20 Project Management Software

20 Project Management Software

Do you find that your Project Management is still time-consuming and unproductive for you? If you answered yes to this question, then it may be time for you to ditch the spreadsheets, posits, and note pads, and instead, opt for a project management software.

A project management software is a time-saver and virtual organizer for when you're drowning in projects and can't for the life of you keep up with any of them. By simply incorporating project management tools into your work plan, you'll be able to see your projects at a glance and stay on top of tasks that matter the most to you.

"But, which project planning tools are right for me?" In this article on Project Management Software, we explore the different tools that help you execute single and multiple projects seamlessly from your phone, tablet or laptop.

We'll be looking at the types of task management software, what their best features are, and why you should use them. 


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What Is Project Management Software?

Project Management Software is used by various industries to plan projects, resource allocation, and scheduling. Project managers and teams use project management software to control their budget, manage quality, and exchange documents on a project.

This software also acts as a platform for facilitating collaboration amongst project stakeholders.


Benefits Of Using Project Management Software

There are a lot of benefits to be gotten from using project management software, we listed some of them below:

  • Improves communication, and productivity and promotes teamwork across organizations.

  • Gives leadership a macro-level view of project progress.

  • Helps teams gain perspective on tasks and understand priorities.

  • Helps in budget control and managing costs.

  • Facilitates resource allocation and prevents team burnout.

  • Allows for smooth remote collaboration for teams that are distributed or following a hybrid work model.


How To Choose A Project Management Software

When choosing a project management software you should look for certain features that'll make it a well-rounded all-in-one tool. 

  • Smooth team collaboration and shared task lists.

  • Real-time communication.

  • Budget monitoring and control.

  • Time tracking for improved productivity.

  • Centralized file storing for everyone to view and access their needs.

  • Task delegation.

  • Tags, files, project due dates, descriptions.

  • Cloud-based organization for enhanced remote work.


20 Best Project Management Software 

There are hundreds of project management software on the Internet, but only a few of them possess the features you need to create an improved work performance for you and your team. 

We've done well to list out the 20 best project management software that should be incorporated into your team's work tools.


1. Microsoft Project Management Software

The microsoft project management software lets you stay organized, focused, and in charge of your daily tasks. You can use it to handle small projects or larger initiatives that require more control.

Whether you are a professional project manager or not, microsoft project transforms you into the boss of any type of project, courtesy of this app that is easy to use.


  • Combine Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams - you can use both ms project and Teams to collaborate, manage projects, share files, chat, host meetings, etc.

  • Use dynamic scheduling on ms project software to plan projects based on effort, project duration, and allocated team members. 

  • Interactive dashboards you can use to view overall status and dive into projects and programs, using Power BI* visualization.

Pricing: The microsoft project plan starts at $10.00 / month per user.

Website: microsoft.

Download ms project software.


2. Project Management Software Monday

Start with the project management software monday by creating a personal workflow. Use the workflow to visualize and highlight time management, text, or locations element.

You can also share this task management software with your team and save a significant amount of time on task management by just recording important documents and conversations.


  • Boards - boards one of the project management tools monday offers users, and they are customizable too. You can add new columns to get information on hours spent, status, and location.

  • Workload view - see pending tasks by individual timeline. Plan out work by due date, and charts. Review team efforts and outcomes.

Pricing: Basic €17 (2 users/month). Pro €39 (2 users/month).


Download project management software monday.


3. Jira Software

The jira software (Jira) is a bug-tracking and agile management tool that was initially created as the software used only by engineering and remote development teams.

Presently, the jira tool is used globally by various teams as project software, although it is still one of the best task management tools for software development companies, as it is rooted in issue/bug tracking, agile, and test case management spaces.


  • Customizable scrum boards.

  • Roadmaps for sketching out plans and individual team actions.

  • Flexible Kanban boards for visually managing issues.

Pricing: Starting at $10 per user per month.

Website: Jira.

Download jira software.


4. Clickup - Gantt Chart Software

ClickUp is a gantt chart software you can use for process and task management. With it you can build customized workflows, assign tasks, and include different types of dependencies for tasks. 

