How To Get Scholarships To Study Abroad - 10 Guides on Finding Scholarship

How To Get Scholarships To Study Abroad - 10 Guides on Finding Scholarship

How to find a scholarship is what anyone that want's to study abroad with scholarship must know. Here are 10 guides that will help you find the right scholarship for your studies oversea. 

Being opportune to study abroad, it’s what most international students like you dream of. Why not dream about it? An overseas study opens you up to a lot of ideologies, different cultures, places, people, and of course opportunities. It really is something you should consider doing as a student, should you get the chance to do it.

Before we continue, we have other helpful and interesting articles we will like to share with you which are list of ongoing scholarships to study abroad , when you find your desire scholarship it's good to learn how to apply for scholarships here . If the application requires an essay, you can learn how to write a scholarship essay (with examples) here.

Welcome back, It's obvious that chance  is something that is missing in this international students dream. You see, most students wish to study abroad but it is impossible for them to get there because they don’t have the chance or the funding to do this.

As a result of lack of opportunities, most foreign students like you, are often stuck in an endless rut of how to get scholarship.  And when you stay in this rut of “how can I get a scholarship?” for too long, you may begin to lose hope and interest.

Don’t give up yet, what if we told you that there was a way for you to actualise your dreams of “how can I find scholarships?”  You can actually.

Thanks to the contributions and donations of numerous benevolent establishments like universities, organizations, companies, governments, and foundations, bright and budding African students like you from developing African countries have a shot at going to school overseas.

Your dreams are valid, Below is how to get scholarship abroad.


1. Search For Scholarships Awarded By Universities

In case you haven’t caught on yet, one of the surest ways on how to get a scholarship for university is if  the study opportunity is awarded to you by a reputable school outside your country.

By going straight to the source, you won't just gain reliable information about a scholarship, but you will also be able to find out what these universities really want from their applicants, as well as any preferences or specifications they might have for you the ideal student.

Some of these universities if they operate online, also have a blog section where the share insider tips on how to get scholarship for foreign studies, which you can take advantage of when applying to them for funding and an FAQ part where you can get prompt answer to questions you have about the application process.

So, if you ever wondered how to get scholarship to study abroad, simply visit the official financial website of your choice international university, and you'll have your answer.


2. Utilize Opportunities Provided By Benefactors

Dear applicant, if you have ever said “I want to study abroad for free” then you should know that promptly utilising opportunities provided by popular benefactors such as – Organisations, Companies, Foundations is how to get free scholarship to study abroad.

Make sure you research these scholarship awarding bodies. Going straight to the body which is responsible for awarding / overseeing a scholarship is the best move for you to make, in order to hear straight from the horse's mouth.

Additionally, you will be the first to know when an opportunity opens up even before the number of applicants increases and slots close. So, stop asking how can I get free scholarship to study abroad? And start applying already.


3. Track Down Top Scholarship Countries

For the applicant asking how can I get scholarships to study abroad? One hack to note is that if you want to know how to get study abroad scholarship then you should directly check those top countries that offer cheap and affordable study opportunities for international students like you.

But let’s face facts, it’s not just about knowing how to study abroad for free. A scholarship is only as good and beneficial to you as the country you are going to study in. Nobody wants to get a full scholarship to a country where they can't grow personally, professionally, or even academically.

You need these three things as a student which is why when searching for scholarships, important things to consider is the necessity of studying in a country that has a standard level of education, a feasible option for you to work while studying, and one which can pave the way for you to gain easy access to other countries you would like to go to in future.

While searching for how to get international scholarship, some countries for your consideration are any of the top countries for studies on our list:

Top Countries For Studies:

Note: you can find more countries of study on our scholarships by country page.


4. Visit a Reliable Scholarship Website

Most times, scammers can take advantage of students, by offering them fake financial assistance, that is why you should follow a reliable site like ScholarshipTab  for tips on how to find legit scholarships.

The good thing about using a scholarship site like ours when looking for funding is that these sites usually have the best and latest scholarships for international students

The scholarship opportunities on our site are usually tailored based on things you already want to know about qualifying for one, like the eligibility criteria you need to meet, and the intended level of education you need to be pursuing for you to be considered for admission.

We also clearly indicate if the scholarship is partial, fully funded, if it's a loan or grant, and the duration of sponsorship. Or the country /institution of study and if it is international or national (home-country).

 Basically, we simplify the process of how to search for scholarships online, and even show you how to find good scholarships. Another good thing about using our site is that you can apply for scholarships online for free.

You can also visit other reputable scholarship websites for international students that already have all the study opportunities available, so you don't have to waste time surfing the internet trying to find one that fits. Subscribe to these websites, check your email daily, and be sure to check your daily scholarship updates on how to get scholarship online.


5. Apply For Targeted Scholarship Opportunities

The common question on your lip as a foreign student maybe how to get a scholarship to study overseas. But what if the scholarship specifically requested for you instead, wouldn’t that be easier?

Let’s break it down for you.  As an African or international student, a sure way on how to get abroad scholarship would be to apply for scholarships for only African or international students.


6. Search for Education – Specific Scholarships

Calling on all the students, who have been wandering around on Google aimlessly searching for “how can I get scholarship to study in abroad?” search no more, because depending on your degree level, we have cracked the code on how to find scholarships for undergraduates and how to get scholarship for postgraduates.

