How To Write A Good Scholarship Acceptance Letter (5 PDF Sample Examples)

How To Write A Good Scholarship Acceptance Letter (5 PDF Sample Examples)

Did you receive a scholarship but doesn't know how best to write your scholarship acceptance letter? Here is a step by step guide on how to write a good scholarship acceptance letter.

Congratulations, you've finally been granted that scholarship you spent hours drafting a letter for, and having your teachers and friends read over. 

Thanks to your compelling scholarship application essay,  you landed that scholarship, and is now one step closer to pursuing that masters, PhD, or Undergraduate program in that course you have always wanted to. 

Now that you have gotten the scholarship, what’s next?

Before you run off to celebrate, the ethical thing for you to do, would be for you to sit down and get to writing a scholarship acceptance thank you letter to the awarding body, expressing your gratitude to them, for offering you the scholarship out of thousands of applicants. Also it is necessary that you learn how to write a scholarship thank you letter.

While you may have been awarded the scholarship, you need to know that your letter of acceptance of scholarship, needs to be as moving as your scholarship application letter was. So, how do you write such a letter?

You’re in luck, because this article on how to write a scholarship acceptance letter, will teach you everything you need to know.


In this article, we will be discussing:

  1. What Is A Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

  2. When Should You Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

  3. How To Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

  4. Scholarship Acceptance Letter Format

  5. Scholarship Acceptance Letter Sample

  6. What To Include In A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

  7. Scholarship Acceptance Letter Templates

  8. Tips For Getting Accepted For A Scholarship


What Is A Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

Just like the name states, an acceptance letter for a scholarship is a thank you letter that you write to a scholarship awarding organization or a school to show that you accept, right after you have been granted / given a scholarship. 

This letter is written by you to acknowledge that you have received the scholarship, and that you are willing to take up the standing offer to study under that scholarship at the school you have chosen, in your program of choice.


When Should You Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

A scholarship letter should be written immediately after you have received an official letter awarding you the scholarship and inviting you to accept it. 

It is not advisable for you to get too excited, and send a thank you letter immediately you apply, without first waiting for the school to formally consider you for the funding opportunity, because you think that such letter will pressure the school into granting you the scholarship.

Another reason why it is better to write a letter of acceptance of scholarship,  when you receive the scholarship, is because it is the best time for you to decide whether you still want to take up that opportunity or reject it. 

Your letter reassures the granting body that you still want the slot, and it shouldn’t be given to another applicant who is on the waiting list for a last minute consideration for the scholarship.


How To Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

When penning a heartfelt acceptance letter for a scholarship to the benevolent organisation whose generosity just brought you one step closer to actualising your dreams, there are certain steps you need to follow to make sure that the letter conveys all the excitement and gratitude you’re feeling at the moment.

In case you’re still looking for how to do that, here's  how to (truly) write a scholarship acceptance letter that is sound. Check out our best tips below:


1.Type The Letter

The acceptance letter should be typed, well formatted, and sent to the donor responsible for awarding the scholarship. 

You can write out the letter by hand on a piece of paper, then type it into a computer after you have read it to make sure that it conveys the right emotions and sounds good enough.


2. Address The Letter To The Scholarship Benefactor

The letter should be rightly addressed to the scholarship awarding body or bodies who were responsible for the funding.

When addressing it, you can use the salutation “Dear Scholarship Donor” or better still “Dear (name of the scholarship benefactor)”


3. Mention The Name Of The Scholarship You Received

When writing your scholarship acceptance letter, it is important that you include the name of the scholarship you've been awarded, so that they know which of their scholarship schemes you benefitted from.

Adding the scholarship name in your “thank you letter” also lets the organisation know that the letter came from a dedicated applicant, and it’s not just some random letter sent to their email.


4. State Why The Scholarship Is Important To You

Although you may have stated your reason for wanting the scholarship during your application letter and how funding will help push you closer to achieving that, you can also mention that again during your acceptance letter.

Only this time, you are not stating your reasons for wanting financial support to be considered, you will be stating it to tell the donors that their sponsorship has helped you to have a shot at achieving it.


“I have always wanted to do a Masters degree in Child Psychology since I first studied it during my Bachelors degree, but due to lack of funding, this dream almost eluded me. Now, thanks to your unwavering support, this scholarship has actually given me a huge shot at achieving this dream and through this dream, a lot of children will be helped”.


5. Your Letter Should Convey Gratitude

You have just landed a scholarship to study, your acceptance letter tone should convey excitement and immense gratitude.

