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Ecosystem Support Program (ESP) Scholarships

      • Ecosystem Support Program (ESP) 2022 Merge Data Challenge

      • The Merge is coming, providing a more secure and sustainable home for Ethereum—as well as more data, lots and lots of data. And the Ethereum community needs your help to make sense of it all. What new visualizations help provide insight into proof-of-stake Ethereum? How do the consensu
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Ecosystem Support Program (ESP) provideS grants and other support for open source projects that strengthen Ethereum's foundations, with a particular focus on builder tools, infrastructure, research and public goods. ESP focuses on strengthening Ethereum's foundations and enabling future builders: improving infrastructure, expanding the range of tools available to those building on Ethereum, deepening our understanding of cryptographic primitives, and growing the builder ecosystem through education and community development. The work we support is open source, non-commercial and ... read more

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