Tips To Find And Apply For Scholarships Online

Tips To Find And Apply For Scholarships Online

Are you struggling to find funds to sponsor your education? High tuition fees can often hinder a student's dream of studying abroad and may discourage you from even applying to schools. But this does not have to be the case. If you're looking for sustainable ways to pay for your education, this article shares Tips To Find And Apply For Scholarships Online.

Scholarships are an excellent way to manage your study expenses, and there are hundreds you can apply for, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. With so many funding opportunities out there, finding the right scholarship for you, can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.  

We understand how frustrating that can be, especially if this is your first time applying for funding. This is why, in our article we give you the best scholarship application advice that won't just help you find the right scholarships, but also guide you when applying. 


What You’ll Learn:

  1. What is a scholarship?

  2. How do scholarships work?

  3. Who can apply for scholarships?

  4. Which organizations award scholarships?

  5. What types of scholarships are available online?

  6. Where to find scholarships online.

  7. 10 tips to find and apply for scholarships online.


What Is A Scholarship?

Before we delve into other parts of this article, let's start by understanding what a scholarship is. A scholarship is money given by a university or organization to students who need help paying for their higher education degree. 

While some scholarships are one-time funding, others are renewed annually or per term and cover the payment for all the student's semesters or school years of the degree. 

How Do Scholarships Work?

A scholarship is awarded primarily for funding study costs, which include tuition and enrolment fees, accommodation, study materials and other expenses. You may receive a check, a loan, or the money will be paid to the university you'll be studying at. 

In some cases, if the scholarship given is lower than your tuition fees, student accommodation or any extra costs, you'll have to pay for the rest by yourself.


Who Can Apply For Scholarships?

Any student can apply for scholarships. However, different types of scholarships are tailored to different students. These are referred to as requirements or eligibility criteria, and they mean you need to tick some boxes in order to get the funds.

Before you apply for scholarships online, always check those criteria and see if a particular scholarship is for you, so you don't waste time applying for the wrong opportunities. 

Some common scholarship selection criteria include:

1. Academic Merit

An excellent academic record.

2. Nationality / Residency

These scholarships are reserved for students from specific countries or regions.

3. Study Discipline

Certain scholarships are only for students pursuing specific fields of studies, such as humanities, arts, or STEM. 

4. Work Experience

Postgraduate studies may require you to possess relevant work experience for a certain number of years.

5. Age Limit

Some scholarships may have age limits.

6. Previous Degree

Scholarships for postgraduate and graduate students may be asked to provide a relevant undergraduate degree with a specific GPA.

Which Organizations Award Scholarships?

Most private organizations, NGOs, higher education and state institutions want to make studying abroad possible for students across the globe. To accomplish this, they offer money to fund students in acquiring a higher education despite personal circumstances.

What Type Of Scholarships Are Available Online?

Below are the most common types of scholarships you can apply for online to study abroad:

1. Scholarships For Excellent Academic Results

To apply for this scholarship, you must be a top student. Universities and colleges are often the organizations offering scholarships for academic excellence, but it's not just them. To find out if a university offers this type of funding, check out the 'costs and funding' page on the official website of the university. 


2. Scholarship For Research, Artistic, Or Athletic Achievements

If you are in the research, sports, or arts field, then you should check out this scholarship category. Athletic excellence scholarships are often found in the USA, but they can be found in other countries too. 

To get funding, you need to show your skills. This entails impressing scouts, demonstrating research skills beyond your age, or creating a work of art to impress critics. 


3. Scholarships For Students With Low Incomes

Such scholarships aim to sponsor students who want to study but cannot afford the tuition fees or cost of living. Universities and other organizations make significant contributions with need-based scholarships. This is because recipients often pay it forward by giving back to their communities and helping others who have the same struggles.


4. Scholarships For International Students

Not every scholarship is for this group of students. Certain private institutions or NGOs just want to contribute to higher education and permit any international student to apply for these scholarships. They help foreign students to study abroad

These international students have to meet the set eligibility criteria, but those a general and not focused on specific region, minority, or ability.


5. Scholarships For Underrepresented Groups

Such scholarships aim to facilitate and encourage students from underrepresented groups to get educated without worrying about fees. Examples of such scholarships are women students, students from developing countries, or individuals for specific ethnicities or nationalities.

