Top 40 Scholarship Interview Questions And Answers Example (PDF for Download)

Top 40 Scholarship Interview Questions And Answers Example (PDF for Download)

Are you preparing for a scholarship interview and you want to know the common questions? Here is a list of top 40 scholarship interview questions and sample answers (downloadable PDF version attached). If you really want to win that scholarship but you are clueless of the common scholarship interview questions and answers that may arise by the scholarship committee? Don't worry a second longer. This is the right place for a comprehensive guide on how to answer 40 top scholarship interview questions and sample answers. We will address frequently asked scholarship interview questions and answers in a pdf version. So if you don't have time to read online feel free to scroll down the article and download scholarship interview questions and answers pdf. If you are yet to get a scholarship interview, Checkout ongoing scholarships for international students


The article will cover the following

  1. What is Scholarship Interview?
  2. 5 Strong scholarship Interview Questions
  3. Other Possible Scholarship Interview Questions
  4. Questions to ask a Scholarship Committee
  5. Scholarship Questions and Answers PDF



If you have gone to the stage where you are invited for a scholarship interview, then that's great. It means that you are the selected candidate for the scholarship award. The University board would want to demystify how important this scholarship is for you. They want to be aware of how the scholarship would materialize your career goals. So before you can claim your scholarship award, you need to answer some interview questions. We believe you must have been preparing for a scholarship interview. The University will attempt to assess your eligibility from your answers.


Are you sweating already? Don't worry! This article will address some likely scholarship interview questions; 40 scholarship interview questions from the most popular to most unexpected. So let's hit the road.

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  1. Tell us about yourself!
  2. What is your greatest strength?
  3. What is your greatest weakness?
  4. Why do you deserve this scholarship?
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?



Don't have time to read online? Don't worry you can download 40 Scholarship interview questions and answers PDF and read at your own convenient.


1. Tell us about yourself!

This is the most popular among all scholarship interview questions and answers. This is quite an open - ended question. In the Tell me about yourself scholarship question, you might be tempted to express a lot of information about you. But don't! The answer to this question is usually concise and purposeful. This is an “ introduce yourself ” scholarship interview question. It should indicate your personality, values, goals (short - term and long - term) and accomplishments. For example:


Sample Answer:

I take personal interest in people and their careers. That's why I plan to study Human Resource Management and become a Talent Acquisition expert. I am already a certified Senior Human Resources Professional by HRCI. When I am not working, I enjoy reading personal development books and watch history documentaries.


2. What is your greatest strength?

This is one of the most common college scholarship interview questions, where you point a positive attribute of your personality to light. What makes the answer sound even more impactful is an example of where you applied your strength. Take this example.


Sample Answer:

A strength that I am proud of is my industry. When I am passionate about a particular project, I ensure I use all the resources available at my disposal to bring it to fruition. Once, I had a research proposal in school with a case study to that was quite challenging. However, I took energy and resources ( financial and non - financial). I utilised the necessary data analytics tool and obtained substantial findings. My supervisor was impressed to see that I accomplished the impossible.


3. What is your greatest weakness?

This is another typical scholarship interview question. Here you are expected to explain a weakness that has been challenging. Ensure you are sincere but at the same time, point out how you are practically trying to improve on your weakness. This would show that you are self aware and that you are striving for personal effectiveness. Back up your claim with an example that buttresses how you are working on developing yourself.


Sample Answer:

Stress management is definitely my Achilles' heel. When I am stressed with overwhelming projects or passing deadlines. I tend to get anxious and may procrastinate as a result of looking for an exit. One time, my boss asked me to conduct interviews for three executives within two days I was so overwhelmed that I ended up conducting just one. Ever since, I have been taking time management classes and have adopted diverse methods on multitasking.


4. Why do you deserve this scholarship?

Now, this is where you spell the gospel truth. It's a tough question, yes. But one way you can amaze your interviewers is by abridging what is stated in your scholarship essay. You must have explained the reasons for applying for the scholarship. It would be easy to pinpoint major statements from your essay. For example:


Sample Answer:

Psychology in Nigeria is considerably undervalued. The puritan society is made up of a logical number of people with psychological trauma. Yet, the sector of clinical psychology has not been explored as a solution to a plethora of traumatized incidences. Thus, I would like to proffer satisfactory psychotherapy for every patient that needs my attention.


5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

This question is asked in a bid to ascertain how goal - oriented you are. Every Postgraduate student has a vision for himself or herself before pursuing their scholarship opportunities. So the judges would want to know about yours. So in this scenario, you explain your passion, link it with your future goals and relate how the scholarship will benefit you.