For people who work with Agile, this tool is a perfect fit. And if you want a project tool closer to your budget, Clickup is a free project management software for managing your sprints and resources, checking your team's workload, and collaborating with other teams.


  • Good for people who work with Agile.

  • Inbuilt wiki and centralised document hub.

  • Automated sprints.

  • 2-way Google Calendar sync.

  • Customizable views.

  • Time-tracking integrations with Toggl.

Pricing: Free plan and an Unlimited plan (€4.55 user/ month) or Business plan (€8.18 user / month).

Website: Clickup.

Download Clickup.


5. OpenProject

OpenProject is an open source project management hub where you can perform classic, agile or hybrid project management. 

This platform is one of the project planning tools you can adopt to make your team's lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. 

OpenProject is the quickest and safest way for teams to connect, structure their work and achieve results. Everyone knows their goals and works together to get them achieved. You can create your own tasks or assign them to teammates too. OpenProject keeps all your information in one space.


  • Project portfolio.

  • Project planning.

  • Task management.

  • Agile, Kanban, and Scrum.

  • Time tracking.

  • Team collaboration.

  • Product roadmap.

  • Workflows.

Learn more about OpenProject features.

Pricing: Basic €5.95, Premium €15.95, Professional €10.95.

Website: OpenProject.

Download OpenProject.


6. Projectlibre

Founded by Marc O' Brien and Laurent Chrettieneau, Projectlibre has become a global provider of project management software with a Cloud version and a desktop open source replacement of Microsoft Project. 

This software is a completely open-source product management app. Projectlibre is one of the free project management tools you can get for yourself or your team.


  • Open-source.

  • Available for download, with a cloud version to be released soon.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Project files for easy migration.

  • Extensive community of users.

Pricing: Free.

Website: Projectlibre.

Download Projectlibre.

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7. Primavera Software

The primavera software, Oracle Primavera P6 is a project, program, and portfolio management tool used for planning, managing, and executing project work.

It is built to manage large and small projects across various industries, like construction, manufacturing, energy, and IT. Primavera P6 is also construction software and can be used by engineers.


  • Timelines- traditional gantt chart for scheduling tasks on a bar graph.

  • Risk management - Identify, track and resolve risks before they become serious issues.

  • Information dashboard - A dashboard to track key project metrics.

  • Reporting & analytics -  Generate status reports for stakeholders.

  • Resource analysis & allocation - Track and reallocate resources appropriately.

  • Calendar & Activity views - View project tasks set over a calendar view.

  • Portfolio & program management - Able to manage multiple projects in a program or portfolio seamlessly.

  • Contract management - Manage multiple projects, obtain information from database quickly.

  • Scheduling alerts -  Keep projects on track by knowing what to do when it's due.

Pricing: $2,750 per annum.

Website: Oracle Primavera P6.

Download primavera software.


8. Freedcamp

Freedcamp prides itself as being the first truly intelligent Project Management software. You can find this out for yourself by using freedcamp to streamline projects, processes, workflows, and track time, and issues within tasks.

Built to power high-performance teams, this project management system offers unlimited storage for any number of projects to your entire team for free. 

Furthermore, its core features are free, so that anyone can enjoy a productive life no matter the kind of work they do.


  • Task List - take charge of task lists and be present for what's happening.

  • Kanban board - manage tasks by dragging them into completion colums.

  • Tasky - keep personal tasks private with Tasky.

  • Milestones - group lists of tasks and set goals according to date, offer your team something to anticipate.

  • Wiki- Give your organization a place to store multiple versions of each document.

  • Issue Tracker - Issue Tracker facilitates functionality for tracking issues.

Pricing: PRO $1.49. Business $7.49. Enterprise $16.99.

Website: Freedcamp.

Download freedcamp on Playstore.

Download freedcamp on App Store.


9. Asana Software

The asana software is a prominent project management system that aids teams in collaborating and managing their tasks and projects more efficiently. 

This asana project management is renowned as a trustworthy and simple tool for project management, and it is used by many businesses and organizations around the globe.


