How To Write A Good Motivation Letter For Scholarship (4 PDF Sample Examples)

How To Write A Good Motivation Letter For Scholarship (4 PDF Sample Examples)

Are you looking for how to write a motivational letter for university scholarship or a motivation letter for masters scholarship? Don't worry any further. Today, we are going to deliberate on how to write the best motivation letter for scholarship.

Particularly, we will discuss the following;

  1. What is scholarship motivation letter?
  2. Difference between scholarship application letter and scholarships motivation letter.
  3. Parts of a scholarship motivation letter.
  4. What to do in scholarship motivation letter.
  5. What not to do in a scholarship motivation letter.
  6. Letter Formatting for scholarship motivation letter.
  7. Sample Scholarship Motivation Letter.
  8. Sample Scholarship Motivation Letter pdf.
  9. Various Scholarship Motivation Letter samples.
  • Motivation letter for PhD
  • Motivation letter for Master's Degree
  • Motivation letter for Undergraduate / Bachelor
  1. Conclusion

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A scholarship motivation letter is a statement that aims at convincing a scholarship committee that you are a perfect candidate for the scholarship. You are expected to express why you should be chosen for the award with reasonable arguments. Like in a bursary motivation letter template, you are also expected to incorporate your goals as to how you will utilise the education you receive. How important is this scholarship motivation letter?  Very important.

You see, the university board usually employs the method of requesting a scholarship motivational letter to abridge the number of people applying for the award. In essence, in order to be confident that you would continue with the application process, your motivation letter has to be smashing.



Now in this previous article, we learnt about the features of an application letter. And you may surmise that the application letter and motivation letter are identical. Well, you are not necessarily wrong. Some sources find these two documents as interchangeable. However, these two letters serve different purposes.


A scholarship application letter is written to indicate one's interest in a scholarship award with proven examples. A motivational letter is meant to convince the committee that the author is a perfect fit for scholarship. The latter appeals to the committee's sense of empathy, compassion while the formal appeals to logic and rational evidence. Therefore, the structure, formatting and guidelines of writing a motivational letter would quite different. So follow along as we proceed with the parts of a scholarship motivation letter.



When composing a motivation letter for study assistance, there are a number of factors to consider. Your motivation letter for scholarship will entail pivotal elements of your resume, your work experience and past education. With the information fetched from these sources, you are expected to compose a 500 - 1000 words content. Lastly, your letter should be flexible and fit into the goal, values and aspirations of the sponsor of the scholarship. So let's see the structure of the sample motivation letter for fellowship program.

  • Paragraph one : Introduction
  • Paragraph two  : Work experience
  • Paragraph three : Education
  • Paragraph four  : Conclusion ( future aspirations)



Start with a mouthwatering sentence and proceed with vital information. This would include your name, education and the degree program you are hoping to attain.


Work Experience

In this paragraph, you will discuss about your professional experience. Don't leave unpaid internships and volunteering out. They are equally important and they reflect your wealth of experience. You are also advised to explain your job responsibilities in detail as the reader can get full grasp of your content.



In this education section, you can briefly explain the skills you acquired and the knowledge you have so far. Then, quickly proceed with the degree you want to pursue and why. Restate the institution's goals and values and prove how you can contribute to their actualization by granting you the scholarship.



Is there any extent you wish toreach after completing the scholarship program? Perhaps a PhD? Are there companies you want to work for in the future? Are there any organizations you would like to develop? In these concluding remarks, you are allowed to incorporate all of these and end with a smashing farewell sentence.



While writing the scholarship motivation letter, there are few facets to consider and there are other things you should exclude. Let's proceed with "what to do".


Include the core values, vision and mission of the university

The institution must have been long established them. Thus, there must be a well - structured organizational culture. It's your duty as a scholarship candidate to recognize that.


Include volunteering work and community service.

Have you served a particular community or volunteered for a non - governmental organization? This is ace in your sleeve. This would reflect team spirit, problem solving and collaboration skills on your part.


Include future plans and aspirations

Don't be oblivious of your reasons for taking up a scholarship application. Express how far your scholarship application can take you and how it may even contribute to the improvement of your community.


