17 Free Universities For International Students 2024

17 Free Universities For International Students 2024

Did you know that you could study for free in some universities in the world? No? Well, this article on 17 Free Universities for International Students, discusses certain institutions where you can study abroad for free as an international student.

Attending a free university abroad is a study opportunity made available by some countries with free university for foreigners, who do not want the cost of tuition to be a burden to their international students. You could easily go to school in any of such places, without paying tuition or any other related fee for the duration of your studies.

These free schools are often funded through donations from benevolent private and public organisations, committed to ensuring that a quality higher education is accessible to students of every nationality and class.

We have outlined 17 free universities for international students for you below, complete with which countries they are located in, and how to apply for each one.


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17 Free Universities for International Students

  1. University of The People

  2. The University Of Bergen

  3. Freie Universität Berlin

  4. University of Oslo

  5. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

  6. Technical University of Munich

  7. Heidelberg University

  8. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  9. Aalto University

  10. Berea College

  11. Curtis Institute of Music

  12. United States Military Academy West Point 

  13. Deep Springs College

  14. University of Tromsø 

  15. University of Stavanger 

  16. University of Agder 

  17. Østfold University College


1. University of The People

The University of The People is one of the first accredited tuition fee online universities in the world, and by far one of the easiest free universities for international students to apply to. Unlike the other universities on our list, UoPeople doesn't have a physical campus and takes all their lectures free of charge via an online learning platform where students all over the world can attend.

UoPeople offers students a professional degree free of charge, and they don't need to pay for textbooks or other study materials, as they are accessible for free on the online learning platform.


Country: America


How to apply to UoPeople

  • You must be 16 years old or older.

  • Are able to demonstrate that you have completed a bachelor's degree.

  • English proficiency skills.

  • Two years work experience (minimum).

  • One academic or professional reference.

  • Complete an application form and pay the $60 non-refundable Application Fee. 


Additional University of People Application Information .


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2. The University Of Bergen

17 Free Universities for International Students

The University of Bergen is a Norwegian public university, and like other public universities of its kind, it is one school where you can study abroad for free as an international student. 

Students of University of Bergen for free, can explore the university's premises, attend classes, and use every equipment made available to the school.


Country - Norway


How to apply to University of Bergen

  • Have at least a 4 year Bachelor's degree, from an accredited university.

  • Your degree courses must be equal to at least 80 ECTS (approximately 1.5 years of full-time studies) in a subject relevant to the programme you are applying for.

  • Check the page of the masters program you are applying for to ensure you meet their requirements.

  • A minimum grade average equivalent to a Norwegian C. A Norwegian C is considered a good grade, and is compared to an American B and a Second Class Upper in the British grading system. 

  • English language proficiency test score of minimum overall band score is 6,5 in IELTS test. Other accepted results and exemptions will be decided by the university.

  • You must have at least NOK 126 357 to cover your living expenses in Norway and show a document stating that you have sufficient funds for this.


Additional University of Bergen Application Information .


3. Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universitaet Berlin or Free University of Berlin like most schools in Germany, does not ask it's students to pay a tuition fee for a degree, and what's more is that free university of berlin international students don't have to pay a fee too to study at the school.

Free University Of Berlin tuition fees international students are supposed to pay, are waived. The university takes care of the tuition fees, while it's students pay for other minor costs.

Note however, that few graduate and undergraduate courses in Freie Universitaet Berlin are paid, but if you can apply for one that isn't paid, you can go to the school for free.


Country - Germany


How to apply to Freie Universitaet Berlin

  • Pay the 10 Euros application fee.

  • Submit any official translations for certificates in English or German.

  • Proof of German and English language proficiency.

  • Statement of purpose.

  • Students acquiring their second degree should write an explanation for the second study request.

  • Résumé where applicable.

  • Evidence of financial guarantee.


Additional Freie Universitaet Berlin Application Information.


4. University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is a public institution in Norway that is funded by the state/government and as such, it's students are not required to pay any fees for study materials or tuition, exempt for a small fee of 70 Euros they pay per semester.

In addition, what makes this school good for our list, is that it is also one of the universities with no application fee for international students.


Country - Norway


How to apply to University of Oslo 

  • To enroll into the University of Oslo's four-year bachelor course thought partly in English and the Norwegian language (three-year bachelor's program and one-year Norwegian language learning course).

  • You also have to prove your proficiency in speaking Norwegian language in your application letter before you can be accepted for admission into the university.


Additional University of Oslo Application Information.


5. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München  is considered as one of the best tuition free universities for international students, because it has paid and tuition free programs, which foreign students can opt for as well, without having to pay anything. It is left for you to check the program you want to study,  to see if it is a free course or not.


Country - Germany


How to apply to Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

  • A general requirement for applying to Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is sufficient knowledge of German, and providing proof through an approved language certificate that you are fluent in it.

Bachelors application:

  • You will be required to take a university entrance qualification which is a high school leaving certificate that qualifies you to study an undergraduate degree at a German institute.

Masters application:

  • You need a first academic degree that is a bachelor's degree or its equivalent which is in the same field as the second degree you are applying for.


