70 DS-160 Visa Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

70 DS-160 Visa Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Are you planning to apply for the ds-160 visa for nonimmigrants entering the USA? Not sure what to expect and need answers to all your burning questions about the ds-160 online application? This article answers extensively 70 DS-160 Frequently Asked Questions And Answers.

The ds-160 form is an online visa application for the US non immigrants visa. Foreigners applying for a US visa must complete and submit the DS-160 form online before scheduling the visa interview at a US consulate or embassy.

Completing the ds-160 application accurately is essential for achieving success in your US visa application. Errors or mistakes on your DS-160 application can have serious consequences, providing inaccurate answers or leaving incomplete fields can lead to your application being rejected at the visa interview.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 70 DS-160 frequently asked questions and answers to help guide with your US visa application.


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  1. What is a ds 160 visa?

  2. Documents and information needed for the DS-160 visa form?

  3. Guidelines to complete the DS-160 form

  4. 70 DS-160 frequently asked questions and answers


What is a DS 160 Visa?

A ds 160 visa, also known as the online non-immigrant visa application  is a form that is required for temporary visa applications in the United States, and also for K (fiancé(e)) visas. 

The ds 160 meaning is a fully online application form that must be submitted electronically to the US department of state by individuals who wish to get a non immigrant visa in the US.

In the ds 160 form, you should expect questions about your personal information, contact details, passport and travel information, family information, education and work experience as well as security background questions and a digital photograph of yourself.

It is very important that applicants provide accurate details and honest answers to questions on the ds 160 application because the US consular officers use the information provided along with a one-on-one interview to decide whether to approve or deny your visa application.

You can check out the form at the Consular Electronic Application Center website if you wish to begin your application.


Documents And Information Needed For The DS 160 Visa Form

There are certain documents and information you will need to provide along with your DS-160 form. 

To complete the application, you must provide the following:

  • A valid passport 

  • Travel itinerary 

  • Resume or CV

  • National ID number issuer by your home country

  • Social security number or US taxpayer ID(if you have one)

  • Security and background information

  • Travel and employment history

  • Background information about family members or travel companions

  • Applicants who want to study or exchange visitors will need a copy of their SEVIS ID, along with the address of the university or college which they intend to study.

  • Petition based temporary workers(H-1B, H-2,H-3, L, O, P, E2C, R) will need to submit a copy of their I-129 form (if they have one).

  • Recent photograph.

Everyone who plans to travel to the US on a temporary visa or is applying for the K1 visa must be ready to provide this information. 

This means that each applicant, including children, must file their own ds 160. If an applicant is aged 16/below or is physically unable to complete the form themselves, a third party can assist them with the form.

Note: whoever is helping must be identified at the end of the DS-160 form, on the "sign and submit page".


Guidelines To Complete The DS-160 Form

The first step in applying for a US non immigrant visa is to complete a ds 160 application form. Completing the online form is pretty straightforward, however you must ensure you follow the right steps.

Pay close attention to your answers to avoid any mistakes or errors on your ds 160 and ensure that all information is filled in English. 

Below we have provided a step by step guide on how to complete your ds 160 application form.

1. Getting started 

Before you start, ensure you have a strong Internet connection to fill out your form, you will begin by selecting the location where you want to apply for your visa. 

Then, click on the start an application button, you will be directed to a new page where you will be assigned a unique application ID.

You will also be required to answer some security questions. Keep this information safe because you may need it to access your application.

You can always find your application ID at the top right corner of each page of the ds 160. 

If you think you need more time to complete the form, you can save it as ds 160 pdf on your computer or hard disk and re-upload when it is completed. 

Keep in mind that your saved ds 160 form will only be available for 30 days after you begin your application.


2. Answer the questions on each section of the ds 160 online application form

Once you begin filling out the ds 160 online form, the website will timeout within 20 minutes.

To save your progress, click on the page and record your Application ID or save your application to your computer as a pdf file. 