  • Calendar view - see all your important deadlines at a glance in one dedicated calendar.

  • Agile framework - Time boxed, iterative approach for product development workflows.

  • Change requests and case management - Efficient tracking of clients requests with priority and timeline. Unlimited workspaces and collaborators.

Pricing: $10.99 month. Free plans for individuals and small teams.

Website: Asana.

Download asana software.


10. Flowlu

Try flowlu for a smooth flow of your business processes. Flowlu is a one-stop project planning software you can use to handle your projects, CRM, invoicing, team collaboration, and knowledge. 

Get the chance to revolutionize the way you organize your whole workflow, and grow your business exceptionally.


  • Streamline project management - track all online details and deliver real value to customers.

  • Real-time overview of project progress, key milestones, deadlines, budget status, estimated and time spent on tasks.

  • Kanban Board for maximizing efficiency - visualize projects, prioritize tasks and replan when needed.

  • Cashflow planning - monitor project revenue, calculate costs, and compare against results.

  • Create and send instant invoices from a project directly to a client.

Pricing: Team $29/month. Business $59/month. Professional $119.

Website: Flowlu.

Download flowlu.


11. Toggl Plan

Toogl plan is a simple project management and collaboration software. The toggl plan drag-and-drop interface permits flexibility when creating projects and customizing them to each team. It allows users to view task statuses, set deadlines, add subtasks, and define task estimates.


  • Tag feature - easy searching, filtering, and classifying projects and segments.

  • Gantt chart views with a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Zoom levels to monitor tasks on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

  • In-task comments and shared timelines to promote transparency and communication.

Pricing: Free for solo users. Premium $8 per user / per month.

Website: Toggl.

Download toogl plan on Play Store.

Download toogl plan on App Store.


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12. Kanban Tool

The kanban tool is a project management app and task manager that applies the Kanban methodology. Kanban relies on graphic, clear visualization of the workflow and limitation of the number of tasks in progress at the same time.

It is an original application you can use to set up a Kanban board and track projects gradually on.


  • Real-time collaboration with a Kanban board.

  • Visual management for visualizing work, limiting tasks in progress, and ensuring a smooth flow of work.

  • Insightful Kanban analytics and metrics for identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and problems.

  • AI assistant for building Kanban boards and providing smart suggestions for checklist items and tasks.

Pricing: Enterprise $9. Team $5. Free.

Website: Kanban Tool.

Download kanban tool on Play Store.

Download kanban tool on App Store.


13. Jira Ticketing System

You can use jira ticketing system for every type of team whether IT, HR, or legal. They can adopt this project management system to tailor their service desks to meet specific needs.


  • No setup time or installation needed - create purpose-built templates and time-saving tools like ticket views, approval workflows, and automation in minutes.
  • Move conversations to one queue in Jira Service Management to miss nothing. Enjoy fewer back-and-forths and more resolved tickets.
  • Integrates across other Atlassian platforms - make requests across the comprehensive digital pipeline, planning, collaboration, task, and product development (Jira Software and Trello) to constant delivery (Bitbucket), and knowledge management (Confluence).

Pricing: Free.

Website Jira Ticketing System.

Download jira ticketing system.


14. Google Project Management Tool

Projects is a project management solution for companies working under Google Apps for work. 

This google project management tool combines all the best project management tools for creating customized documents, certificates, and reports from Google Form responses. You can email documents to users too.


  • Create and configure email notifications.

  • Access Google Analytics data.

  • Calculate values on Google Sheets with Google Seek.

  • Data connector for Sales Force for importing reports or custom data queries from SalesForce into Google Sheets.

  • Zendesk Connector to import tickets with custom queries or metrics from Zendesk into Google Sheets.

Pricing: Varies by product.

Website: Google Project Management Tool.

Download google project management tool.


15. Wrike Project Management

Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration and project management software. It helps users monitor daily operations and ensures that projects are finished with within a specified time-frame and pre-determined costs. 

When you set up tasks in wrike project management, you can intergrate it with other tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, etc. Wrike is one of the best best project management tools for individuals and teams.


  • Intergrates well with Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox.

  • Can transform emails into tracks. 

