50 H1B Visa Interview Questions And Answers (PDF For Download)

50 H1B Visa Interview Questions And Answers (PDF For Download)

Have you been scheduled for your h1b visa interview? Are you worried about the interview process is going to go?

This article on h1b interview questions and answers touches on all the likely questions the interviewer will ask you during your visa interview, it also includes a detailed explanation and sample answers for each of them.

It is perfectly normal to be nervous especially as a first time applicant. The screening process is the final step before your visa is issued and it involves a one on one interview with an immigration officer, so it is best you are well prepared before you go in. To set you on the path for success, we have compiled helpful tips as well as common interview questions and answers that you may be asked in your H1b interview.

Furthemore, we have also left you some good H1B visa interview tips you can utilise during your interaction with the consular at the embassy so that you answer questions confidently and make a good impression too.


The guide will address:

  • What is an H1B Visa?

  • H1b visa interview questions category 

  • 10 H1B interview tips

  • H1B interview questions and answers pdf


What Is An H1B Visa?

So you have dreams of moving to the US to earn a better living, you can achieve this by acquiring an H1B visa. The h1b visa is a non-immigrant work visa that permits qualified foreign workers to move to the US and work for American employers.

This skilled worker visa allows employers to hire professionals in specialty fields outside the United States for a specified period of time.

To be eligible for this visa, you will need three important things:

  • Proof of a four year bachelor degree educational qualification (or international equivalent).

  •  Masters or Doctoral degree

  • A job offer from a US employer in a specialty field.


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H1B Visa Interview Questions Category 

The questions you will be asked at the H1B visa interview, will fall most likely fall under these 5 categories, and as you prepare, these are the ones you should expect from the officer:

  1. Questions about the job/company background.

  2. Questions about your employer .

  3. Questions about your academic qualifications and work experience .

  4. Questions about your intentions.

  5. Questions of general nature.

Make sure you provide honest and accurate answers to every question you are asked, speak clearly and enunciate each word as you speak.


H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers PDF

In case you didn't have time to read the whole thing, we have given a downloadable pdf file for this article you can keep for reference purposes.

You can sit and carefully read through it, so that you get enough information for your own interview.

Download: 50 H1B Interview Questions And Answers 


50 H1b Interview Questions And Answers

It is very important that you research and practice potential h1b interview questions and answers. This is why we have compiled a list of commonly asked h1b visa interview questions and answers 2024. 

Also keep in mind that you could be any of these questions, so read and practice them thoroughly in order to have the best interview experience possible.


Can't read the whole thing at once? Don't fret, you can download 50 H1B Interview Questions And Answers PDF and read it when you have the time. 


1. Have you ever visited the United States of America before?

This is one of the questions you are most likely going to be asked in your h1b visa interview questions. You have to keep your answer simple. 

You must answer verifiably and if you have visited before, give a short recount of your visit, you can talk about why you visited, when you visited and your duration of stay in the U.S.

Sample Answer:

Yes, I have visited the United States of America before, that was in 2008 on a short vacation with my family. We stayed at a hotel in Miami for two weeks, then we returned back to our home country.


2. Why do you want to work in the US?

This is one of the very common h1 interview questions, you have to show that you are an asset to the company hiring you. 

Ensure you give an honest and confident answer, and also outline the reasons why you wish to work in the US. 

Your reply to this question is very important because the interviewer might use this question to decide if your intentions for moving to the US are genuine.

Sample answer:

I want to work in the United States to take my professional qualifications to the next level, the US offers a lot more financial and economical opportunities for my career as a doctor.

Also, the hospital where I would be working sent over a strongly worded letter stating how I would be a good fit for their latest research on cell regeneration.


3. Do you have a plan to support yourself before your first paycheck?

If you are asked this question, prove to the interviewer that you have sufficient means to take care of yourself while in the US and in case of emergency.

Sample answer;

Yes I do, I have worked as an engineer for 2 years and during this period I have saved up and also set aside an emergency fund for unforeseen contingencies.


4. Do you have prior job experience?

This is a very common h1b visa questions and answers. Here, the interviewer wants to confirm if you're a good fit for the job. 

Tell the interviewer about your previous work experience relevant to the position you were hired for and be ready to provide supporting documents.

Sample answer:

I was head software engineer at (company's name) for 5 years, I was in charge of overseeing the design and development of all software application systems from ideation to implementation using up to date testable and efficient user friendly code.