The Application ID will be displayed on the top right-hand corner of your screen once you begin your application. This is your ds 160 number and should be kept safe.


3. Upload your photograph 

You will need to upload a photograph of yourself that tallies with the US Department of state ds 160 guidelines which will be saved digitally to your profile. 

Once it's uploaded, you will be able to edit the size and crop the image to fit the stated picture requirements.


4. Submit the online ds160 form

You will be asked to review the form before you submit. Use this opportunity to carefully scan through the information you have provided for mistakes or errors. Confirm if your answers are accurate. 

Next, you will be asked to confirm the location from which you are applying from, this will help the US embassy know the right consulate or embassy to send your application for processing.

Finally, you will be asked to read and accept some terms and conditions, then submit the form.


5. Print the DS-160 confirmation barcode page

After submitting the form, click the next button to go to your confirmation page. 

You are expected to print only this page and present it to the US embassy officers on your appointed interview date. 

If you forget to print your confirmation page, you can log in with your application ID and security question to print again.

Note: you will not be allowed to attend the visa interview if you do not have your ds 160 confirmation page. 

Once the form is submitted, applicants are required to schedule an appointment date at the nearest US consulate and confirm the documents required for the interview.

You can check the status of your ds 160 application by visiting the US Department of state website.


70 DS-160 Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Finally, these are some frequently asked questions and answers about the ds 160 non-immigrant visa, that will help you familiarise yourself with this visa type, before your next ds 160 appointment.

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  1. Who is eligible for the ds 160 visa?

All individuals who plan to study, travel or work in the United States on a temporary travel visa(F1, M1) or who plan to get married in the United States on a ds 160 k1 visa must complete the ds 160 form.

It is a non-immigrant visa required for stay in the US over a limited time period. Applicants who are younger than 16 or physically unable to complete the form can take help filling the form from somebody else. So in a nutshell, everyone applying for a temporary non immigrant visa needs to file their own DS-160.


  1. How do I fill the ds 160 form online?

The ds 160 form is a fully online form that must be submitted electronically before you are considered for a temporary US visa. The form can be found on the US Department of state official website. 

It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete the form, you must ensure you answer all questions on the form accurately and leave no information out.

Once you begin your application, the website will time out in 20 minutes. In order to save your process, you must click on the page and record your Application ID or save your form as a file on your computer. 

You can decide to complete your form overtime but remember that the DS-160 online form expires 30 days after you begin your application.


  1. Can a third party complete the ds 160 form on my behalf?

The ds 160 form should only be completed by the applicant unless he or she is under the age of 16 or physically unable to complete the form due to extenuating circumstances. 

Then they can be assisted by their parents or legal guardian. In the absence of both, the application may be completed by any person who has legal custody of the applicant or has a genuine interest in helping the applicant.

Also, if your parents are not well educated and/or do not know how to operate a computer, you can fill the form on their behalf. Just make sure you fill in their details accurately and instruct the applicant on how to endorse the application by clicking the sign application button. 

The assisting party must be identified at the end of the ds 160 form, on the sign and submit page.

  1. How long does it take to complete the ds 160 application form?

It takes about 90 minutes to successfully complete the DS-160 form in a sitting. 

If you do not have the time to complete it at once, you can choose to complete the ds 160 overtime by downloading and saving it as a pdf file on your computer to continue later. 

The ds 160 form only lasts for 30 days after you start your application before it expires.


  1. How much does the ds 160 cost?

There is no fee payment for filing the DS-160 form.  However visa applicants are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee for the specific US visa before they apply for a non-immigrant visa. 

This non-refundable application fee must be paid whether your visa request is issued or not. The fees vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. 

For example, most petition based visas such as work and religion visas cost about $190 while non-petition based such as tourist, business visas cost about $160.

K1 visa fee is $265 and E visas cost $205. You can check out visa types and their application fees here.


