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      • Startup Wise Guys Sustainability Accelerator Program 2024

      • Are you someone who’s got a passion for tackling climate change and building a greener future? They totally get your drive to make a real impact. Welcome to the Climate Change Warriors Program – custom-made for creative minds determined to reshape the planet’s future. Dive headf
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Startup Wise Guys has been at the birth of the European startup accelerator scene, we’ve been investing in startups and accelerating them for more than a decade now. In other words – well, we know our s**t, and we aren’t afraid to do the hard work, which is finding high potential startup founders probably even before they themselves know what they are capable of!

The startups that keep listening to their customers are the ones that succeed. We aim to practice the same – constantly evolving, innovating our programs to fit the fast-paced founder journey and embracing the feedback. Over time we have changed our focus from B2C to B2B, and now to various specialized verticals (more to come). However, we keep the human touch in high value too – be it from on-site sessions during accelerator program to our local gatherings with startups, mentors and investors across various continents. Guess our founders calling us “the accelerator with a heart” has a reason.

Building a company from the ground up is no walk in the park – we know that firsthand. That is why we put the founders first and are rooting for them to make their dreams and companies big. Sounds fun, sounds passionate, sounds crazy, we are in!

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