30 Best Study Techniques To Try This 2024

30 Best Study Techniques To Try This 2024

Do you struggle to stay focused while studying? ScholarshipTab will introduce you to the 30 Best Study Techniques To Try This 2024.

When navigating the challenges of studying effectively, applying the best study techniques is key to success. Whether you're preparing for exams or pursuing a long-term learning path, different studying strategies are required. Our article discusses in-depth, the most effective study methods you should be using.

Each of the best study methods discussed, have been proven to facilitate short-term and long-term learning, and support the organization of fragmented knowledge, thereby helping you explore the learning path easily.

Without further ado, let's begin.


Table Of Content:

  • 5 reasons why you should have a study technique.

  • Best study techniques to try this 2024

  • 30 best study techniques to try this 2024


5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Study Technique

Implementing study techniques is a good method for improving your grades and understanding your course. If you truly want to take control of your learning and offer yourself with the best chances to be a high-scoring students, read these 5 reasons why you should have a study technique.

1. Improved Learning

Good study skill assist you in learning effectively and efficiently. It will help you absorb and retain large information faster. This ultimately leads to better grades and a broader understanding of the subject matter.

2. Time Management

A solid study technique helps you manage your time more efficiently. By prioritizing tasks and setting attainable goals, you utilise your study time and reduce stress levels. With how demanding school is, good time management will come in handy as exams approach.

3. Increased Confidence

With good study techniques, you'll be more confident in your learning ability. You can apply this same confidence in the examination hall.

4. Prepares You Further Education And Career

Developing sustainable study techniques can prepare you to excel in future educational pursuits, like graduate school or professional training. Furthermore, if you get into a career that requires continous learning and professional development, these same skills can help you thrive.

5. Higher Grades

There is no other way to get high grades in school and maintain a good academic record, except by studying and studying well.


Best Study Techniques To Try This 2024

1. Create a revision timetable

2. Plan and priortize your studying

3. Make a realistic study schedule

4. Carve out a study space

5. Leverage memory techniques

6. Practice learning strategies

7. Use technology

8. Minimize distractions

9. Actively participate

10. Priortize difficult areas

11. Take breaks when studying

12. Try flashcards for revision

13. Conduct mock exams

14. Incorporate past papers

15. Stay hydrated and fed

16. Study with your classmates

17. Switch things up

18. Make the material visual

19. Work with a tutor

20. Read out loud

21. Lead a healthy lifestyle

22. Revise regularly

23. Teach 

24. Develop good study habits

25.  Reduce stress

26. Take feedbacks and adjust your study strategies

27. Have a note-taking system

28. Use mind maps

29. Incorporate real life examples

30. Reward yourself

30 Best Study Techniques To Try This 2024

Final examinations and end-of-semester tests are some of the most challenging moments of being a student. You have so much to learn, organize, and memorize as you prepare for your finals. Keeping track of all these routines can be exhausting, which is why you need the following best study techniques to help you minimize stress, stay focused, and improve your grades.

1. Create A Revision Timetable

Creating a revision timetable is one of the best study techniques that guarantee examination success. Ensure your timetable is realistic and don't add too many subjects into one day. You can also download a study timetable like MyStudyLife to help you manage your time and increase productivity.


2. Plan And Priortize Your Studying

This is one of the best study methods to implement for your exams. It involves creating a concise study plan, breaking down subjects into chunks, and setting a deadline for each one. You could also priortize certain topics and do them first to cover key points within a short period.


3. Make A Realistic Study Schedule

Having a realistic study schedule is consider to be among the most effective study methods because it is a core part of preparing for exams. You're basically grouping syllabus into manageable sections and add specific time slots for revising each topic. Make your study capacity realistic and include short breaks to stay focused.


4. Carve Out A Study Space

If you are looking for good study methods, then you should try creating a study space for yourself. Your space should be distraction free and somewhere you can concentrate in uninterrupted. 

This could be a desk in your room, a studio, dinning room, or even a secluded place at the library. Ensure the lighting is bright enough for you to read notes with. More importantly, keep the space tidy and comfortable.


5. Leverage Memory Techniques

Memory techniques are considered to be some of the best revision techniques. These entail using charts, abbrevations, mnemonics, chunking, association, etc., to help you remember key concepts. It also helps you remember information during the exam.


6. Practice Active Learning Strategies

Active learning strategies can be things like summarizing information in your own terms, teaching a study partner concepts, or creating your flashcards. They are considered the best study methods for enhancing understanding and retention.


7. Use Technology

Using technology is one of the good study techniques to apply if you and your study group are in different locations. You and them can get on a video call to have a group study session or just revise all you've read for the day.


8. Minimize Distractions

Being in a distraction free zone is one of the most efficient ways to study. This means no mobile phones, putting them on Do Not Disturb or turning them off entirely. If you feel like you'll still be tempted to reach for your phone, then put it away. Do this for your TV too. 


9. Actively Participate

Active participation is another of the best study methods for exams. For this you could try teaching a topic to other students, taking notes, setting a mini quiz for yourself, etc. This helps you understand the material better.