  1. What documents and information do I need to provide to complete the ds 160 online application form? 

You will be required to provide the following in order to complete the DS-160:

  • A valid passport.

  • Current and previous employment and education history.

  • Dates of international travels within the last 5 years, US included. You may also be asked for the dates of your last 5 trips to the US.

  • Resume or CV if applicable

  • A SEVIS ID- for students and exchange visitors.

  • A copy of I-129- for petition based temporary workers 

  • Personal and security-related information.

  • Travel itinerary.


  1. How do I schedule my ds 160 appointment?

After completing the ds 160 online form, the next step is to book your appointment. Follow the steps below to schedule your ds 160 appointment;

  • Locate the nearest US embassy to you.

  • Pay the application fee applicable to your visa.

  • Schedule your visa appointment.

  • Attend your visa interview.

  • Pick up your passport with your visa decision.


  1. Can I see a ds 160 example to know what the form looks like?

The ds 160 is an nonimmigrant visa application form you can use to source for temporary travel to the United States. It is submitted electronically to the Department of State Website.

You can download the ds 160 form example here to see what it looks like.


  1. How do I answer briefly describe your duties ds 160?

If you are answering the briefly describe your duties ds 160 question for say your father, be specific about what occupation he does and his duties too.

Example, my father is a banker, who works at a Microfinance bank. He manages accounts and grants loans to small businesses in his city.


  1. How do I answer, have you made specific travel plans ds 160?

When posed with this question, please ensure that you answer truthfully. Be specific about your duration of stay in the USA, without giving vague answers like "I don't know" or I'm not sure" or "As long as I need to stay".

If you are answering "No", backup your answer with an estimate. 6 months, 4 weeks, etc.

For "Yes", include information like the Intended Date Of Arrival and Intended Length of Stay in the US.


  1. How do I sign the ds 160 application form?

After completing and reviewing the information you have provided on your application form, you will be required to sign. 

You electronically sign your ds 160 by clicking the "Sign application" button at the end of the form. 

This signature shows that you have read and understood the questions and have provided only accurate and honest answers and information to the best of your knowledge. 

Failure to sign may lead to rejection of your form and the submission of false information or misleading answers may result in permanent refusal of visa or a travel ban into the United States.


  1. Where do I get information on the ustraveldocs ds 160? 

For more information on the ds 160 non immigrant, visit the ustraveldocs ds 160 official website.


  1. Can I put my full name in native alphabet ds 160?

Yes, you can provide your full name in native alphabet ds 160 format. 

The field on the ds 160 form that says "full name in native alphabet", supports other characters that are not in the English Language and your native alphabet as well. 

You can use any special characters or accents that your name might include in your native language. 


  1. What is the uscis ds 160?

The uscis ds 160 leads you to the official page of the US Department of State where you can immediately complete the online Nonimmigrant visa which is the ds 160. 


  1. What is the ds 160 consular electronic application?

The ds 160 consular electronic application centre is a designated page where you can get all the information you need about the ds 160 online immigrant visa application.


  1. Where do I fill the uscis ds 160 form?

You can fill the uscis ds 160 form on the official website of the US Department of State. There you will get access to the online ds 160 form and find any additional information you need.


  1. I completed my ds 160 online application form but I lost my confirmation page, can I print a new one?

If you misplace your confirmation page, you can reprint another copy of your confirmation page as long as you have a record of your application ID. 

Your application ID is very vital for accessing your ds 160 online application form, so it is recommended that you write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

  1. How do I retrieve my ceac ds160  confirmation page?

To retrieve your ds160  ceac confirmation page, go to the Consular Electronic Application Center website, select the consulate you are applying from and click on "retrieve application", you will be prompted to type in your application ID. 

After entering your application ID, you will be directed to your application where you can print your confirmation page.

You are expected to bring your application confirmation page to your interview.


