How To Write A Good Scholarship CV/Resume - Sample Scholarship CV/Resume Template

How To Write A Good Scholarship CV/Resume - Sample Scholarship CV/Resume Template

Looking for how to write a good scholarship CV/Resume or searching for sample scholarship CV/Resume template for undergraduate or postgraduate scholarship application. This article is for you. In this article we are going to deliberate on scholarship cv/resume! What is a resume scholarship? First of all, we need to understand that scholarship application process requests many documents such as scholarship essays, motivational letter and resume scholarship. A scholarship CV/ Resume is a document that describes your employment history, your personal profile, your skills and abilities and how they align with the course of study you intend to pursue. A great curriculum vitae for scholarship can make you stand out in the heat of competition. This scholarship CV/Resume can also be an amazing tool for funding requests. You have to persuade the university board that you are the best candidate with a neat and well -  constructed CV. Also you can learn how to write a scholarship essay here 


After reading this article you will learn the following:

  1. What is a scholarship CV?
  2. 3 Differences between a scholarship CV and scholarship Resume
  3. How to write Scholarship CV
  4. What to include in your scholarship CV
  5. Formatting Scholarship CVs
  6.  Sample Scholarship CV Templates
  7. Conclusion



A CV or otherwise called curriculum vitae for scholarship is a document that depicts your academic prowess and career growth. It is a marketing document that is meant to persuade a person in authority that you are most eligible for a position. A scholarship CV is no different from a professional cv, a scholarship CV will encompass contents that is geared towards your interest and goals in the course of study of your choice. Your work should reflect a resume for scholarship interview.



So it is said that the terms  “resume” and “CV” are used interchangeably. However it is safe to note that there are three minor differences that distinguish resume from cv. This information will go a long way in understanding what is demanded of you. To be accurate, let’s check the three differences.

Order of accomplishment

A CV is usually accepted in a chronological order. The events your professional course are expected to be placed according to their time of accomplishment. A resume, on the other hand, can take various forms : chronological, functional and a cross sectional order.

Scholarship Resume Format 

A CV is quite elaborate on the job responsibilities of each position you ever held in your employment history. Your work, skill and qualification are well – explained and could take much longer to complete, thus they can go beyond three pages. But a resume is more concise. It briefly highlights your work experience and it usually doesn’t exceed two pages. This format is highly appropriate for a resume for scholarship interview.


The CV has a comprehensive content with the educational and professional career you possess. As earlier mentioned, the CV quite detailed in terms of educational qualifications, project and more. But a resume is tailored to the different positions you are applied and provides precise information pertaining to the job in question.

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Well, when writing a scholarship cv, always remember that your CV should be purposeful. It should emphasize your academic qualifications, your future career prospect and how the course of study of your choice matches your goals. So here are a few tips on how to construct a CV that will impress the university board.

Be honest

True. Achievements in your CV will convince the university board that you are competent and willing to add value. So making an effort o embellish that section on your CV is not erroneous. However, you have to be cautious of what to write. Abstain from lying or blowing the trumpet. Recruiters have a way of identifying exaggeration and this will affect your candidacy.

Give the needed information

You are adviced to restrict the information on your CV to work experience, academic qualification, mark or percentage, skills, languages, name, contact etc. However, sexual orientation, marital status or religion is not a concern of any recruiter in this case. So abstain from giving unnecessary bits of information and curtail your energy to the most significant.

Always Always  Always  Proofread

Before you send out a CV, always ensure that your document is error -  free. Any grammatical error can affect your impression negatively and this may disqualify you. Also, it is suggested that you construct your cv yourself in order to avoid mismanagement at your CV. Do it yourself and you may have someone to cross – check.




Name, Professional Title and Contact Information

The title of your CV should be your name and an acronym that stems from professional qualification (If any). Your phone number and email are equally significant as that would be the means of reaching out to you and informing you for a prospective CV


Professional summary

A professional summary or personal profile briefly introduces to the university board. It encompasses two - three sentences, stating who you are, what you do and why you are applying for the role. It’s essential that you tailor the CV to job position in question.


Education / Qualifications

This is where your academic journey is needed. You are advised to state your institution. Degree,   course of study and dates as well as your grades (CGPA) will be included. If you are a recent graduate, you can simply include projects or course subjects that you have embarked on and are related to the scholarship award. Extra curriculum activities that demonstrated your leadership skills are highly welcome.


