10 Cheapest Universities in London for International Students 2024

10 Cheapest Universities in London for International Students 2024

London!  Are you looking forward to studying in London? In fact, what about the cheapest universities in London? This article will provide insight on the top 10 cheapest universities in London.


You will read about the following:

  1. Why study in London
  2. Top 10 cheapest universities in London
  • University of Westminster
  • University of West London
  • Ulster University (London Campus)
  • University of Greenwich
  • London Metropolitan University
  • University of Law
  • University of East London
  • BPP University
  • Middlesex University
  • Brunel University
  1. Conclusion

Why study in London

What a marvelous city! A city that houses the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace and the British Museum amongst others. But is that all there is? Sightseeing? What about education? UK is the most sought – after destination. But London is top – notch. International students wish to study in the capital city of Great Britain. But what could be the reasons why studying in London is a suitable option?

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should study in London:


1.It’s London

Well for starters, it's London. It's a wonderful city and everyone dreams of stepping his / her foot on this enthralling land. It has a vibrant cultural scene, it houses world – class universities and there are diverse international opportunities for students. Also, the universities offer promising chances of scholarship opportunities. So don't you think studying in London would be a privilege?

2. Amazing city lifestyle

Furthermore, you would be exposed to a bountiful city lifestyle with diverse restaurants, pubs, bars and music venues waiting for you to explore them. You can experience a unique multicultural environment and be discover all the fun – driven hotspots of the capital. There are more than 1,000 galleries where you can learn new things outside university hours.

3.Thriving education

Also, getting the best qualification in a winning city is an asset. If you agree with that, then London is for you. It's the city of excellence for education. They are more than 50 higher education institutions. The universities in London are of global reputation. So studying there would be the best suitable option.


Networking would upscale your career prospects. The capital city of London is not never bereft of promising job opportunities. Here you have friendly and welcoming locals as well as supporting government policies. You can get any of the most affordable universities in London for international student. Why? Because studying in London would be instrumental in meeting field professionals and keeping great contacts.

5.You can easily live in London on a budget.

Scared of the how expensive London could be? Well, guess what! As a student, there are a 101 free things to do without breaking the bank. There are over 10 free museums to visit. You can get “the London pass”, save money on top attractions and skip unnecessary queues. Lastly, you can derive an immeasurable serenity with the best London walks in top free gardens.


10 Cheap Universities in London for International Students 2024

So why don't we learn more about the top 10 cheap universities in London for international students that would materialize your dream?


University Name

 Average Tuition Fees





University of Westminster (WMIN)



University of West London (UWL)

£9,250 - £11,440


Ulster University – London (UUL)



University of Greenwich (UOG)



London Metropolitan University (LMU)

£12,700 - £13, 250


University of Law (ULaw)



University of East London (UEL)

Approximately £13,080 - £13,920


BPP University (BPP)

£10,400 - £11,000


Middlesex University (MDX)

£11,200 - £14,500.



Brunel University (BRUN)

£14, 400 - £17, 500

This table contains a summary list of 10 Cheapest Universities in London and their Average Tuition Fees

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Here are the following 10 cheapest universities in London with detailed description of their background, their admission process and their average tuition fees.


1.University of Westminster

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster was the first polytechnic in London some 180 years ago. This smashing historical record has built their reputation in helping students from a variety of backgrounds to realize their full potential. This is one of the cheapest uni in London.  University of Westminster is famous for Architecture, Film and Media and Art courses.


Average Tuition Fee:

Average Tuition fee for International students - £11,750.


How do I apply to the University of Westminster:

You will fill your form at the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) website. International students will choose a maximum of five courses and five universities. This is truly most affordable universities in London. In your application, you will fill the UCAS codes for your chosen courses and the institution code for University of Westminster, a reference and a personal statement amongst others.

University of Westminster Step by Step Application


2. University of West London

University of West London

This institution is also known as the 'Career University'. Do you know why? The institution has succeeded in attaining a telling graduate employment rate and most degree holders kick start their career after leaving school. As one of the cheapest colleges in London, the range of studies it covers are film and media, business, computing and engineering, law, Hospitality and tourism, healthcare amongst others.


Average Tuition Fee:

It's £9,250 for domestic students and £11,440 for international students.


How do I apply to the University of West London?

You will fill an application form at UCAS website. You must provide your academic transcript, personal statement, professional or academic references, a copy of your passport and any supporting documents. Of course, evidence of your English proficiency is well expected.

University of West London application for international students



3. Ulster University (London Campus)

Ulster University

The campus of Ulster University in London is located in the heart of the city. Ulster University has built a reputation for teaching and research. This is one of the affordable universities in London for international students. It's famous courses and within the field of social sciences and employability. To get Cheap universities in London for MBA.


Average Tuition Fee:

For International students, the annual tuition fee is £14,910.


How do I apply to Ulster University?

Your entry requirements vary depending on the level you choose. Here is one of some cheap universities in London for MBA For instance, if you are seeking for a postgraduate degree, you must have a bachelor's degree of at least 2:2 or equivalent, an IELTS 6.0 with no band score of less than 5.5 and a certificate of secondary education.