5. Do you have relatives or family in the US?

Expect that this question will show up in h1b visa interview questions 2024. It is mostly directed at minors who are travelling alone, give an appropriate yes or no answer to this question and if yes, describe your relationship with said person/people you gave residing in the US.

Sample answer:

Yes, I have an aunt who lives in San Francisco in the United States. She has lived there for over 10 years.


No, I do not have any relatives or friends residing in the US.


6. Are you married? If yes, then how long?

The interviewer simply wants to know your marital status. The best way to reply to this question is with a simple yes or no answer, you can now proceed to tell the interviewer when you got married and how long you have been married for.

Sample answer;

No, I am not married.


Yes I am married. I got married in 2016 to my spouse (Mr. Or Mrs. Name). We have been together for 6 years now and have two children together.


7. Are you planning to return to your home country? If so, why?

This is another h1b interview questions with answer that will prove that you have no intentions of staying back after your visa expires. 

It is important that you inform the interviewer of your plans after your h1b visa validity expires. This will help clear any doubt that you may want to illegally stay in the United States after the specified duration.

Sample answer;

My main career goal is to improve my business in my home country, I plan to use my time in the US to improve my skills and knowledge. My family members also reside in my home country as well.


I may apply for an extension, if the company I'm working at renews my contract, however, I am not certain yet.

8. Who is the CEO of the company?

Before going for your interview, ensure you research all the important information about your employer and company. Give accurate and direct answers.

Sample answer;

The CEO of the Tesco telecommunications industry is Mr Joseph Murray. He established the company in 2008 in a small town in Southern California.


9. Do you have plans to continue your education in the US?

You can practise with an h1b visa interview and answers pdf to make your h1b interview experience easier.

Sample answer;

Yes, I would like to further my education in the US, especially my masters. I had to put that dream on hold due to demands from my career.


No, for now I don't have any plans to return to school.


10. Are you able to provide copies of your degree certificate and diploma?

h1b visa stamping interview questions usually require you to provide copies of your supporting documents. 

You would have been informed about the documents required for the interview. 

You must be ready to present all important documents, failure to provide any of the documents shows that you do not take the interview seriously and this can lead to either rescheduling your interview or visa denial on the terms of incomplete documentation.

Sample answer;

Yes, I have all my documents right here with me.


11. Have you studied in the United States of America?

This is another common h1b visa interview questions and answer. If you have studied in the United States, give details of the course, degree and the University you studied in.

Sample answer;

Yes, I earned my undergraduate degree in computer science at the University of Kentucky in the United States.

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12. What citizenship do you hold?

You can learn from recent h1b interview experience of a family member or friend, This question is mainly important to applicants who have dual citizenship.

Sample answer;

Although I originally grew up in Nigeria, I also have Canadian citizenship. My mother is a Canadian, while my father is a Nigerian.


13. Which company will you work for in the US?

You can find this questions under common h1b faqs and answers,the interviewer will ask you this question only to confirm the company you will be working for.

You can give the name of the company and a brief description of your position in the company.

Sample answer;

I will be working as a research assistant at the National Bureau Of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


14. What are your educational qualifications?

h1b visa question and answers always enquire to know if you're qualified for the position you've been hired for. 

When you are asked this question, simply state and verify details about your degree, type of degree as well as additional courses or programs that are relevant to your degree or the job you're hired for.

Sample answer;

I have an Undergraduate degree in Social Science from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Masters degree in Marine Biology from New York University, USA.


15. Did you have any internships during your course of study?

For this h1b visa questions, give details and proof of prior internship programs relevant to your degree.

Sample answer;

I had a six month internship with a telecommunications company in my second year at the University of Lagos.


16. What skills do you possess that make you an asset to your sponsoring employer?

This is your opportunity to highlight skills, certifications and qualifications that make you. 

Don't go listing all the qualities and skills that got you the job, give a concise explanation why you're the best candidate for the job. 

You can practise h1b visa interview preparation questions and answers before your appointment date.

Sample answer;

I have a first class degree in computer science and 5 years experience working as a software engineer at one of the biggest tech companies in my home country with relevant accreditation and awards in the industry.

17. How did you first come in contact with your sponsoring employer?

The interviewer will most likely ask this question to get a better understanding of the process from your job search to the point of the interview. Give accurate details of how you found out about the job.