  1. Can I make changes to the ds 160 nonimmigrant visa after submission?

No, you cannot make changes or amend your ds 160 nonimmigrant visa application once it is submitted. 

However, applicants who need to make corrections to their ds 160 form filling can only do so by logging in to the us department of state ds 160 official website.

Here you will be required to enter your application ID, then select the retrieve application button.

During the ds 160 form filling, you will now be prompted to create a new DS-160 application which will cause the original application to appear. 

The applicant may then make the changes as required and re-submit the application. This will only work if the application was submitted less than 30 days prior to the date of access. 

Applicants must bring the original and revised copy of the confirmation page from both applications to your interview as each submission contains a unique barcode.

This is why we advise that you do not hastily answer DS-160 questions. Take your time, provide accurate answers and scan thoroughly for errors before submitting.


  1. How long is the forms ds 160 pdf  valid for?

The forms ds 160 pdf file you save to your computer after you’ve completed your application will remain valid from the time you save it to when you take it to the Embassy for your appointment.


  1. Do I reuse the ds 160 full form?

You can use the information from a previously submitted DS-160 form to answer some questions in a new one as long as the information still correlates with your current situation.

It is recommended that you save your ds 160 pdf application form on a computer or hard disk so you can use it when you want to apply for a new visa in the future.


  1. What is the DS-160 CEAC barcode page?

The DS 160 ceac barcode page is an alpha-numeric generated by the system after you submit the DS-156 form. You must bring it with you to your interview.


  1. Should I save my ds 160 application before submitting?

Yes, it is advisable that you save your DS-160 application form on your computer as a form  ds 160 pdf.

This is because you might need to retrieve some of the information on the ds 160 pdf if you plan to file another form ds 160 visa renewal or a new visa.


  1. How do I do a ds 160 visa renewal?

You can apply for the ds 160 visa renewal after your previous visa expired, and you still fulfil the conditions. 

When doing so, ensure that you are renewing a visa you had previously which is the ds 160 visa. 

Here is when you can apply for a ds 160 visa renewal:

  • If the US Embassy  didn't deny you a visa application recently.

  • You're renewing a multiple entry visa with a more than 1 year validity.

  • You still fulfil the requirements of the visa you are renewing.

  • You are applying from your home country, not the United States.

  • The visa expired less than 48 months ago. Some visas that expired more than this are eligible too.


When renewing the ds 160 visa, bring the following documents along:

  • A passport valid for 6 months from the time you intend to leave the US.

  • Any previous passport with an expired US visa in it.

  • Two passport-size pictures that meet the US visa photo requirements. Don't use the one you used for your original application.

  • A printout of the form ds 160 confirmation page.

  • Proof of visa fee payment.

  • Additional documents for the visa you want to renew.


     How to renew the ds 160 visa:

  • Complete the application form online.

  • Schedule an appointment with the US Embassy/Consulate.

  • Pay the visa renewal fee.

  • Submit the required document.

  • Attend the interview.


  1. Can I create a ds 160 family application if I'm travelling with family members or a group?

Yes you can. 

To create a family or group application, you select the "Email confirmation" button on the confirmation page, the system will direct you to a "Thank you" page where you will see the option to create a family or group application. 

Select this option and certain information such as destination,will be automatically uploaded to a new application. 

If you are travelling with a group of family, each person must submit their ds 160 application individually.


  1. Can I make changes to the data automatically created by the system if I use the option on the "Thank you" page to create a ds 160 family application?

Yes, you can make changes to correct some of the data before submitting. 

For example, if one of the dependents in the family application has a different nationality or date of birth, you must correct it before you submit the application.


  1. How to answer briefly describe your duties ds 160 student?

When answering the briefly describe your duties ds 160 student question, be as to the point and concise as possible with your answers. Tell them what school you are attending, education level, and what courses you take.

Example - “I am a student at (university name) in my senior year at college. I take a couple of art subjects”.