Sample Answer:

I love numbers. And I always enjoy advising business person's based on the financial status. That's why I am planning on establishing my own audit company in 5 years from now. I am currently getting all the certifications and licenses that I need  to accomplish this dream. So a masters degree in financial accounting will equip me with the necessary knowledge to pursue my future goals.


6. Who is your Role Model?

Here you are expected to relate a person in your life who has made a great impact in you. It could be a relative, it could be a friend, a senior colleague or a celebrity. Either way, you have to mention and explain why you admire him or her and perhaps relate an example of his/her virtues. In this way, the University board can see how you are capable of representing the values of your sponsor.


Sample Answer:

I admire Candy Hammer. She is an author of a lot of personal development books that shaped my perspective and incentivizes me to become a better version of me. Once, I sent an email of appreciation to her. And she replied! We had a one - on - one life coaching session. I was happy to meet this humble lady. Ever since, I am thrilled but mostly motivated than ever to incite personal development to people around me.


7. Talk about a time you overcame a challenge.

The morale of this question is to see how you overcome an unwelcoming situation. Your answer will depict how you are capable of responding prudently to challenges. Were you bullied? Were you a victim of theft? Have you had self - esteem issues? Explain how you dealt with the situation, leaving an optimistic note.


Sample Answer:

Once, I was getting back home. On my way, I was robbed at gunpoint. It was quite terrifying. I was very mortified and even so, the next day I had my final exam. When I got home safe and sound, I made a decision to not focus on the traumatizing experience I had some minutes earlier and prepare for my morning exams. And so I did. I applied emotional intelligence, wrote my exam satisfactorily and then filed a police report. Good news! I retrieved my stolen items.


8. What are your career goals?

This sounds similar to the "Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now" question. This is equally one the common questions in scholarship interview. But unlike the latter, the former question is more specific to professional aspirations. The board would want to understand where the scholarship will take you in your journey of career growth. It is advisable that you outline your long - term and short - term goals and preferably your plans of giving back to the community.


Sample Answer:

A master's degree in International Studies and Diplomacy will equip me in becoming a renowned diplomat and my country's ambassador. I am currently applying for internships in the Federal Ministry of Foreign affairs and state Ministry of Internal affairs. Also, I am getting the certifications I need and aim at giving back to my community by securing international development funds.


9. Why did you choose this school?

This is quite an easy question because you are expected to be aware of what your school of choice has to offer. But the board would want you to to express your zest for the program and understand your reasons for pursuing a degree in the school. Remember what interests you in the school. Be concise yet sincere.


Sample Answer:

As a tenacious marketing expert, I have always wanted to intensify my earning ability with knowledge. Although there are many schools who offer post graduate marketing degrees, this is the only University that teaches marketing with a global orientation. The title of the program "International Communication and Marketing Management", triggered my interest as it embodies my intention of becoming a Brand Manager of multinational company.


10. What activities are you involved in?

So this is where you explain other things you did apart from studying. Other activities such as sports, dancing, involvement groups can be explained here. Your extracurricular activities would define how interesting you are. They also reveal how much of a team player you are.


Sample Answer:

Playing chess was something I really enjoyed. It furnished my strategic and critical thinking. This activity has helped me to predict the movements of the opposing side. Therefore, it instilled in me the desire of learning forecasting techniques. This activity has a considerable contribution in my goal of studying statistics.


11. Tell us about a personal achievement that makes you proud!

Think! This is an interesting interview question for scholarship applicants. What has been a personal struggle but overtime you overcame? This can be characterized as a personal achievement. Narrate a short story of a shortcoming you had to deal with and indicate how proud you are of yourself.


Sample Answer:

I have always loved the idea of career development. But I am quite timid. One way to pursue career development is by networking with people in my field. That's quite a Herculean task. Once, I attended a career fair bust was too ashamed to initiate a discussion with anyone. I was embarrassed. But I picked up the challenge and decided to be more sociable. So I started with virtual networking and later became proficient at starting and sustaining conversations with colleagues and veterans in the corporate events.


12. Describe your biggest mistake.

This may sound similar to knowing about your weaknesses. This is where the board wants to know more about yourself awareness. Everyone has flaws. So when you admit yours, it indicates that you are humble. So ensure that you back it up with how you took responsibility of your actions.


Sample Answer:

I remember back in the elementary school, I was envious of a new entrant who always had the attention of my friends. So one day I poured a refreshment drink on her school bag, damaging all her books. Little did I know that there were cameras recording my moves! So I got suspended. But what hit the most was the disappointment in my teacher's and friends' faces. I apologized but my reputation was tarnished for a long time. So I learnt that envy is a poisonous feeling that must be put to a halt when detected and to always consider the consequences of my actions beforehand.