Sample answer;

I saw the job ad on an online job platform, LinkedIn of job recruitments for h1b sponsorship and narrowed down my search to the jobs which were the best fit for my career and applied.


18. Have you travelled outside your home country before?

When you are asked this question, provide the interviewer with general details of your previous travels, you can state the country you visited and your reasons for visiting.

Sample answer:

No I haven't travelled outside my home country before, this will be my first time outside Nigeria so far I'm granted this opportunity.


19. How does your previous work experience relate to what you will do in the US?

When the interviewer asks this question, it's because they want to know how qualified you are for the role you'll be taking on in the United States. And if your previous work background tallies with what was written on your CV.

Sample answer;

At my previous job role at a company named Owlya, I worked as a Lead Content Strategist for 3 years. In that time, I handled communications, Marketing, social media content creation, Copywriting, and Public Relations in the company.

I have no doubt that the skill I acquired there and the experience I gained can be transferred to my Job as a Business Development Specialist at Google.


20. What position will you work at the company?

Talk about the position and give a short detail about your job description.

Sample answer;

I will be working as a Front End Developer with a team of designers and Software Developer to develop user friendly websites and applications, investigate and improve existing software models.


21. What will be your salary?

Questions about your job and salary is a question to expect in h1b interview questions 2024. 

Be ready to provide information about your salary and other packages that come with your employment offer letter.

Sample answer;

My gross salary for this role will be 30,000 USD per annum with other health benefits. It comes with a paid time off, accomodation, clothing allowance, and sponsored vacations too.


22. What subject did you major in at University?

This question is part of recent h1b visa interview questions. The interview wants a background of either your masters or bachelor's degree.

Sample answer;

I took a major in Business Administration for my undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh, UK.


23. Do you plan to relocate with dependents?

This is an h1b spouse interview questions and answers. Do not lie about your dependents, let the interviewer know the accurate number of dependents that will live in the United States with you.

Sample answer;

Yes I plan to move to the US with my wife and two children. They will be registered as my dependents during the course of my stay here.


24. Can I see your degree certificate?

You should expect to be asked about your academic certificates in the h1 visa stamping questions. 

Arrange certificates in an orderly manner inside a single file bag. Your degree certificate should be in a place you can easily access and present to the interviewer.

Sample answer;

Yes, I have a copy of my degree Certificate, here it is.


25. Did you undertake any research projects while studying?

Enquiries about your educational background are going to come up in your h1b visa interview questions because they want to know details about your bachelor's or master's degree.

Sample answer;

Yes, I conducted 2 supervised professional research projects while getting my masters degree at the University of Kentucky, USA.


26. What is the subject of this research project/thesis?

This h1b visa interview questions for masters students are asked if you have a masters degree in a course relevant to your job. 

Sample answer;

I worked on a case study of the socio-political effect of Fascism and Nazism in the Western society in the 1st year of my Master program and the Contemporary Political Crisis In Myanmar in my second year at the University of Alberta, Canada.


27. Which year did you graduate in?

This is one of the straightforward h1b questions and answers. You are expected to state the year you completed your bachelor's or master's degree. 

Sample answer;

I graduated in 2020 from the University Of Manchester, UK with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.


28. Are you currently working?

This is another question where you will be required to give a yes or no answer.

Sample answer;

Yes I am currently working as a freelance Data Analyst for a number of businesses.


29. Which company do you work for presently?

This question applies to applicants who are currently working and wish to change careers or work in the US. Be honest about your answer even if you don't have a job at the moment.

Sample answer;

The company I presently work for is called ScholarshipTab, it is a website where students from any country can find scholarship opportunities as well as informative study tips. I currently work for them as a content writer.


30. How long have you been working for this company?

This will most likely be a follow up question if you have a current job position, state the number of years you have worked for the company.

Sample answer;

I have worked for ScholarshipTab for the past 2 years.


31. What are your current duties and responsibilities?

Give a brief description of your responsibilities in your current job, you can also highlight some of your personal achievements 

Sample answer;

I'm currently responsible for writing and publishing ScholarshipTabs academic related content, updating and proofreading existing blogs and social media posts. I also publish content across its various subsidiary websites.

32. What type of business is your sponsored employer involved in?

This question shouldn't come as a surprise to you, it is one of the frequently asked h1b visa interview questions. 

The interviewer will ask this to understand the type of company or business your sponsoring employer runs.