All you need to do is keep an eye out for funding opportunities that are related to your educational qualification, program, and subject. Example, applying to scholarships that are just for science students.


7. Find the Suitable Scholarship Types for Your Studies

One great way on how to search for scholarships is for you to aim to find a scholarship type that suits your study needs perfectly without qualms.

Some common scholarship types that are catered to specific study needs and applicants are:

Partial Scholarship

Partial scholarships are funded in part by the awarding body and you. Or it can be shared between the body, and your home government or anyone that is sponsoring your education.

Partial scholarships can also be in form of early payment discounts or waiving the fee for a particular semester.

Fully-funded Scholarships

Fully-funded scholarships foot all the bills for your studies for the duration of your course. This type of scholarship doesn't require your contribution, the entire cost is borne by the awarding body.

You can ask the university you are applying to for how to get fully funded scholarship.

Research Scholarship

A research based scholarship is funding which is awarded to students who are undertaking research in various programs.

It is usually granted to PhD students in who are taking crucial research positions or jobs like PhD assistantship or studentship. Side note, if you were wondering how to get scholarship for masters, then you should know that in rare cases, research scholarship also fund masters students who are undertaking a Masters by research/thesis.  

No need to go too far to search for research scholarships, find relevant opportunities on our site, by clicking on the link above.


Grants or Bursary is a non-repayable monetary support, which is awarded by a university to assist students who meet specific financial criteria. Grants are usually more need-based than merit-based and are awarded to students who have proven that they don't have enough income to finance their studies.


A loan is an agreed amount of money which is given to students to assist them for the duration of their course. Please be advised that if your intent is how to get free scholarship to study abroad, then you should know that loans are not scholarships, and you have to repay it after you graduate.

It is better for you to apply for other scholarship types on the list.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are granted to students who have excellent academic achievements. Awardees for this type of scholarship are selected by the awarding body based on their result.

First-Generation Scholarships

First-generation scholarships are usually awarded to outstanding students who were the first in their family to attend higher education.

These are high academic achieving students who are from low income families or minority groups.

Sports-Based Scholarship

If you're athletic and have numerous sports achievements and awards, then you can qualify for a sports based scholarship. Usually sports like basketball and football offer full ride scholarships.


It is one thing for you to be aware of all the scholarship opportunities which you are eligible to receive and another for you to find the best ones.


8. Try Other Mediums Of Finding Scholarships

Most times if you want to find opportunities, you have to go outside your comfort zone. Almost the same thing applies for findings scholarships, sometimes you have to try other mediums to get good scholarships.

So, thinking about stepping outside the familiar?  How can you get a scholarship, then? These are other methods of finding scholarships:

Talk To Your Advisor

Your school’s guidance counsellor, placement officer, or student’s advisor can help you with tips on how to find scholarship opportunities that you can qualify for.

Search for Merit Based Scholarships

If you an academically sound candidate, then you might be up for merit-based scholarship. Your teacher can help you with getting one. Most universities offer merit-based scholarships to international students.

Contact Your Friends Outside The Country

Having someone who is outside the country that is on an international  scholarship is a smart way on how to get easy scholarships. Since they have experience, they know what the best scholarships opportunities are and how they work, so you won’t be confused on how to apply.


9. Check Eligibility Criteria

Sometimes, you may find a scholarship that is to good for you to pass up, but when you get ready to apply for it, you find out that you don't meet the eligibility criteria. Heart breaking right?

To save yourself further heart break, it is better for you to carefully check all the criteria for qualifications and take note of them. Check off the ones you already meet, and see what can be done to acquire the ones you don't.

Please keep in mind that most aspects of qualifying for a scholarship like country of birth or tribe are fixed and if you don't have them then you don't qualify. E.g: applying for a scholarship scheme that is just for African students from Ghana when you are a Nigerian student. Or applying for a postgraduate scholarship when you are studying at an undergraduate level.

On the other hand, some aspects of eligibility criteria like English Language proficiency can be made flexible for applicants under special circumstances or the possibility of an equivalent being accepted.

To be safe, get the exact requirements and policies from the awarding body without making assumptions.

Some common eligibility criteria for you to meet are:

Level of education: postgraduate, undergraduate or PhD

Educational qualification: HND, OND, Bachelor's or Master's Degree

Country of birth: your country of birth should be in the list of those eligible for the scholarship

Place of Origin: this is for scholarships that are restricted to indigenes from specific tribes.

Grades / Results: scholarships that are based off academic achievements usually request this from you.

Gender: most gender-based Scholarship are usually awarded to women as a way to encourage women-empowerment.


10. Apply At the Right Time

It is said that the early bird catches the worm, you should strive to be amongst these early birds so you don't miss out on opportunities because of lateness.

Apply for scholarships once they start and be sure to submit your application before the deadline.

If you are applying for school scholarships then you maybe required to apply before a new school year or at the start of the semester after you have been accepted for studies.

Just keep your ear to the ground for news about when you can start applying for scholarships. If you are applying for multiple scholarships, then keep track of all of them so that you don’t get them mixed up.

Found your dream scholarship? To gain suitable financial aids, you can either apply for scholarships online, or make an application for scholarship in school.


Next -Found a scholarship you are interested in? Need help with applying for it?  Check our step by step guide on How To Apply For A Scholarship – And Get Taken.

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