Where To find Scholarships Online

Thanks to the internet, there are now various search tools and online resources you can use to find and apply for scholarships online. We've listed out the places where you can find scholarships online.

1. Scholarship Websites

Scholarship websites are the first place to search for study funding opportunities. An example of such a website is ScholarshipTab. Our website is accessible and has thousands of scholarships you can apply for. In the last few years, we've upgraded to categorize each opportunity based on universities, countries, gender, and educational level. Each search result matches your individual profile.

When applying for a scholarship on a website that isn't ours,  it is important that you beware of applications that require you to pay a fee in order to apply. You should not pay for any scholarship application. This is a huge red flag. 


2. Apps

Mobile apps and mobile-friendly scholarship websites provide an easy way to search for scholarships. With these websites, you can apply on-the-go and stay up to date on new opportunities. Using ScholarshipTab's mobile-friendly website, you can filter your scholarship search to tailor your profile and needs.


3. Search Engines

Searching on Google is another way to find scholarships online. To make your search efficient, make a list of all the categories that fit you, such as gender, country, race, educational level, talent, etc., then search for scholarships based on these things. 


4. University Websites

The official website of universities is a great place to search for scholarships online. Here you'll find scholarships tailored to different subject areas, levels of study, and categories like domestic or international students, country of origins, etc. 

If you can't find the information you want on the school's site, then you can contact a representative via email and ask if there are any scholarships available and how to apply for one. 


5. Official Country Websites

You can also search for scholarships based on the country you want to study in. You can visit the official country's websites for higher education to find numerous scholarships for students. An example is Edu Canada, Study Australia, and Study UK.


10 Tips To Find And Apply For Scholarships Online

Now that you've learned the basics of a scholarship and understood all that it entails, you're probably wondering, "how do I find and apply for scholarships online?'' We've broken down this process, by sharing scholarship tips that'll help you in your application.

1. Search For Scholarships On Trusted Websites

Searching for scholarships on a trusted website reduces your chances of getting scammed into paying for an application and ensures you only apply for scholarships that rightly benefit you. Below are some trusted websites where you can find scholarships online:

Scholarships For Development

Scholarships for development has a list of international scholarships that you can apply for as a foreign student. 

Official EU Scholarship Page

Official EU has scholarships that are available for studies in Europe.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships to individuales of Hispanic heritage.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships

Erasmus Mundus offers scholarships to the best-ranking applicants across the globe to study for a Master's degree in Europe.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarships are fully funded Master's studies in the UK for foreign students who are from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries.

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship is another scholarship made available for internationals to study in the UK. 

CET Academic Programs Scholarships

Scholarships for funding college study abroad programmes.

American Association of University Women

Open to every woman who wishes to pursue a full-time degree in the USA.


2. Research

If you want to apply for scholarships online now, then you should do lots of research to find out what's available. While no single website will give you all the information you need, visiting the official website of each scholarship provider is a great way to get all the data you need in one sitting.


3. Find Scholarships You're Eligible For

Categorize the opportunities you search for into need-based and merit-based scholarships.

Need-based scholarships are based on your family's financial capacity to pay for studies and are only given to candidates who need extra financial help. 

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to applicants based on achievements or abilities. They may be focused on academics, art or athletics. There are also situation-based scholarships, such as opportunities for women, minorities, journalism graduates, writers, or gamers.

Both need and merit-based scholarships may be offered by a university, private organizations or individuals. You may speak to your guidance counselor or the financial aid office at your university about your options.


4. Take Note Of Timelines

Stay on top of your deadlines for funding, courses, and visas too. Plan ahead to ensure that you have all the timelines in one place, so that you can hit all the milestones in your scholarship application journey. 

You could also set 'internal' deadlines to control anything that might deter you application. This can be things like waiting for referees to create references or finding someone to go over your application and make necessary changes. 


5. Understand The Scholarship Application Requirements

One of the best scholarship application tips we can offer you is to understand the requirements for the scholarship you're applying for. This is because each application requires different documents or for you to complete various tasks. 

Below are the most common documents and materials to submit when applying for a scholarship:

Scholarship Application Form

When filling out a scholarship online form 2024, ensure you complete each field thoroughly and double-check that each information is correct. Additionally, you can visit each scholarship provider's website to get a guide on how to fill a scholarship form online.