  1. How does ds 160 form filling work?

Here is how the ds 160 form filling works:

  • Start the ds 160 application.

  • Fill in a security question to secure your application.

  • Fill in your personal information.

  • Input passport details.

  • Add your family information.

  • Fill in education details.

  • Answer security questions to ensure you won't be a problem to the United States in terms of disease or violence.

  • Fill in visa specifics for the type of visa you are applying for under ds 160.

  • Review the ds 160 form and submit.


  1. How do I successfully save ds 160 pdf to my computer?

  • Select the "Save Application to File" button.

  • Click the "Save" button on the File Download window.

  • Save the application to a location in your computer. 

  • Browse to the location and click "Save" on the "Save As" window.


  1. What should I do if the system does not accept the digital photograph for my ds 160 form filling?

A standard digital photograph must meet the Department of state' picture quality requirements.

If you get an 'X' instead of your photo on the confirmation page after submitting, this means the photo failed to upload. 

If this happens, you must bring a printed photograph that meets the DS-160 visa requirements along with the confirmation page to the US consulate you plan to apply for your non immigrant visa from.

For more information on the print format of the DS-160 photo, you can check the Non-immigrant photo requirements.

See also: 50 F1 Student Visa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


  1. What are the official digital photo requirements for ds 160 form?

To successfully upload your digital photo on the DS-160 form, your photo must be;

  • In colour

  • Must be in JPEG format

  • Taken within the previous 6 months

  • Reflect your current appearance 

  • With both eyes open, no glasses are allowed

  • Showing your full face, directly facing the camera

  • Exactly 2×2 inches

  • With your head 50% of 69% of the total height of the photo 

  • Taken before a plain background which is either white or off-white. Colored backgrounds will not be accepted.

  • With a neutral expression

  • Taken with clothing you would typically wear daily.


  1. Who is the principal applicant of the ds 160 application?

Every individual in a group or family applying for B-1, B-2, or B1/B2 visas are all considered to be principal applicants of their DS-160 application.

Applicants in the E,F,H,J,L,M,O,P,R visa categories may have a principal applicant and a derivative applicant. 

Derivative applicants are spouses or children under the age of 21 applying for one of the listed visa categories above. 

Derivative applicants should answer no to the question and provide information of the principal applicant if requested.


  1. Do I need a separate ds 160 for parents?

If you are sponsoring your parents on a dependent visa, they will still need to submit their individual DS-160 application.


  1. Where is the visa number ds 160 located? 

The visa number ds 160 is located on the bottom right side of new visa documents issued by the US state government. It is a red number boldly printed on the visa.


  1. How do I change my ds 160 appointment location after submission?

After you submit your DS-160 application online, you will not get an option to change your interview location in the DS-160 application. 

You can only view and print your application using your application ID after submitting. But in a situation where you want to attend the interview in a different location, that you can do. 

If you submitted your application at a particular location, but during your appointment booking there is no open slot at that location. 

So you end up booking your interview at another location different from the one on your DS-160 application.  If this happens to you, then you don't need to worry.

The US Consulate or Embassy where you booked your appointment will retrieve your application using your confirmation barcode page.


  1. Do I need stamping for ds 160 for h1b?

The h1b ds 160 is a non immigrant visa category that allows US employers to temporarily employ foreign professionals in specialty fields. 

The ds 160 barcode confirmation is part of the important documents you must submit for ds 160 h1b stamping. 

So, you must have completed a ds 160 form for h1b before you apply for the stamping.  Do the ds 160 first  if you want to start your h1b visa application.


  1. Does my fiancee need to file a ds 160 k1 visa?

The ds 160  K1 visa is for you if you're a US citizen and you want to sponsor your fiance(e) on a non immigrant visa to the United States. 

They must complete a DS-160 non-immigrant online application form as part of their visa application before applying for the K1 visa. This also applies to children(K2 visa) of your fiancé(e) if there are any.