Remember, scholarships are not just awarded to students who are the most qualified, but they are also awarded to students who need the assistance the most and those the donors are sure would be most appreciative and grateful to receive it. 

So, when you are granted the scholarship, write the thank you letter with your heart and show that you are the kind of student who is worth the opportunity.


6. Be Sincere In Your Letter

Express your gratitude genuinely, when writing your acceptance letter, don’t do so begrudgingly especially if you felt that you should have received a larger sum of money.

Getting a scholarship to study is an opportunity many students wished they had, be grateful when you receive it.


7. Proofread Your Letter

Have your letter proofread by someone else before you send it to the awarding body or school that granted you the scholarship. 

You can also give to a teacher or guidance counsellor to read through, to make sure the tone of your letter conveys gratitude. The person who wrote you a recommendation letter for the scholarship, can also help you proofread the acceptance letter if they can.


8. Submit The Acceptance Letter In A Formal Manner

Your acceptance letter should be well-formatted and submitted to the appropriate email address or mailing address in a formal manner for the donors' acknowledgement.


What To Include In A Scholarship Acceptance Letter

A well-written scholarship acceptance letter, should include few essential information, so that it conveys a message to the recipient, that you fully understand the terms of your scholarship, and what is expected of you as a recipient of such a distinguished scholarship.

When writing your acceptance letter, here’s what you should include:

  • Your academic background and how it influenced your decision to request for the scholarship or grant, or bursary.

  • How you intend to use this scholarship to further your education and aspects which it will or has helped you.

  • Why you wanted to study your chosen course in a particular university and how their donation would be put to good use, while you are still studying or when you graduate.

  • Your understanding of the terms of the scholarship (if applicable), and what actions you will take towards meeting them.

  • Any questions you have about the scholarship or further information about you, requested by the awarding body.


Scholarship Acceptance Letter Format

A well-formatted scholarship acceptance letter carries the same level of importance as a well-formatted and well-written scholarship application letter, as they are both essential parts of a scholarship application process.

While you are excitedly writing your scholarship acceptance thank you letter, maintain the same formatting energy you did when you were applying for the opportunity.

Here’s how to format a scholarship acceptance letter:


The Beginning

1. Your Address

Your scholarship acceptance letter should come with a sender’s address (which is yours). This isn’t just important for easy identification, but also for the receiver to know where the letter is coming from, especially if it is coming via post and has no email address you can be traced with.


2. Include Your Name

Along with your address, the acceptance letter should also contain your name (obviously), whether you’re still sending via email or post always indicate who the letter is coming from which is you.

Don’t just go straight to addressing them without identifying yourself first.


3. Receiver’s Address

A receiver’s address is also very important in your scholarship acceptance letter. The post person should know where to deliver your letter to, you wouldn’t want it getting lost in the post do you?

However, if you are sending the letter via their email address, then your scholarship acceptance email need not contain the receiver’s address, just make sure you have their correct email address and you are good to go.


4. Receiver’s Name

Always, include a receiver’s name when sending your acceptance letter across. If you don’t know the exact donor’s name, do well to address it to the foundation, school or organisation that awarded you the scholarship.

That way you could say for example:

“To Melinda And Bill Gates Foundation”


“Dear Melinda And Bill Gates”

Doing this will also help whoever may receive the letter on their behalf to know whom they should refer it to.


5. State Your Name And Scholarship You Were Granted 

In the body of the letter, further introduce yourself and tell them that you are a recipient of their scholarship (please say which one).

While writing this body, tell them that you just received the scholarship and you are writing to express your gratitude.


“My name is Johnson Brown, and I am a recipient of the 2020 annual DAAD Scholarship. I’m writing to express my gratitude for being awarded this scholarship”.


The Body / Middle

6. Recap How The Scholarship Has Helped You

When expressing your gratitude, include why you applied for the scholarship in the first place, and how their generous donation has helped you achieve that.

This part is where you do a quick recap of your background, your reason for choosing to do the course you wanted funding for, and how receiving this scholarship will help your career in future, and ultimately help other people.


7. Reaffirm Your Receipt Of The Scholarship

During your scholarship acceptance letter, show your reaffirmation of accepting the scholarship and that you are ready to resume your studies under it once you are required by the donors to do so. 

This part will work well, if you are receiving the scholarship directly from the school where you would be studying as well. This way you can confirm that starting your studies will indeed launch the scholarship at once.


