12 Best Countries to Study Abroad 2024

12 Best Countries to Study Abroad 2024

Do you want to study abroad? Do you want to get the best education in a foreign land with high-ranking universities? Have you been finding it difficult to spot best countries to study abroad? Stay calm! This article will introduce the 12 best countries to study abroad and the programs they offer. 

Here is what you will learn:

1. Good reasons why you should study abroad

2. Table showing 12 Best Countries to study abroad and the programs they offer

3. 12 Best Countries to study abroad

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Italy
  • China

4. Conclusion


8 Good Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying in another man's land is not an easy venture. However, young vibrant intellectuals look forward to the next scholarship opportunity or the next student financial aid. Why is that? Why does getting the best countries to study matter this much? Here are 8 solid reasons that will definitely convince you. 


1. Get More Career Opportunities

Undoubtedly, you will be exposed to a new culture, perhaps a new language and advanced education. This is most attractive to employers in your home country and at the same time a good way to enchant the employers of your host countries. 


2. Graduate Schools Are Looking for You

The admission boards of graduate schools are more interested in international students. They respond heartwarmingly to the thirst for diversity and exposure of their prospective candidates. Do you know why? Students abroad develop a great level of commitment and their education acumen is noteworthy.


3. A Unique Life Experience

Students view it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is. This may be the only chance you get to find the best countries to study. By the time you get your career starting, you might get thoroughly acquainted with a new culture. So grab this opportunity by the horns while you can. 


4. Meeting a Diverse Range of People and Making New Friends

Your intercultural and communication skills will improve greatly. And you also have the chance of making new lifelong friends. You will have a strong bond as you will have a unique experience studying abroad. 


5. Gain independence and self - reliance

Studying abroad is a great challenge. You will not be in the comfort zone of your home. In that way, you would have attained an extra layer of maturity and a sense of independence. This will be the absolute test of self-reliance. We are convinced that you will excel. 


6. Take advantage of International Student Funding and Low Tuition Fees

Are you worried about the expenses? Please don't! More scholarships are also available and more government institutions are willing to give a helping hand monetarily. Also, there are highly reputed universities where you can study without getting into debt. 


7. Edify your language skills

Venturing in the best foreign country to study can be a great challenge that motivates you to be a fluent speaker of a foreign language. Furthermore, you can take up extra language classes while studying, so that you can maximize your chances of making new friends.


8. Discover a different culture and its exciting cuisine

You will have this amazing privilege of cultivating cultural sensitivity. You will attain a more informed point of view and consume intercontinental delicacies. Yummy!


Not yet convinced? Follow the next subheading as you find out about the top countries for international students 


Summary of the 12 Best Countries to study Abroad



Highest – Ranking Universities


United Kingdom

University of Cambridge, University of Oxford




University of Toronto, McGill University



University of Melbourne, University of Queensland



Tohoku University. Tokyo Institute of Technology



Harvard University, Stanford University


South Africa

University of Cape Town, University of Witwatersrand



Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximillian Munich



Wageningen University & Research



Trinity College Dublin



Universite PSL, Ecole Polytechnique



University of Bologna



Tsinghua University, Peking University


The table above indicated the 12 most celebrated destinations and their top 2 universities. The following subsections explain further the top destination countries for international students.

12 Best Countries to Study Abroad 

This section discusses the 12 best countries for international students in which you can further your education. Each of the subsections explains why you should study in the said country, its highest-ranking universities and the popular programs they offer them. Plus, there is a list of scholarships from each country. So read, learn and be amazed. 


1.United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is apparently one of the most popular study abroad countries. The UK has built a reputation for academic excellence over the centuries. Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge have skyrocketed the appeal of studying in the United Kingdom. It's no coincidence that the UK is a multicultural and tolerant country as it has become one of the popular study abroad destinations. The universities there has a wide spectrum of degrees with captivating subjects. The UK is known for offering undergraduate degrees with a duration of just 3 years. The Edinburgh Castle, the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace, or the Birmingham Symphony Hall are just a few of the UK's rich attractions. 


Highest Ranking Universities in the UK:


Popular University Programs: 

The reputed university subjects offered in the UK are Engineering, Business, MBA, Law, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, and Marketing. 


