe Notes is also one of the most informative websites for students studying A-level biology, AP biology, IB biology, and other university-level biology and microbiology courses - B.Sc, M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D.

Visit Microbe Notes.


  1. Biology Discussion

Biology Discussion is aimed at providing a platform where students can share and receive notes on Biology. This site contains resources like study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by other learners. Biology Discussion is one of the most informative websites for students.

Visit Biology Discussion.


  1. Science Notes

Science Notes is a well-rounded science notes and projects site where learners can find experiments, projects, and notes for all forms of scientific disciplines including biology, and educational levels. Science Notes is well-referred to as part of literacy websites for students.

Visit Science Notes.


  1. Biology Online

Biology Online is one of the highly recommended biology sites for students who are interested in studying and becoming more familiar with this subject. This site is also good for educators, scientists, life science professionals and other people who are passionate about learning biology. Biology Online is one of the most comprehensive databases of Biology terms, tutorials, and articles in the world, it is visited by over 33 million people annually. It offers education and awareness in all things biology, and free and easy access to foundational information in Biological Sciences.

Visit Biology Online.


  1. BioNinja

BioNinja is another one of the best educational sites for students interested in Biology to get accurate information and unlimited resources in the subject. On the site, learners can find 3 different syllabus of Biology dated according to new, and a time before the year 2016.

Visit BioNinja.


Which of these free websites for students did you already know about? How many new ones did you just discover? As you have read this article and gotten the information you need, do not forget to pass it on to other students in your community who could be struggling with the same issue of not finding ready help like you did. 


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