Therefore each dependent, child and spouse(K2 & K1) must file their independent DS-160 consular electronic application.


  1. Do I need a ds 160 form for f1 visa?

Yes, you need a ds 160 f1 visa, which has its own form. The ds 160 f1 is a compulsory requirement for international students who want to study an academic degree in the United states. 

This ds 160 student visa application shows the US government that you have been accepted into a university program and have met all the requirements to study in the United States.


  1. What is a social media identifier ds 160?

A social media identifier ds 160 is any name, nickname, handle or username attached to an account on social media platforms which include, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. 

The updated DS-160 visa application form contains a drop down menu with a list of about 20 social media accounts. 

Applicants who apply for US visas will be required to provide their identifiers to some listed social media accounts. If an applicant has no social media account, he/she can simply select "none".

You will be required to provide your social media handles for about 20 possible listed social media platforms. 

They include:

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • mySpace

  • Tumblr

  • Vine

  • YouTube

  • Flickr

  • Google+

  • Douban

  • Youku 

  • Reddit

  • Qzone

  • Twoo


  • Sina Weibo

  • Tencent Weibo 


  1. What is the ds 160 student visa?

The  ds 160 student visa is the official student visa application form for international students. 

You must complete a ds 160 visa application online form before you can be eligible for an interview and consequently issued your student visa. 

  1. How to answer the ds 160 social media question?

To answer the ds 160 social media question, simply answer accurately and don't withhold any information. 

If you do not have any social media accounts, answer "None". If you do have a social media account provide all your handles. Do not withhold information as it could deny the visa processing.

If you’re wondering; “will my visa be rejected if I do not share my social media accounts?” The answer is no. 

All social media related questions must be answered by US visa applicants. However, applicants who have never used social media before will not be refused their visa on this basis. 

Applicants are expected to answer the questions as honest and accurately as possible.


  1. Do I need to apply for a ds 160 for h4? 

Yes, you do need a ds 160 for H4. Every applicant for an H4 visa including children must fill out the form ds 160.  You will submit this form online, but bring the confirmation page with you on the day of your Embassy appointment.

H4 visa is given to family members of H1 visa holders, so if you do want one you must apply for the ds 160.


  1. What is the ds 160 number example?

The ds 160 confirmation number or application ID is a digit you receive after you submit the online application form. It appears under the barcode in the form. 

A ds 160 number example is AA00 SSII WG.


  1. What is ten printed ds 160?

Ten printed ds 160 means the fingerprints of both your hands; all fingers including the thumbs to make it 10. 

If you have applied for this visa any time after 2207, then it is possible that your fingerprints would have already been taken by the consulate some time during the US visa application process.


  1. Do I need my national identification number ds 160?

Some countries issue national identification numbers to their citizens while some don't. 

If your country doesn't issue national identification numbers, simply choose the "does not apply" option.


  1. The forms asks for my passport book number ds 160, what should I do if I don't have one?

Not all passports have a book number, be sure to check if your country doesn't issue passport book numbers.

Select the "does not apply" option if you do not have a passport book number. Note that the passport number is different from the passport book number.


  1. What do I enter as my US social security number and/or taxpayer ID number on the online ds 160 application form?

Applicants who have worked in the US before will have social security numbers and tax payer ID numbers and will be expected to fill in these questions. 

If you do not have a social security number or a taxpayer ID, select the "does not apply" option.


  1. The form asks to fill my visa number ds160, how do I find it?

Your visa number, also called visa foil number, is the 8 digit number printed in red located in the bottom right hand corner of your visa stamp. 

Customs and Border protection officers will check your visa number to authorise your entry into the United states. 


  1. How can I submit my DS-160 consular electronic application?

The DS-160 form must be completed and submitted online before you can book your visa interview at the US consulate.