8. Conclude

It is during your conclusion that you can reiterate either the terms of the scholarship, or any other further activities you will need to conclude to finalize or commemorate your receipt of the scholarship.

Usually the school will send you further instructions inside your scholarship offer letter, and if they require you to get back to them by completing those instructions then your conclusion should include that.


“Thank you once again for considering me for this scholarship opportunity, I can’t wait to meet you and the other scholarship recipients at the dinner party”.


Scholarship Acceptance Letter Sample

To give you an idea of what your scholarship acceptance letter should look like, below is a sample we have prepared for you.

You can use it as a reference when writing yours and to form your own words:


Johnson Brown,

House 24, Morrison Street, School Way

Madison County, New York, 

United States,

September 17th, 2020,

Melinda And Bill Gates Foundation,

500 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States


Dear Melinda And Bill Gates,

My name is Johnson Brown, and I would like to use this letter to thank you for your generosity in funding the Melinda and Bill Gates scholarship. I am very honoured to be a recipient of this opportunity.

I am currently a junior high school student with hopes of pursuing an undergraduate degree in Child Psychology. And it’s always been my dream to study at Harvard University, and pursue a career in this after my education.

While attending high school, I was going on some field trips, as well as volunteering in prominent Psychological clinics [Mention names] in my state to prepare myself for this course, and also be more impactful in my society. I also host a study group for children who are behind on their studies every Friday at the local library in my area with the help of some of my dedicated friends.

Being awarded this scholarship, has given me the motivation I need to maintain my strong academic record, pursue my degree, and have given me the inspiration to work hard to ensure that every other child out there would get the opportunity to attain higher education just as I have. Giving back to the community, is something I am ready to do once I launch my career as a Child Psychologist. Thank you for your confidence in me, and trusting me enough with the responsibility to be a good ambassador of the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.




Johnson Brown.


While writing your thank you letter to your funding donors, use this scholarship acceptance letter sample.


Sample Scholarship Acceptance Letter PDF

So the above section of this article entails a sample scholarship acceptance letter. For faster accessibility, we would advise you to download the scholarship acceptance  letter sample PDF so as to fully be absorb every step that has been applied. Dowload Sample Scholarship Acceptance Letter


Scholarship Acceptance Letter Template

In case you need a scholarship acceptance letter template to get yours going, you can use some of the samples we have below:


1. Scholarship Acceptance Letter PDF Template

This generic scholarship acceptance letter PDF template, has blanks where you can fill in vital information, about yourself, and instructions for you to follow, while writing each part.

Download scholarship acceptance letter pdf template


2. Bursary Acceptance Letter

If what you received from scholarship donor was a grant or bursary, then this bursary acceptance letter should suffice.

Download bursary acceptance letter template 


3. Scholarship Acceptance Email

When sending your scholarship acceptance email as per the directives of the organisation in charge of your scholarship, you need maintain the same letter writing etiquette which you would, if you were sending the letter to them via post.

Your email must follow the proper letter writing format, and be detailed in a way that it gets to the intended recipient of the acceptance letter. This template below, will show you what to do.

Download scholarship acceptance email template


4. Acceptance Letter For Fellowship

If you are a PhD applicant who applied for a scholarship to sponsor your fellowships at an esteemed university, you can make use of our acceptance letter for fellowship template to express your gratitude to the donor/ organisation that took up the responsibility of sponsoring your fellowship.

Download acceptance letter for fellowship


Bonus: Tips For Getting Accepted For A Scholarship

This part is for applicants who have been applying for a scholarship without any success or wish to learn how to apply for a scholarship.

Before you start writing that scholarship application letter, FOLLOW these steps on how to get accepted for a scholarship, to turn yourself into the ideal scholarship applicant donors and organisations want to support.

  1. Be a good ambassador

  2. Be Intelligent

  3. Ambitious and passionate

  4. Community conscious and dedicated

  5. Have a solid professional/ educational background


See: How To Write A Good Scholarship CV/Resume - Sample Scholarship CV/Resume Template

Want to know more about how to make a successful scholarship application?

Read this article on: How To (Actually) Apply For Scholarships – And Get Taken to find everything you need to know about successful scholarship applications.

You can also speak to a trusted individual who knows you in an educational or professional capacity, to write you a resounding recommendation letter, to help you push your scholarship application forward.

You can check out our article on How To Write A Good Recommendation Letter For Scholarship Application (8 Sample Examples PDF) to see how to write it.


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