Scholarships in the UK 2024 - 2025 for International Students


2. Canada


According to international rankings, Canada is known to be one of the best countries for students. It boasts about the superb quality of life. Canada's educators are highly trained and Canada owns 10 of the top 250 universities worldwide. The Canadian culture espouses diversity and it is posited that the country is very safe for international students. Canada is one of the best english speaking countries to study abroad. As a graduate of a Canadian University, you have a strong earning potential. Furthermore, the cost of living and studying in Canada is affordable. 


Highest Ranking Universities in Canada:


Popular University Programs:

The spectrum of university subjects encompasses Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Public Health, Finance, Human Resource Management, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy.


Scholarships in Canada 2024 - 2025 for International Students 


3. Australia


Australia falls among the top 10 countries to study abroad. Australia offers world-class education. Australia hosts 8 out of the top 100 universities in the world. It is said that Australia is strong in global research with an advanced edge in arts and humanities, education, and sciences. Australia is remarkably a beautiful country with plenty to see. Beautiful white sand beaches, famous landmarks like Sydney Opera House are simply breathtaking. Its lively and multicultural lifestyle is noteworthy.


Highest Ranking Universities in Australia:


Popular University Programs:

These are Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Agricultural Sciences, Architecture, Biochemical engineering, Core engineering, Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality Management.


Scholarship in Australia 2024 - 2025 for International students


4. Japan


Japan? Why Japan? The educational system in Japan is one of the best presently. Its economic ranking is 3rd overall as well as in the world. Scholarships and support programs are always encouraged. There is an affordable cost of living and its safe environment enhances the learning ability of a student. It has a unique and rich culture. Japan is esteemed as one of the best countries to study for international students. The quality of education is notably high as it boasts of well-equipped technology universities. 


Highest Ranking Universities in Japan


Popular University Programs:

The top fields to study in Japan are robotics engineering, production, information system engineering, electrical and electronics, bioengineering.


Scholarships in Japan 2024 - 2025 for International Students


5. United States of America


Have you ever thought of what it would mean to have an American University listed on your CV? It would be smashing. The USA has one of the most prestigious, top-ranked higher education systems worldwide. The USA is the world best study country. You choose to study from many fields: International business, accounting, marketing, finance, etc. The higher education system in the USA is unique. For instance, there may be a few as 10 to 20 students in a class. This fosters a close relationship between students and faculty professors. They could even share a coffee. Imagine yourself visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York! Magical!


Highest Ranked Universities in the USA:


Popular University Programs:

The reputed university subjects offered are Computer Science & Information, Engineering & Technology, Business & Management Studies, Economics & Econometrics, Law, Medicine, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering


Scholarships in the United States 2024 - 2025 for International Students


6. South Africa

South Africa

More and more international students are enrolled in academic programs in South Africa. Why the rush? Why is South Africa one of the good countries to study abroad in Africa? Students are enchanted by the country's world-class universities, natural beauty, and diverse culture. Also, it has been proved that studying in South Africa is more affordable than in other international destinations. South Africa has this stunning scenery. The waterfalls and wildlife are just magical. The education system in SA adopts three approaches: traditional, technological, and comprehensive. Three of its institutions ranked within the top 500 universities in the world. You are in good hands. 


Highest Ranking Universities in South Africa


Popular University Programs: 

The spectrum of university subjects offered encompasses Anatomy and Physiology, Communication and Media, Politics, Psychology, Mineral and Mining Engineering, etc.


Scholarships in South Africa 2024 - 2025 for International Students


7. Germany


Guess what? 11 out of 16 states in Germany have no tuition fee at all. Isn't that awesome? German universities offer high-quality and up-to-date education in engineering, medicine, science, and economics. Many universities offer courses in English. So the language barrier is reduced. Germany is rated as best European countries to study abroad. Furthermore, foreign students are allowed to stay for a year after graduation in the event of getting a job. Of course, you will also have the chance to explore one of the world's most developed countries - Germany.


Highest Ranked Universities in Germany


Popular University Programs:

These are Medicine and Dentistry, Law, Engineering, Mathematical and Computer Science, Architecture, etc.