  1. What is the ds 160 tourist visa?

The ds 160 tourist visa is a type of temporary non immigrant visa category for persons who want to visit the United State for a period of 6 months for  business (B-1) or for tourism(B-2) or for a combination of both purposes. 

You must submit your DS-160 application before you can be considered for a tourist visa in the US.


  1. Can I book a US visa appointment without submitting a ds 160 form?

No, the DS-160 serves as the official online application for any non-immigrant visa you are applying for. 

You must submit your DS-160 application online prior to making an appointment for an interview at the US embassy.


  1. What should be in the primary occupation ds 160?

Your primary occupation ds 160 should be a current job you have experience in and you wish to base your visa application on(especially for a work visa).

Be sure to write what truthfully answers this question. Do not lie or fabricate an occupation you think will look good on your application.


  1. How do I fill the ds 160 india application?

Each applicant applying for a US non immigrant visa must complete the ds 160 online india form and submit online prior to the interview at the US consulate. 

For more information,visit the official US visa application website for india.


  1. Do Canadian citizens need a ds 160 canada application?

All Canadian citizens applying for a non immigrant visa will be required to submit a DS-160 application. 

Canadian citizens applying for the TN visa do not need to file a DS-160. As long as your dependents, spouse and children are Canadian citizens they are able to obtain the TN status directly at the border.


  1. How can immihelp ds 160 assist Indians?

The immihelp ds 160 is a Visa consultant website that can help Indians with their ds 160 india application. You can visit their website here.


  1. What happens if I select a US consulate for my ds 160 nonimmigrant visa,  but end up making an appointment in a different US consulate?

The US consular officer can unlock your DS-160 application using your application ID, you must however bring a copy of your confirmation page for the interview.


  1. If an applicant completes and submits a ds 160 full form and then obtains a new passport, is it necessary to submit a new DS-160 or can the embassy amend the passport information at the interview?

Technically, no. You do not have to submit a new DS-160. 

Your DS-160 application can be retrieved by the Consular officer but you cannot make changes to the passport number in the CEAC. 

The applicant should be sure to bring both the old and new passports to the interview. The Consular officer should be able to process your visa application using the new passport.


  1. Can I use the same form for ds160 visa renewal?

You will need to complete a new DS-160 application if the information on your original application has changed.


  1. Are there additional forms required for the ds 160 application?

No, there are no additional forms required for the DS-160 application. The DS-160 replaced the DS-156, DS-157, DS-158, and DS-3032. 

Note that: Applicants for K, N, S, T or U visas are still required to complete the DS-156 form.


  1. What happens if an applicant schedules a ds 160 appointment with my DS-160 barcode, then realises they made some errors in the data entered?

Firstly, if you've done this, do not try to complete another DS-160 and use the new bar code for the visa appointment.

It is not advised. Attending a visa interview with a different barcode may cause confusion and delay in your application process. 

Make sure you contact the US embassy you applied to for more information.


  1. Are there mistakes on a ds 160 form that can be corrected at the time of the appointment?

No, the DS-160 forms are locked upon submission and you cannot make changes to the original data submitted. 

However consular officers can enter remarks on your behalf or even unlock your application and make corrections for resubmission but this may cause you to reschedule your visa interview appointment date.


  1. Will filing a new ds 160 application to correct mistakes in an initially submitted form have an adverse effect on the visa application?

No it won't, your application will not be affected if you submit a second DS-160 and schedule your interview with the new barcode confirmation.


  1. What are 5 common errors I can make on my online ds 160 application?

When filling your immihelp DS-160 application, it is important that you avoid making errors that could cost you your visa. 

Here are 5 common errors you can make on your DS-160 application:

  1. Choosing the wrong visa type.

  2. Submitting an incomplete application.

  3. Withholding or misleading information on past US travels.

  4. Errors in biographical information. Your biographical information must match your passport details.

  5. Incomplete educational history.


  1. Can my ds 160 non immigrant visa be rejected?

Yes, a common error can lead to a rejection of your DS-160 application request. 