13. Tell us about your leadership experience.

Here is an intriguing interview question for scholarship candidates. Leadership is about discerning the potentials of your team members and guiding them in maximizing their potentials in the best possible way. You may have held a leadership position formally or informally. In any case, it is well accepted.


Sample Answer:

I used to belong to a learning and involvement group back in school where I was appointed as the in - house consultant. During my appointment, I observed that most members weren't intentional about their careers. So I carried out career coaching sessions with each member that would help them get closer to their dream job. From this experience, I furnished my problem solving and analytical skills.


14. What is your favorite book, movie or song?

This may sound silly to you for a question in scholarship interview. But the board would want to arouse an interesting side of you. So relate a book or movie that impressed you and explain why it mattered to you so much.


Sample Answer:

I am keen on the Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy. This book explains how the art of self - discipline has a tremendous influence in various facets of life, from personal excellence to peace of mind and happiness. This book has shaped my perspective and has embodied the quality of self discipline in my education, business, career and more.


15. What was your favorite subject in school?

Here, this high school scholarship interview question is directed to understand your attitude towards learning and development. You can think of a subject that interests you the most. Having an A or a C in the subject doesn't really matter. What matters is the specific lesson that attracted you to the subject.


Sample Answer:

My favorite subject is Ancient Greek Language. It is particularly interesting to learn a language that gave birth to the Greek Language and has contributed to the English Language. That is one of the subjects that made me consider studying Linguistics. The subject helped me to appreciate the history of language.


16. How will you use the scholarship money?

Now, here is bursary scholarship interview question and answer. This question arises in a bid to ascertain your personal, academic, professional or financial goals. You are expected to address them in a concise and convincing way.


Sample Answer:

The scholarship money will go a long way in financing my project management certifications. I will also have the opportunity to travel for a conference event that addresses current issues pertaining to project management. This conference will fortify me academically for my Master's degree.


17. Can you give an example of a time you experienced difficulty at school?

The interviewers here want to dig out what you believe is difficult. You are not expected to discuss a personal problem rather you are expected to reveal how you solved a problem. It is preferable you discuss a problem that is related to your study.


Sample Answer:

In school, I had a research project to embark on and I was almost done with the first 5 chapters of my thesis. It was very disheartening when my project supervisor asked me to change the topic and rewrite everything. So instead of being upset with him for disregarding my efforts, I decided to resolve the conflict an negotiate. He saw reasons with me and then decided to rectify just a few parts of my work. At the end, I was not only able to defend my hard work, but I also established a good rapport with my supervisor.


18. How would you describe a good school environment?

The University board is aware that students thrive better in a great learning environment. They would want to see what your ideal school environment is. You are advised to research on the facilities of the school and emphasize on a team - oriented place. Ensure that your answer aligns with the school's vision.


Sample Answer:

My ideal school environment is a place where my learning will be augmented through knowledge - friendly libraries, health and safety - oriented spaces and committed lecturers.  I thrive more in a team - driven environment where group projects can be fully realized.


19. What is your definition of failure?

Getting to the stage of the scholarship interview can be rightfully labeled as success. But the board would also want you to reveal how you view failure. Before you answer, research on the expectations the University has from the new entrants. Avoid lying.


Sample Answer:

I define failure as the situation whereby one doesn't meet up to the expectations of the school or the educators. I also believe that failure sets in when one doesn't add value to oneself or the school in which he / she studies.


20. How do you set academic and career goals?

This is another possible scholarship interview questions you might meet.

Here, the interviewers want to know how clear and organized you are about your academic goals. You are expected to take a practical approach towards your goals and give a hint of why you set them.


Sample Answer:

I am future - oriented so I set goals according to the future I visualize. I set long - term goals and then short - term objectives that would materialize my goals. I write and review these goals on a piece of paper regularly as this exercise would train my subconscious mind into becoming more result - driven.


21. How do you deal with deadlines or multiple tasks?

The board would want to be aware of how you face deadlines that will arise in the course of a class project or student assignment. While answering, remember to carry the interviewer along through your plan of achieving deadlines in the task. You are also expected to so that you are organized and that you prioritize well.


Sample Answer:

I ensure that I have a positive outlook of the task at hand, then draft a plan on how to execute it and meet its deadline. I understand the importance of deadlines. They set me in motion. But If I can't meet up with the deadline, I will humbly ask for an extension.


22. Tell me about a time you work with or led a team.

When asking these questions, the interviewers seek to ascertain your competence in this situation. You are expected to give an example of where you demonstrated working in a team. Ensure that you don't sound lazy or unprofessional.