Sample answer;

My sponsored employer owns Cubix, a Game Development company located in West Coast, Virginia.


33. How many employees work for your sponsoring employer?

 This is a sample h1b interview questions about your sponsoring employers. Give an estimate of the number of staff members in your company.

You can confirm from your employer before your interview. Let the interviewer know if you're unsure of the answer.

Sample answer;

The company has a staff of 28 professional workers and 10 service workers.


34. Where is your sponsoring company located?

This is another major question asked in h1b visa interview, you are expected to give the exact location of the company's branch you will be working at.

Sample answer;

The Tesco limited's headquarters is located in Alexandria,Washington D.C.


35. What was your interview process like?

When you are asked this h1b stamping interview questions, do not panic. 

Remember that you are having your h1b interview because a company in the US has deemed you qualified for the job. 

Answer camly and walk the interviewer through your interview selection process.

Sample answer;

The selection process was quite challenging, I had three separate rounds of interviews and I was later shortlisted and given my offer of employment, after I successfully completed a mentally tasking reasoning test.


36. Have you ever lived in any country outside your home country?

You are most likely to be faced with questions about places you have lived outside your home country in the h1b stamping questions and answer, there's no point lying or withholding this information from your interviewer.

Just give the appropriate answer when you're asked.

Sample answer;

I lived in Ghana when I was younger and I have also travelled to other parts of Africa like Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, and Tanzania.

37. Are you sure the company/sponsored employer is legitimate?

This h1 interview questions and answer is to check if your sponsored company is a legitimate and registered US company.

Sample answer;

Yes, I am sure they are legitimate. I carried out a thorough background research on the company. I have also been introduced to other staff members and communicated with the Human Resource department.


38. Can you share your company's tax documents?

This is a frequently asked questions in h1b visa interview, you may be asked this to confirm if your sponsoring company adheres to US tax laws and are not defaulting in any way.

Sample answer;

Yes, I can. I have a copy of the company's tax documents right here with me.


39. How long will you work for this company?

You should expect this question as one of h1b interview questions and answers.

The interviewer who asks you this question is trying to know how long your employment offer will last for.

Sample answer;

I have a 5-year employment contract at Tesco Limited which binds me to continuously contribute my skills, take on challenging tasks, and make a positive impact on the company.

In my time there, I intend to gain valuable experience and develop myself in a way that'll aid my professional growth.


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40. Where will you stay in the US, while working for your sponsoring company?

When you are asked this H1B interview question, the officer wants to know if you would be given accomodation by your employer. Also, if you have made prior plans on where you would stay for the duration of your contract. 

Sample Answer;

When I do get the to the US, I will staying in a furnished studio apartment in New York, which was rented for me by Hubspot. That is where I'll go the office from, till my contract is up.


41. Are you planning on changing jobs when you get to the US?

This question is as straightforward as a visa officer can get. When they ask this, it is because they want to know if you would quit your job with your sponsoring company and start working for another organization.

Remember, this visa was issued because your sponsoring employer wanted to bring you over to the US, and as such you can't abruptly stop working for them.

However, if for some other unforseen reasons you must, then ensure that you approach the proper authorities to make the required visa adjustements.

Sample Answer;

No, I do not intend to change jobs when I am in the US. I will stay on as an employer of Hubspot, until my 5-year contract with them expires. 


42. When was your sponsoring company founded?

Give the name of the company and the year it was founded or established.

Sample answer;

Tesco Limited was established in 2008 by Mr Joseph Murray.


43. Do you have photographs of your sponsoring company?

You can see questions like this as part of h1b visa interview questions. 

Internal and external photographs of your sponsoring company will provide additional information and allow your interviewer view the standards of the company.

Sample answer;

Yes, I have a few photographs with me. You can see them.


44. What are your plans if your h1b visa isn't approved?

Expect that the questions of your plans if your visa is denied will show up in h1b visa interview questions. When you are asked, give the interviewer a sincere answer. 

There's really know right answer to this question but let the interviewer see that your reasons for working in the US are genuine.

Sample answer;

I really wish to work in the United States, but I will respect the decision of the embassy and reapply another time. This time I will utilise the lessons I've learnt and do better than I did today.


45. Why have you decided to join your sponsoring company?

This h1b visa interview questions 2024 are most likely going to come up in your interview.

Prepare yourself well beforehand and give the interviewer a simple and authentic answer.