Language differences, cultural differences, unfamiliarity with the US laws and simple negligence can sometimes play a role in the denial of your DS-160. 

The DS-160 form does not provide the opportunity to give in depth details for your answers, it's up to you to utilise the space you're given and provide all necessary and straight to the point answers.

Always make sure your answers correlate and you tell the truth. Common errors such as the failure to indicate the countries visited can lead to a refusal, withholding or fabrication of data can also lead to a refusal. 


  1. What should I do if my visa interview is denied because of errors in my ds 160 form?

If your DS-160 is rejected, take your time, figure out where you made a mistake and find out the reason for the visa denial. 

You can seek professional help to pinpoint the problem and prepare you for re-application.


  1. Is there a dress code for the ds 160 appointment?

The way you dress matters for your visa interview. 

Making a good first impression can set the tone of your interview, a decent outfit shows the interviewer how serious and prepared you are for your interview. 

Pick a professional attire to wear, certain outfits such as shirts, pant suits, ties and jackets are appropriate. 

Most importantly wear something you are confident and comfortable in.


  1. How can I renew my ds 160  non immigrant visa?

To renew your ds 160 non immigrant visa:

  • Check if your visa is eligible for renewal

  • File and submit a new DS-160 application form just like you did at the beginning of your visa journey. 

  • All applicants eligible for the interview waiver must submit a DS-160 that is no more than 6 months old and is accurately presented on the individual's online application profile.

  • Check if you qualify for the visa interview waiver program(IWP)- this waiver allows eligible applicants renew their visas without attending a visa interview

  • Pay the visa application fee.

  • Send supporting documents to the US embassy you are applying to.

  • Attend visa interview - if you do not qualify for the visa interview waiver, you will be required to attend another visa interview.

  • Wait for your visa decision. This is the final stage after you have submitted your DS-160, paid the application fee, sent in your documents and attended your interview( if applicable). 

You'll have to wait to get a decision whether you have been granted your visa renewal from the US embassy.


  1. Are there any visa categories for which I should not fill  in the ds 160 application?

You only need a DS-160 for non-immigrant visas. 

If you plan to resettle or relocate permanently in the United States you will need a DS-260 online immigrant application to apply for a US immigrant visa.


  1. Which US visas require a ds 160 form?

All non immigrant visa applicants must submit the online DS-160 application for temporary stay in the United States. 

Below is a table that shows the types of non-immigrant immigrant visa categories in the US.

Standard non-immigrant visas

B visas

B-1: Athlete, Amateur or professional (competing for prize money only)

B-1: Business visitor

B-2: Medical treatment, visitor

B-2: Tourism, vacation, pleasure visits


Standard non-immigrant visas

Transiting the United states


Crew Member 




An employee of a designated international organisation 

Media, Journalist


Professor, Scholar, teacher (exchange visitors)


Student (professional)


International cultural exchange visitor



Diplomat or foreign government official


Treaty trader/ Treaty investor



Specialty occupations and fashion models






Intracompany transferee 



Individuals with extraordinary ability or achievements 



Internationally recognized athletes, artistes or entertainers

Non principal applicant 

Spouse/ child of individuals selecting certain visa types


  1.  What is the difference between ds 160 nonimmigrant visa and DS-260 immigrant visa?

DS-160 is an online non immigrant application that is to be submitted by all visa applicants who want to visit the United states temporarily. 

The DS-260 on the other hand is an online form for Immigrant visa application and registration. 

The DS-260 form was created to replace the paper based form DS-230 for all immigrant visa applications.



Once you complete and submit your form DS-160, you will need to pay the visa fees and schedule your interview. 

Your interview date will depend on the US consulate or embassy that will process your visa. 

Take your time to carefully answer all questions on the DS-160 application correctly and completely to avoid re-submitting a new DS-160 or rescheduling your visa interview appointment date. 


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