The essay part of a scholarship application gives you the opportunity to show your personality, ideas, and opinions to the benefactor. You only get a specific amount of space, and the sponsors want to see how well you'll use it. 

Letters of Recommendation

Most scholarships require you to submit personal or professional letters of recommendation. When asking for reference from professors, teachers, employers, guidance counselors, or personal sources, give them a notice of up to four weeks. This will give them enough time to write a stellar recommendation for you.

Transcripts and Diplomas

Transcripts and diplomas are two of the core requirements for an online scholarship application 2024. You can collect copies of your transcripts and diplomas from your high school or university. You could also visit the admissions, guidance, or Registrar's office. 

Financial Aid Information

Some scholarships, especially need-based, might ask you to submit a FAFSA form or even your parents' tax and income information alongside your application.


An updated CV or resume can be a gamechanger in an online scholarship application 2024. In addition to your essay, your resume is another of the core pieces of your application process. You should showcase your skills and accomplishments here.


6. Tailor Your Application For Each Scholarship

Always tailor each of your online scholarship applications to meet the questions and requirements of a specific scholarship provider. Strive to understand what is required for every application. 

Doing this extra work might be time consuming, but it will improve your chances of getting funds. A tailored application will also distinguish you from other candidates who simply copy and pasted the same thing across applications. 

Be honest about your motivations for studying a course in an institution. What do you find interesting about them? And what you would do with your degree in the future?


7. Have A Calendar

If you want to apply for personal grants online for free and get one, then you must keep to time. Before you begin, make a list of everything you need to apply and put them in a calendar. Your list should include deadlines, the required documents and essays. 

Ensure that you start your scholarship applications in advance so that you'll get a head start over other applicants. Some applications will ask you to submit a media project, like a video explaining why you should receive the award. This can be a time consuming process, especially when you have classes, homework, or office work. So, starting early will help you get everything ready before the scholarship's deadline. 


8. Ace The Essay

An essay can determine the status of your application, so it's imperative that you give it ample time and effort. When you lack confidence about your writing skills, and how to deliver a good essay, follow these simple tips.

Read The Instructions

One of the most important areas of your scholarship application is following instructions as stated. If there is a word count limit, stick to it. If you are asked to submit a portfolio or video, send it.

Give Yourself Time

Give yourself sufficient time to write the essay, this allows you to think your ideas through and proofread what you read. Planning out time helps you avoid errors. 

Be Unique

There are thousands of other applicants competing for the same amount as you, so you must be unique if you want to be selected. One way to do this is to present your strengths, experiences, and skills that make you stand out from your peers. 

Create An Outline

An outline no matter how basic, organizes your thoughts and ensures that your essay flows easily. 

Make It Interesting

The scholarship panel does not want to read a boring essay that is generic. They are going to be checking hundreds of applications, so you want to capture their attention from the first time they read yours. 

Proofread, Edit, Repeat

Proofread your essay for grammatical and typographical errors. Afterwards, use a tool like Grammarly or give it your parent, friend, or guidance counselor to check for you. A second set of eyes can scan your work for the correct sentences, emotions, and words. They'll also ensure that the essay is professional.


9. Get Feedback Before You Submit

If possible, ask someone you trust for feedback after you apply for scholarships online for free. This person can proofread it before you submit.

If there is no one around you, you can got LinkedIn to find a professional or a former student from the scholarship or university you are applying to and ask them to read your application. This person can give you feedback and provide insights into what the panel is looking for as they've experienced the process. 

10. Submit Your Application

After you sign up for scholarships online and complete your application, the next step would be to submit it along with the other required documents and materials. Some scholarships are sent in via mail, while others are submitted online. 

If you were asked for letters of recommendation, ensure that the person writing it for you with the reference is aware of the deadline. Additionally, give them the email address or a stamped envelope with the correct destination address.

When you've submitted your scholarship application, wait patiently to get a response on our application status from the committee. The date for responding is often communicated to all the applicants. 



Whether you want to apply for scholarships online 2024 as an undergraduate or  just want extra funding to make it through grad school, this article on tips to find and apply for scholarships online will guide you. 

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