Sample answer;

Tesco Limited is one of America's leading tech startup companies. Working for an organisation like that won't just boost my career, but it'll also give me the credibility I need to present my CV anywhere else in the world.


46. Have you applied for visa to any other country?

When you are asked this common h1b stamping interview questions and answers give the official an accurate and brief answer.

Sample answer;

No. I did not apply for a visa to any other country. Just to the USA.


47. Have you had an h1b visa before?

This is another common h1b interview questions. Give a straight forward yes or no answer. If the interviewer needs any additional information, they will ask you. 

Sample answer;

No, I have never been given an H1B visa before.


48. What is your estimated cost of living in the US?

These h1 visa questions and answers will be asked to ensure that you can sustain yourself financially in the US.

Before going for the interview, make an extensive research of the living expenses in the area or state you will live in. 

It is important to note general costs like rent, gas, electricity bills, food, cell phone bills and other  miscellaneous costs. 

Give the interviewer a round up estimate of the cost of living and ensure it's between your salary range.

Sample answer;

The estimated cost of living in the USA is about 2000 USD monthly.

49. Will your salary cover your living expenses?

Your interviewer will ask numerous questions about your job.  Your salary information is an important h1b visa questions for indian employees. 

This is because the cost of living in the US is quite higher than that of India, so the interviewer wants to confirm if you would be able to sort your living expenses and how you will manage these costs.

Sample answer;

Yes,I will be earning 90,000 USD yearly at Tesco Limited and I'm sure it will be more than enough to cover all my living costs during my stay in the US. I also have a sizeable savings in my Bank account that I can use for any emergencies and extra costs.


50. Why have you decided to change jobs?

Don't make the mistake of focusing on the fact that your job will help you relocate to the US, the interviewer already knows that. 

Talk about how the job will help you reach new heights in your career and how it'll aid your professional and personal growth.

Sample answer;

This job is the perfect opportunity for me to move from marketing, and switch to a full on tech career.

By working with Google, I won't just get the necessary experience to become a thought leader in my field, but I will also be at the forefront of innovation. And that is the highlight of my career.

Furthermore, the company will help me gain international exposure and aid my career growth.


10 H1b Interview Tips

Getting to the interview stage is the last step standing between your dreams of working in the United States.

The last thing you would want to do is make mistakes that could jeopardise your chances of getting your visa approved. 

Below are helpful tips for h1b visa interview:


1. Dress Properly 

Your physical appearance is as important as the main interview, you don't want to give a bad impression of yourself the first time you meet your interviewer. 

Make sure you are dressed neatly and professionally. Avoid wearing jeans, sneakers, open toed shoes, revealing clothes as these are considered casual wears.


2. Speak Good English 

You are expected to communicate fluently in English, but you can ask for an interpreter if you are not confident of your English speaking skills. 

However, the interviewer might be concerned if you're going to work in the US and cannot communicate effectively in English.


3. Smile 

Be polite, smile and greet the interviewer when you see him or her for the first time. Under no circumstance should you argue with the official.


4. Organise Your Documents 

Have your complete documents, organise your documents in an orderly manner.

This makes it easy to find any document the official asks for during the interview.

In a situation where you fail to provide your complete documents, your interview might be rescheduled to another time when you can present your full documents again.


5. Give Concise Answers 

Try to make your answers concise and to the point. 

Your interview will only last for a few minutes, avoid giving long unnecessary explanations and ensure you get your points across to the interviewer.


6. Get All The Information About Your Job 

Have enough information regarding your job.

Be mindful of what you say and do not provide additional or irrelevant information if you're not asked by the interviewer.


7. Be Convincing

Convince the interviewer of your plans to return to your home country after your visa expires. 


8. Be Honest 

Tell the truth always, the interviewers are highly trained individuals who can easily detect a farce in your answers or documents. Plus your interviewer already has the answers to most of the questions. 

Do not hesitate to let the interviewer know if you're asked a question you don't understand or don't have the answer to.


9. Prepare 

Make sure you are adequately prepared for the interview, keep a positive mindset and do not let your nerves and anxiety get the best of you.

Also, try to relax and remain calm so you can pay attention and  understand the interviewer's questions and give correct answers.


10. Double Check Yourself 

Check the consulate website to confirm you have completed all the prerequisites for the interview.

Make sure you arrive early, at least 1 hour or 30 minutes before your appointment time.



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