Scholarships in Germany 2024 - 2025 for International Students


8. Netherlands


The Dutch educational system brags to be of high quality. The country offers a huge variety of English - taught programs. You will never be hired of the tulips, windmill, and Rembrandt. The central location of the Netherlands in Europe encourages you to travel to Paris or Berlin with just a train rider. So Netherlands is definitely one of the best countries to study. You will be studying in a land that was once ranked as one of the five happiest countries in the world. 


Highest Ranked Universities in the Netherlands:


Popular University Programs:

The top fields to study in the Netherlands are Organizational Psychology, International Food, and Agribusiness, International Tourism Management, Marketing, MBA, etc.


Scholarships in Netherlands 2024 - 2025 for International Students


9. Ireland


Ireland! Hmm! What's it like to study in Ireland? The education system is top-notch with seven top-level universities and a focus on global collaboration and research. It is the island nation on the westernmost edge of Europe. The Irish are proud of their rich culture and at the same time are willing to share. You will have the best opportunities to join the research programs that are driving innovation and changing lives worldwide. They also offer stay-back visas for international students. Therefore, Ireland has been deemed as one of the best countries to study 2024. Furthermore, Ireland is full of museums, cathedrals, parks, and monuments filled with art, literature, film, and music.


Highest Ranking Universities in Ireland:


Popular University Programs: 

The reputed university subjects are Business Analytics, Medicine Investment Banking, and Finance, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


Scholarships in Ireland 2024 - 2025 for International Students


10. France


Are you still asking: “For abroad study, which country is best?” Have you ever imagined yourself sitting in a coffee shop on the shores of Paris? Well, imagine yourself studying there. France is a country with breathtaking food, architecture, and natural beauty. International students have the option of studying in English or French. There are over 3,500 public and private learning institutes. It has proven to be the right destination for science graduates who wish to further in research and development. The public universities boast attractive tuition fees and it's a great place to land your dream job. Besides, you will be privileged to learn a global language - French.


Highest Ranking Universities in France:


Popular University Programs: 

The spectrum of university courses offered is Medicine, Geography, Pharmacology, Art History, Linguistics, Sociology, European and Mediterranean Cultures, Communication, Technology, etc.


Scholarships in France 2024 - 2025 for International Students


11. Italy


Apart from delicious food, charming streets, diverse natural landscapes, Italy has a stunning higher education system. The top universities have an impressive international environment. Italy is a country full of wonders. Why do you think Italy is one of the best countries to study abroad for masters? Picture yourself in the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa or even the Vatican City. Italy is proved to be an affordable destination for international students. The average tuition fee for all degree types is approximately 850 - 1,000 Euros/year. You will be surrounded by three things: fashion, architecture, and Arts. Lastly, you will get a taste of the original pizza. 


Highest Ranking Universities in Italy:


Popular University Programs: 

The top fields to study in Italy are science and Technology, Arts & Design, Social Studies, Education, Humanities, Health, Hospitality, etc.


Scholarships in Italy 2024 - 2025 for International Students


12. China


Have you ever thought of getting your master's degree in China? China is an international leader in trade and high-tech. China has also left footprints in higher education and innovation. As an international student, you can gain first-hand experience in rising world power. You could learn Mandarin and join an international company that maintains Chinese partnerships. So you can see for yourself that China is one of the best countries for students to study and work. Beijing and Shanghai are renowned to be the best student cities. Imagine yourself marveling at the Great Wall of China. Stunning, right?


Highest Ranking Universities in China:


Popular University Programs:

These are Clinical Medicine, International Economics and Trade, Computer Science and Technology, Chinese Language and Literature, Civil Engineering, Architecture, etc.


Scholarships in China 2024 - 2025 for International Students


So Where Would You Like to Study Abroad?

Still looking for the best country for abroad study? Ok! Would you like to travel to North America? Try studying in Canada or the USA. Would you want to acquire a master's degree in Europe? Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, and France are welcoming you with open arms. Do you wish to have an Asian shade in your higher education? Study in China or Japan. Do you love koalas or wish to have a first-hand experience with wildlife? Give Australia or South Africa a big shot. Are you also asking; which country has most international students? The countries listed above are countries with most international students. You can locate the cheapest universities in the world for international students at your fingertips. Study abroad, study abroad, and study abroad. Cheers!!!


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