Ulster University Application for International students


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4.University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich prides to be a leading modern public university. It is known for high teaching quality and research excellence. Also, it accommodates a diversity of students and it's popularly known for courses in Economics, Linguistics and Business. In this university, you can get the cheapest MBA in London for international students.


Average Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee for international students is £14,500.


How do I apply to the University of Greenwich?

If you are an international student in the EU, then you will apply through the UCAS website. If you are applying from overseas, you can apply to the university directly or through one of the in - country representatives. The international office will then assess your suitability to the course chosen and then you grant unconditional offer.

University of Greenwich Application


5. London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University

This is a public research university in London, England. London Metropolitan University is a product of the merger of the University of North London and London Guildhall University. This must be the cheapest university in London. It's popular for well - experienced faculty members. They are known for taking their students for industrial visits for exposure.


Average Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee for London Metropolitan University is estimated to be £12,700 - £13, 250.


How do I apply to London Metropolitan University?

You keeping registering   cheap universities in London for cheap universities in London for MBA. Choose a course, read the course information and register your details. You will be asked to provide a personal statement where you will explain your reasons for choosing your course. You will be asked for other supporting documents. It's advised you register as early as possible.

London Metropolitan Online Application


6. University of Law

University of Law

This university of Law is deemed to be one of UK's longest established specialty providers of legal, business and professional education. Out of the nine campuses, it owns two in London. It has trained more lawyers than any other educational institution in the UK. It is said that it is one of the cheapest colleges in London for international students. The aim of the school is to teach students in a realistic, modern, practical and interactive context.


Average Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee is approximately £11,750.


How do I apply to University of Law?

There are two main ways to apply. You can apply through LawCAB. That's the Central Applications Board. There, you can register for full time law courses on campus. For other postgraduate courses, you can apply directly to the university for online and part - time courses.

University of Law Postgraduate Application


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7. University of East London

University of East London

University of East London is posited to be a career led university that prioritizes the students' future. It is a public university that comprises three campuses located in London. It is deemed to be one of the cheapest London universities for international students. The various courses dive into the fields of business, law, social science, journalism, architecture and engineering amongst others.


Average Tuition Fee:

For undergraduates, the annual tuition fee is approximately £13,080. For postgraduates, it's £13,920.


How do I apply to the University of East London?

You can apply directly to the University or indirectly. For instance, prospective undergraduates will apply through UCAS. UCAS is an organization saddled with the responsibility of processing all undergraduate applications to UK universities. To gain admission in the university of East London, you must begin the application as early as 18 months before the start of your chosen course.

University of East London Application


8. BPP University

BPP University

BPP stands for Brierley, Price and Prior. The University was named after the founders of the university. Alan Brierley, Richard Price and Charles Prior. It was set up to train accountancy students in 1975. International students choose BPP because the university is committed to preparing students for a professional career with a solid business approach. Also, it is guaranteed that the cheapest MBA in London are offered by BPP University.


Average Tuition Fee:

The international fees are speculated to be £10,400 - 11,000.


How do I apply to BPP University?

Originally, you can contact the school for any enquiries as per the application. Choose your program, prepare supporting documents and submit your application. A university interview will then be organized. If everything goes well, you will be receiving an offer. Afterwards, you will pay the acceptance fee and submit your acceptance documents along with your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for studies) request form. Finally, you will be issued a CAS number which will be needed for your student visa.

BPP University Application for International Students.


9. Middlesex University

Middlesex University

This is a public research university in Herndon, northwest London, in providing education. This is further proved by the fact that the university has been awarded two Queen's awards for Enterprise for its international reputation as well as three Queen's Anniversary awards in higher education. To get the cheapest masters degree London, you must apply to Middlesex.


Average Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee for Middlesex University ranges between £11,200 - 14,500.


How do I apply to Middlesex University?

As an international student, you can simply apply directly to Middlesex Online Application Portal or you can apply through your regional office or country team. Finally, you can apply through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Services) in your application, you would be needing your academic documents, contact information, personal statement and/or postgraduate research proposal.

Middlesex University Application for International Students


10. Brunel University

Brunel University

Brunel University is known for being UK's most ambitious, forward - looking universities. Fortunately, the location of the university is advantageous. It is within walking distance of the London underground. Its popular courses are found in the communications and sports science disciplines. Would you like to get cheap masters in London?


Average Tuition Fee:

The annual tuition fee for Brunel University spans from £14, 400 - 17, 500.


How do I apply to Brunel University?

Brunel University admits international students if they meet the eligibility requirements of academic qualification and other supporting documents. Such documents are official transcripts, personal statements, a reference from a recent academic institution and English Language Test Scores.

Brunel University Application for Postgraduate courses


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The well - grounded web of university facilities, extensive career opportunities and an explosive city lifestyle are some of the thriving benefits when studying in London. So our dear international students, apply promptly, study in cheap universities in London for masters and see your professional growth flourish before your very eyes.

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