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      • Bankly 2021 Scholarship for International Students

      • Bankly is a Danish firm located in Copenhagen, and we help our customers save money by collecting loan offers from several banks so that they can easily choose the cheapest one. Bankly is represented in almost all Nordic countries, and therefore, we did not want to limit our scholarships to onl
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We created the Bankly Scholarship because we wanted to support diligent students who want to improve themselves in their field of study. We award the scholarship to a student who wants to go on exchange, improve in their field of study, or is lacking some funds for an interesting project.

The Bankly Scholarship is quite broad and can be applied to by all students – no matter their field of study. We made the scholarship very broad since we simply don’t want to exclude any possible great recipient of the scholarship solely based on their field of study.

Do you have a special academic interest, or are you passionate about something on a practical or theoretical level? Would you like financial support for your research project, dissertation, project, or anything else? Then you should apply for the Bankly Scholarship!

We award the scholarship annually to the research person/people, students, or people who need support – for example for a theoretical project in connection with their education, to an exchange student in Denmark or abroad, to a practical project possibly in connection with work or an internship. This could be within everything – there are practically no limits. We accept all applicants.

The Bankly Scholarship is thus awarded to researchers, students, or former students at Nordic as well as foreign educational institutions. We potentially place significant emphasis on possible research purposes, but all current and former students who are going on a stay abroad, working on, or planning a project/dissertation should apply for the scholarship.

In addition, due to the scholarship’s affiliation, applicants within special categories such as the blind / partially sighted and applicants with chronic diseases will potentially be weighted higher in our priorities. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

The Bankly Scholarship’s applicants should consist of people who want financial support for:

  • Research projects
  • Exchange stay or internship
  • Projects or dissertations
  • Living with chronic illnesses
  • Dissemination of research or project results

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