Sample Answer:

Our IT lecturer once separated our class into various teams and asked us to design a website from scratch. So my team and I decided to create a pharmacy Website. Some were saddled with the responsibility of learning the basics of a programming language. Others searched for the images while others developed the content. At the end, our website was labeled as the neatest and most organized.


23. How do you deal with stress?

The University board is aware that sometimes the semesters can cause emotional stress to students. What the interviewer wants to know is how you respond to stress. You can give an example of how you handled stress well in the past and walk your interviewer in how you managed the stress.


Sample Answer:

Time management and rest has always been my antidote to stress. I know I can't always avoid stress. But when it is within my power, I ensure that I manage my time and break my projects into smaller tasks and take some breaks in between. For example, once in school, I was asked to compose threes essays within a day. It was quite difficult because I had a test to write the next day. But applying time management surely helped me.


24. How do you build relationships with other members of a team?

The relationship that you build with your team's members can determine how productive, you will be at work. The board asks this question to see how well you can work in a team and to see level of relationship you have with one another.


Sample Answer:

I employ the art of constructive criticism. I believe that communication is key to an organized team work. When fellow team members don't meet expectations, I initially applaud them for giving their best shot, I recommend on the areas to improve and indicate that I believe in their judgement.


25. Describe yourself in three words.

This question may throw you off balance and at the same time, the interviewer wants to have a glimpse of your personality and determine if you fit. So focus on the skills and abilities that set you apart.


Sample Answer:

I am passionate, responsible and organized.


26. What would you do if there was a breakdown of communication in your study team?

The board is aware of the occasional communication breakdown that would take place from time to time in a project team. Like in every scenario, they want to determine your response to such a problem. You can show that you recognize the importance of communication.


Sample Answer:

I would be quick to ascertain the reason behind the breakdown. After hearing from my team members, I would proffer solutions that appease any issue that might have risen so that we could get back to work. Once, my team and I had a crucial presentation. So a day before, there was some bickering between two team members. I quickly resolved the issue before it escalated ; thus, not interrupting our work productivity.


27. How do you start a project?

This may sound like one of these academic scholarship interview questions. The interviewers here are looking for your communication skills. They want to ascertain your thought process, so emphasize on the importance of communication in every project and avoid the impression that you are perfect.


Sample Answer:

I espouse the value of Communication. That is the only driving force for teamwork. So when I am assigned to a project, I try to understand the results expected or the goal to be realized. Then I communicate this to my team members to ensure we all full grasp grasp what is expected of us.


28. What is the most significant conflict you had with another classmate and how did you resolve it?

This is a behavioral question that the interviewer ask to understand what the student would likely do when he / she is granted the admission. Here you show the board that you have conflict resolution skills and back up your claim with an example.


Sample Answer:

Once, while my team and I were working on a school project, a team member insulted me and repeatedly claimed that I was a hypocrite ad walked away. Initially, I felt embarrassed but after some moments, I decided to approach and talk to her that same day. I apologized for making her feel this but expressed my harmless intentions. She listened and then it turned out to be a minor misunderstanding that was quickly resolved.


29. Describe some times when you were not very satisfied or pleased with your performance.

The committee would love to determine how you care about your presentations and how you measure your success. Ensure that talk about a previous project or assignment handled along with an example relevant to the scholarship you are applying for.


Sample Answer:

I once had a presentation to handle in class with so much data. While I was elaborating on the analysis, my teacher interrupted me and claimed that my data was  misrepresented and wrongly deployed. I was shattered. However, I decided to go on a two days workshop on Advanced Data Analysis. I employed new techniques on my assignment and ask my lecturer to give me another chance. He did! I presented my work. The lecturer was amazed, the class was impressed and I was proud of myself.


30. Tell me about a time when you went above your duty to do a project.

The board wants to ascertain how passionate and intentional you can be when you are involved in a job. They also want to view your level of responsibility. So when answering this question, focus on the qualities and not on the situation.


Sample Answer:

Personally, going above my duty means going  beyond my jurisdiction in order to get a job done. Once, when I was in school, my team and I had a stage play at a particular Hall but was too messed up to rehearse with. And our play was the next day. So I joined the housekeeping team in tidying a tremendously disorganized room. At the end, my team and I rehearsed right on time.


31. Tell me about a time you disagreed with a decision that was made at school.

The interviewers are aware that a team can work cohesively but there would be bones of contention from time to time. They want to see how you handle disagreements. So you focus on the decision you disagreed with,  why and the alternative you have gave.