  • Use email integration to create, assign, or edit documents from your email account.

  • Create custom team workflows.

  • Set timelines, create interactive charts like Gantt view, visualize tasks and next steps.

  • Real-time reporting building feature for analyzing performance.

Pricing: This is the wrike pricing- Free version. Professional version (5-15) $9.80 / user/ month. Business version (5-200 users) $24.80 / user/ month. Marketers (user / month) $34.60 user/month. Enterprise version (pricing on request).

Website: Wrike.

Download Wrike.


16. Smartsheet Project Management

The smartsheet project management has a table view that looks like an Excel spreadsheet. This cloud-based tool allows you to switch between a few data visualization views. 

It also works as a construction management software you can use for work automation flows that helps you reduce manual tasks and automate recurring actions. This will assist you in clearing up more daily responsibilities.


  • Spreadsheet view for creating and managing tasks, Gantt and other views to visualize project status.

  • Advanced workflow automation rules for reducing unnecessary repetitive tasks.

  • Multiple dashboards for granular insight into project and team performance.

Pricing: smartsheet pricing starts from $25/user/month for a Business plan. Customer enterprise plans are available too.

Website: Smartsheet.

Download smartsheet project management.


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17. Easy Redmine

For a good project management app that is also an open source project management software, try easy redmine. It is mostly used by software developers to track issues, task management, and general project managment.

Redmine is written by Ruby and anyone can access this source code to add, modify or use features of the tool based on their custom needs. This tool is good because it allows security, inbuilt community of fellow users, and continous improvements.


  • Free and open source.

  • Supports multiple projects with role-based access.

  • Add custom fields that suit your team's needs.

  • Wikis and forums for every project.

  • Compatible with many databases and platforms.

Pricing: Redmine is free on open source market, but some plugins come at a cost.

Website: Redmine.

Download easy redmine.


18. Asta Powerproject

Try asta powerproject if you want a total solution that can cater to your project scheduling needs. This project management system is used by over 80,000 scheudlers in the world.

Asta Powerproject is easy to use, cost effective, and filled with powerful features that helps you achieve on-time, on-cost delivery across numerous projects.

It is the preferred software for small and large companies, general contractors, subcontractors, civil engineering firms, clients and professional advisors. 


  • More flexible than Primavera P6 and affordable.

  • BIM features that enable 4D planning and driver greater collaboration.

  • Powerproject enterprise is a multi-user application for managing your portfolio in real-time.

  • Business Intelligence from a powerful analytics reporting tool that helps you make better, more informed decisions. Export data from Astra Powerproject.

Project comparison for comparing project plans in forensic detail in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually.

Pricing: On request.

Website: Asta Powerproject

.Download asta powerproject.


19. Atlassian Trello

Trello is different from other project management tools as it an online kaban tool. This means atlassian trello can visualize an entire project in one single view. 

You can make cards and move them around on the 'board' too in Trello. These cards display conversations, to-do lists, which can be placed on a board and accessed by the other designated tool users.


  • A simple project management tool.

  • Kanban-board based.

  • Cards can be organized in different phases.

  • Color-code and attach files or images to cards.

  • Team members can be invited to collaborated on a board.

Pricing:  Free package. Business class package $9.99/month. Enterprise package $20.83/month.

Website: Trello.

Download atlassian trello.


20. TeamGantt

If you're a beginner looking for a project planning software to start with, you should give teamgantt a chance. It is an easy product to use for people who've never experienced project management before. 

TeamGantt is Gantt-heavy, which offers teams an easy and straightforward way to manage projects. With this tool's Gantt charts, you can plan, schedule and manage Gantt charts. The software is free too.


  • Drag and drop tools for arranging tasks and changing end dates.

  • Combined view of every project in a single Gantt chart.

  • Tab to manage workloads and budgets.

  • Collaborate with internal and external teams.

Price: Free basic plan. Paid plans $19.90 user/month.

Website: TeamGantt.

Download teamgantt.


Do you know any other project management software that didn't make it to our list? Were your favourites mentioned? You can try each software until you find the one that suits your needs.


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