Don't fail to research on past scholarship.

The institution you are interested in may have initiated the scholarship application process many sessions ago. It would be very prudent on your part to take your time and research on the winning scholarship.


Don't submit without be proofreading.

Time and again in other articles, we have reiterated the importance of cross checking your work. This is equally be essential in this case. Convincing the committee of your eligibility should be error - free.



Let's reiterate a point here. The content of the letter is as important as the structure of the letter. This means the motivation letter for scholarship format has to be set in a way that makes the content edible and appealing. It can also serve as a scholarship letter format for school. So how about you follow the few guidelines below:


  • Use the correct spacing: 1 or 1.5.
  • Don't be tempted to use justification. Left side align is easy on the eye.
  • There should be one - inch margins for some white space and friendly impression.
  • When it comes to the paragraph, there should be double spacing between them.
  • Fonts like Calibri, Arial and Times New Roman are welcome.



Here is a letter of motivation for scholarship sample that would be of great help in grasping the above steps fully.


Gregory Lions

45, Walkway, Queensland,

Michigan, USA,

P.O. 56789.



University of St Hector's,

60, Samson street,

Texas, Pennsylvania,


P.O. 67890


My name is Gregory Lions. I am a graduate of Accounting and Finance from the University of Michigan. I have passion in assisting clients with giving their shots in the stock market and real estate. My academic record and professional experience can clearly testify to the smooth path I am trying to pave in my career. Therefore, I am applying for the scholarship award for Masters in Investment Management.


I have been working as an investment banker in one of the top notch wealth management companies in the state. My job entails developing different types of financial models to value debt and equity, develop recommendations for product offering and create presentations for client portfolios. In time, I have been able to develop strong communication and networking skills.


As an intern in a commercial bank, I was opportune to practice impeccable research and quantitative analysis and learnt to explain market events. My supervisors were all proud of my ability to organize and track overlapping tasks and assingnment.


As earlier mentioned, I studied Accounting and Finance. Throughout my courseworks, I learnt to analyze and utilize financial information in order to evaluate a business financial position. I was trained in handling basic book - keeping and managing balance sheets and income statements. However, I want to take my career a step further.  That's why I would love to study investment management because I will be able to professionally determine the optimal strategy for achieving a clients' goal, perform portfolio allocation between bonds and stocks and issue buy and sell recommendations.


I understand that the values of St' Hectors University consists of consistency, commitment and efficiency. This is one of my major reasons for applying. Your core values resonate with me as they have guided me through my academic progress and work experience. I strongly believe that I can contribute to the accomplishment of the institution's mission. I am looking forward to discussing how the Department of Investment Management fosters learning for its students and how it plans to research on Investment Management.



The above sample is on a motivation letter for scholarship application pdf version for faster accessibility and assistance in drafting your own motivational letter. Kindly download the sample motivation letter for scholarship pdf version



So now we will proceed with manifold sample motivation letters for scholarship examples. There are various samples to look up to. Let's take a look at each purpose and back it up with a sample from various sources.


Sample Motivation Letter for Undergraduate scholarship.

What if you just jumped be out of high school want to get a bachelor's degree. Unlike a motivation letter for phd scholarship, a motivation letter for scholarship bachelor is a lot different for other degrees.

Download motivation letter for undergraduate scholarship


Sample Scholarship Motivation Letter for PhD

You may want to apply to a  University for a PhD  but might be clueless on how to wow the committee. This example of motivation letter for scholarship application  would be a perfect fit for you. Check out the following statement of motivation for scholarship.

Download motivation letter for Ph.D Scholarship


Sample Motivation Letter for Masters Degree

You may want to further your education through Masters Degree. The following example shares some very important features to consider when writing a motivation letter for scholarship master’s degree. Check this motivation letter for master scholarship out.



The above motivation letters samples are a great guide for you to proceed with your application process. It is most likely to be required by the institution or sponsor you are applying to. So being fully equipped is an amazing asset. And we have it all with a platter of gold. A successful motivation letter for scholarship, if properly composed is a tool that sets you apart from others. Before you embark on the scholarship interview,or presentation of your resume, a motivation letter is a great opportunity to show the committee that you are the real deal


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