Sample Answer:

My team and I were appointed as the event planners of the end - of - the - year party. My team leader suggested we create awareness by printing out advert leaflets and distribute them to  classes. I disagreed with the suggestion because I believed that it would have been time - consuming and expensive. I recommended online presence and social media marketing. He was thrilled. We employed that strategy and there was a great turnout at the party.


32. Can you give me an example of a time you solved a problem.

Simply put, the committee is asking for your problem - solving skills and how well you deal with challenges. So you are expected to identify a problem you once sved and clearly explain the method byou used.


Sample Answer:

As an In - House consultant at a student group, I noticed that our tutors were focused on enlightening our members pertaining to professional qualifications, technical and soft skills but we didn't teach our students how to make money. So I suggested we shift our focus on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Ever since, we have heard lots of members acquiring professional qualifications by themselves. 


33. What would you do if you had a bad lecturer?

This is another school scholarship interview questions. The lecturers in the University may have a different ideology from you. Therefore, the committee would want to see how you can handle such differences.


Sample Answer:

Initially, I may ask other students how they deal with a person like that. I would try to understand his character and personality. I would also discover what he dislikes so I avoid anything that may irritate him or what he likes so as to approach him more often.


34. What does motivation mean to you?

The question can be tricky because it is broad. So focus on honestly talking on something that motivates you and tie it with the scholarship you are applying for.


Sample Answer:

Exercising positive affirmations is a massive motivation for me. It helps in redefining a more optimistic mindset that embraces hopes and goal setting. Positive affirmations helps to having a deterministic view and be result driven.


35. How do you minimize the risk of errors in your assignments?

This is a competency based question that is used to evaluate a candidate's accuracy and have responsibility. He or she can minimize mistakes on school project. Here you are expected to give instances of your accuracy.


Sample Answer:

One way I ensure that I deliver an error - free work is by proofreading. This helps me a lot in giving out a seemless assignment. When it comes to data, I employ renowned softwares that can foster proper data gathering, analysis and presentation.


36. Describe the Internet to someone that is just waking from a 50 years comma.

In this scenario, you are expected to exhibit your creativity skills. To win the University board over, you can even be a bit humorous.


Sample Answer:

The internet is like a cobweb. A spider has access to different strokes of the cobweb from where it stands. Like the cobweb, the internet is a place where you have access to many sectors right from where you are standing.


37. Tell us what you have done to prepare for this scholarship.

The committee, in this case, would want to see if you have what it takes to study in their institution. It would be your job to convince them that you have the necessary education, qualifications, experience and skills for this award.


Sample Answer:

Studying a Master's degree in English and literature has definitely been my dream. I can vividly remember the many hours I would spend in reading Jane Austen's literature. Soon, I was triggered to study English and Literature as an undergraduate. Then, I started my own book club and I am  a licensed author. So I am convinced that I have the werewithals for this scholarship award.


38. If you are an animal, what animal would you be?

The interviewers wouldn't try to be offensive. Rather, they want to ascertain your thought process and creativity. Asking you to describe yourself using an animal is meant to understand your personality type. Ensure that you avoid choosing an animal with poor qualities.


Sample Answer:

If I were to be an animal, that should be a butterfly. A butterfly is always one stage or another of development waiting for it's day to fly. I see every educational asset that I have acquired as a stage from me to grow academically and professionally.


39. Do you have any questions for me?

Never go on an interview without planning a couple of questions before hand. You must ALWAYS have questions to ask in a scholarship interview.  It shows that you came prepared and organized.


Sample Answer:

What are my career prospects from this course of study? What is the University expecting from me? Do you have any advice as I prepare for college?


40. Is there anything you would like to add?

Review some of the questions you earlier answered and see if there is anything you have forgotten to add. If not, end the conversation with an appreciation.


Sample Answer:

Thank you for giving the chance of an interview and the time to speak with me!



As earlier mentioned you will leave a greater impression if you have questions to ask during a scholarship interview. It would show how curious you are and how you are willing to take this course of study!


Questions like this?

  • What are my career prospects from this course of study?
  • What is the University expecting from me?
  •  Do you have any advice as I prepare for college?



So this brings us to the end of a comprehensive guide with scholarship interview questions and answers sample. This guide is elephantine. So having a “frequently asked scholarship interview questions and answers pdf ” wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Download: Scholarship interview questions and answers pdf

Questions like “what would you do with the scholarship money?” would be addressed in the bursary scholarship interview questions and answers pdf. In this way, you can download this content at your disposal anytime and anywhere. Having access to such a precious document without the need of Internet connection will prepare you mentally to ace that interview.


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