10. Priortize Difficult Areas

Identifying the areas you find difficult and priortizing them when studying, is among the best study techniques for memorization. You should spend extra time on topics you find challenging, while still giving other areas adequate attention. This helps you channel your efforts where it is most needed.


11. Take Breaks When Studying

While this may seem counterproductive, taking short breaks when studying is actually the best way to study for a test. You can take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes or 15 minutes after every hour. Step away from your books and switch off your brain to go for a walk or get a healthy snack. Taking breaks also helps you go over what you've read so far in your head. 


12. Try Flashcards For Revision

Using flashcards are considered to be one of the most effective revision methods because they promote active recall in your brain. This is the process by which you retrieve a memory. Seeing a term and then actively try to remember what it means, helps your brain move it from short-term to long-term memory.


13. Conduct Mock Exams

Mock exams are the best study techniques for you, because they boost your test-taking skills and help you recognize areas that need extra revision. By simulating actual exam conditions, you'll be prepared for the real thing.


14. Incorporate Past Papers

Mastering exam format and question types is among the priceless study tips you must not ignore. Practice with past question papers to simulate exam conditions, enhance your time management skills, identify areas that are most likely to occur in the test and parts you should pay special attention to. This study technique builds confidence and reduces exam anxiety. 


15. Stay Hydrated And Fed

This is considered one of the best ways to study because of its health benefits. As you revise for the exam you may find yourself forgetting to drink enough water or eat fruits. These substances are healthy for your body and will also ensure that your mind works properly too.


16. Study With Your Classmates

Studying with your coursemates is one of the best study methods to practice if you struggle with focus. Forming study groups is a valuable and entertaining way to revise for exams. This can help you develop good study habits, improve your collaboration skills, and broaden your knowledge.


17. Switch Things Up

This is considered among the effective ways to study, and rightfully so. Spending all your time on one subject can mess up your concentration. It is also not very productive as you might end up not revising the other topics. The best approach is to change topics every 30 minutes to curb learning fatigue.


18. Make The Material Visual

Making a material visual is one of the good study habits to practice. This involves focusing on the crucial areas of your class notes by highlighting keywords and concepts. If you don't like notes, something else you can try is charts, diagrams, mind maps, or outlines to create visuals that'll help you understand complex topics.


19. Work With A Tutor

Working with a tutor is another of the studying techniques that you should embrace. Most university campuses have tutors. These are basically fellow students who excel in a particular course and can teach it well. 


20. Read Out Loud

This is among the best study tips for students who have audio or audio visual learning styles. If you remember words or texts better when you read them out loud or have trouble remembering a particular term, then try reading it out loud.


21. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

A good night's sleep, proper diet and excerise facilitate improved attention and memory. Maintaining good physical health during exam periods can help you handle the stress better. Therefore, leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective study techniques.


22. Revise Regularly

If you are a medical student, this is the best way to study anatomy. Revising regularly begets retention. Ensure you have consistent review sessions where you retouch materials you've already covered. This boosts your understanding and also helps in retaining information in your long-term memory.


23. Teach 

Teaching other students what you've read is certainly among the best 10 tips to improve your reading comprehension. A good way to learn to teach is by explaining concepts to a coursemate. This helps you master the information as you process it in simple terms for others.


24. Develop Good Study Habits

Having good study habits such as fixed revision times, regular reviews, and periodic summaries are some of the most effective ways to study. This helps you establish a conducive learning environment and enhances efficiency.


25.  Reduce Stress

Learning to reduce stress during exam period is one of the underrated tips for the act of studying. While practicing this step may be hard for you, going off the rails will just make things harder. So, one thing you could do is plan and start early so you don't do things last minute.


26. Take Feedbacks And Adjust Your Study Strategies

Regular feedbacks and adjusting your study strategies as needed is another of the most effective ways to study. Change your learning methods often to tackle different subjects and difficulty levels.


27. Have A Note-taking System

Developing a note-taking system is among the tips for the act studying you should certainly try. Your note-taking system can be on your phone, paper, or online. Organize notes by category, time or topic allow easy retrieval of information. You can also use a note tool like Evernote.


28. Use Mind Maps

Using a mind maps is the best way to study and memorize. This is because mind maps help you visualize information and knowledge structures. You can use your map to connect related concepts to create a clear mental picture, that helps memory and understanding.


29. Incorporate Real Life Examples

Incorporating real life examples when studying is one of the best study skills tips you can't go wrong with. By applying such scenarios to problems, you can come up with a practical solution. It also improves your memory and understanding.


30. Reward Yourself

After a long hard day of studying, take some time to practice self-care. This could mean sitting down to let the positive feeling of a successful revision soak in, or simply going out for dinner with friends. Either way, ensure you priorize your personal and mental care so that you can recover. However, don't forget to revise for the exam.



Choosing the best study techniques is essential for success in your exams, so ensure that you always have one or two handy when you revise. Each of the 30 best study techniques to try this 2024 which we've listed out in this article will be valuable as your work hard towards excelling in your examinations. Practice them.


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