Work Experience

This is the section where the university board can evaluate how willing you are to apply the course of study to career path. This is where you place your record of job roles you have performed so far. It is recommended that you use a chronological order starting with your recent experience. When doing so, the company name, starting and ending dates that worked and your job description.



Skills and abilities can be categorized as technical and soft skills. They could range from software development to time management and interpersonal skills and more.



In the process of acquiring your education, performing job roles, you must have made special contribution in your journey. You may have even won some awards. So the is where you include your awards. So this is where you include your awards, the dates and the facilitator of these awards or recognition. You will seem more intentional and perceived by the board s a goal oriented and value added individual.

Much further, you will definitely see cv for scholarship samples . These cv for scholarship samples are promising to be a great guide

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While it is essential to work on your scholarship CV with what to include, it is also important that you present it in a way that it is easy on the eye of the university board. So these are the following tips on the proper scholarship resume format

  1. Your CV must be one or two pages long
  2. Bold and Italics can only be used for heading or key highlights
  3. A neutral font should be used like Times New Romans or Arial
  4. Avoid uncommon designs or mix of colors
  5. Use bullets under the key highlights and sections
  6. Use more than one column and separate the sections clearly to facilitate reading.



For the purpose of ease and effectiveness, there are diverse websites that can generate a scholarship resume for you such as high school scholarship resume template. This scholarship cv templates are designed to suit your academic goals and career aspirations into a well - fitting scholarship cv. Let's take one example of scholarship resume sample:






405, Forthland avenue, Atlanta • Georgia, USA • (+49) 06371683965423 • [email protected]



 Fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Science  in Human Resource Management from UCLA (GPA 4.23). Awarded Dean’s List three times. Member of UCLA Golden Key and Phi Theta Kappa. Seeks funds to pursue a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology at UCLA. Plans to conduct cross-disciplinary research on financial modelling as a cognition tool, as well as the role of natural language acquisition patterns in the development of an organization.


Oct. 2015 - Oct. 2019


University of Los Angeles, California                                                                               

Programme: Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Management   (CGPA: 4.23)

Relevant Coursework: Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Motivation and Retention, Labor Economics, Industrial Relations, Training and  Development, Health and Safety



Jul. 2018 – Present

HR Intern  

  • Supported the optimization and revamping of work productivity across the organization.
  • Cooperated with team players to identify relevant staff problems and also  restructuring.
  • Conducted A/B testing: formulated hypotheses, set up tests, and analyzed results.


Aug. 2009 – Sep. 2015

Payroll Administrator 

  • Prepare and manage payroll processes of employees
  • Calculate salaries, wages and overtime wage sheets



  • IT Skills: Proficient user of Front-End Web development (HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT), Microsoft Office(Access, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Soft Skills: Analytics, Presentation, Project Management,
  • Interests: Reading, Research, Meeting new people, Mixology and Culinary arts, Operations Management, Strategic Marketing Management, Investment Management, E-commerce, Career Development
  • Language: Fluent in English, Greek, Beginner in Spanish, French           



Sept. 2017

Team Lead: Human Resources Management Project 

  • Led a 5-Man team to carry out an intensive study on “What causes conflict between Men and Women within an organisation?”


Aug. 2017 - Present

Owner and Chief Editor:  hratschool 

  • Managed a blog centered on human resource management practices


Oct. 2016 - May 2017

Chief Target Keeper: Punctual View Concept

  • Ensured the goals and objectives of the team were achieved though the management of the team’s routine activities


Download the scholarship CV Template


For further guidance, if you are in search of a well constructed and a good - looking resume for scholarship application you can visit Resumelab. Here you can see a website where you can prepare your resume for scholarship quickly and effortlessly. You can introduce any changes within minutes with a variety of templates and great reviews. At Resumelab, you can also find high school scholarship resume template. You will discover free scholarship resume templates with the correct resume format for scholarship application.


The scholarship resume sample above is a winning document to get that scholarship you desire. It can be applied by scholarship candidates who intend to embark on Bachelor's degree, Masters' degree, Ph.D or even high school resume templates. This   scholarship example will serve as a life-saving guide for winning the scholarship of your dreams.



Scholarships are a great feat to accomplish for academic excellence. So you would agree with me that you would do anything to get that award. This means that you are to compose a stellar scholarship CV that is inspiring and easy on the eye. In this article, you have a cv for scholarship example or resume for scholarship application sample resume format, the sections, samples and more tips to guide you into making a more informed decision. For more cv scholarship examples, please resort here.

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