Additional Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Application Information


6. Technical University of Munich

17 Free Universities for International Students

The Technical University of Munich has always maintained its status as one of the cheapest universities for international students in the world, and its educational system which enables students to pay a semester fee of €114 and no tuition fees or extra academic costs, proves this.


Country - Germany


How to apply to Technical University of Munich

Bachelors students should:

For Masters students:

  • You need a first academic degree like a bachelor's which is equivalent to a German bachelor's degree with a duration of 6 semesters (3 years) to qualify.

  • The specific requirements for every degree program is mentioned in the Academic and Examination Regulations.

  • You can look up your bachelor's degree to check if you qualify for a German master's degree using the anabin database.


Additional Technical University of Munich Admission Information.


7. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is one of the German universities with free application fee for international students. Acquiring an undergraduate, masters or PhD degree at this school is easy as students don't have to pay minimal fees or nothing for tuition and additional fees

Heidelberg University makes it easy for students to acquire an undergraduate, Masters or PhD degree,  as they pay  little to nothing in terms of tuition and additional fees.  But, they're few special masters programs you might have to pay for, so you should watch out.


Country - Germany


How to apply to Heidelberg University

Undergraduate applicants:

  • Apply online or through CommonApp.

  • Submit a copy of your passport.

  • Submit a copy of your secondary / high school records.

  • Attach proof of English language proficiency.

  • Provide scores for ACT/SAT (optional)

  • Submit your official university record if you are transferring to  Heidelberg from another university. 
  • US school graduates should have the official copy mailed to Heidelberg directly or delivered in a sealed envelope.
  • Other applicants who didn't graduate from a US school should submit their own records to a NACES-approved credential evaluation service like SpanTran

Graduate applicants:

  • Masters of Arts in Counseling program applicants only, should submit 3 letters of recommendation. MBA applicants are exempted from this.

  • US school graduates should have the official copy mailed to Heidelberg directly or delivered in a sealed envelope.

  • Other applicants who didn't graduate from a US school should submit their own records to a NACES-approved credential evaluation service like SpanTran


Additional Heidelberg University  Admission Information.


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8. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

17 Free Universities for International Students

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is one of the free colleges for international students in Germany, that does not charge students tuition fee regardless of their nationality - German, EU or international, all enjoy the same no fee policy.

The only fee Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin collects is for the per semester registration, which when calculated totals to €257 – €307 annually.


Country - Germany


How to apply to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

  • Applicants should refer to the time schedule for registration deadlines for each degree and preparatory courses.

  • Applicants of all nationalities who are regular or have attended Humboldt-Universität in the past, should apply directly through the online application form.

  • Each application is based on your university entrance qualification, check the school's graphical information for guidance on the accurate way to apply.

  • International students applying for a degree with the right educational qualifications, will be given prior counselling regarding the application process, courses of study, access to these courses, and requirements by the Humboldt-Universität International office.


Additional Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin  Admission Information.


9. Aalto University

Aalto University is a free international university in Finland that doesn't charge tuition fees for doctoral programs. International students applying for a doctoral program in Aalto, don't have to pay fees, but if you wish to study a master's or bachelor's degree, then you have to pay the tuition fees.


Country - Finland


How to apply to Aalto University

  • Prove English language proficiency.

  • Provide your high school transcripts for bachelor's applications.

  • Master's applicants should submit their first degree certificate.


Aalto University has more detailed information on how to apply to for your preferred program.


10. Berea College

Berea College is one of the institutions in America that makes a difference by offering free study for international students. All students of Berea college enjoy free education and a full tuition scholarship of more than $25,000.

Additionally, the college supports students with their payment for food, room, and board, through a work-study program.


Country - America


How to apply to Berea College

  • Create a MyCoalition profile which you will use to submit your application.

  • Using the online application portal, submit:

  • International Application for Admission

  • Personal statement essay 

  • Official secondary school records, the copy you sent should be translated to English, if that's not the language it was written in.

  • Two teacher recommendation forms in English.

  • Financial resources confirmation form in English.

  • Scores from TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, SAT or Duolingo.


Additional Application Information For Berea College.


11. Curtis Institute of Music

17 Free Universities for International Students

Curtis Institute of Music provides musically inclined students with diploma courses, a bachelor’s degree in music, a master’s degree in music opera, or a certificate of professional studies in opera.

Curtis, just like Berea College,  offers a complete scholarship to admitted students, and in addition to having a free master degree for international students, other of its programs are also free as well.


Country - America


How to apply to Curtis Institute of Music

  • Upload the unofficial copy of your transcript to Acceptd.

  • Official copy of your transcript should be mailed to the institute after a decision has been made with your admission.

  • Provide the addresses of parents, guardians, and their employees.

  • Provide the addresses and dates of classes with private teachers.

  • Provide the addresses and date of high school study and or your previous colleges.

  • Scholarships or awards you have received and their amounts.

  • Respond to the four short essay questions.

  • Live audition program (composer and title). 


Additional Application Information For Curtis Institute of Music.


12. United States Military Academy West Point 

The United States Military Academy Preparatory School aka West Point Prep, is a preparatory school for the United States Military Academy. It is one of the few American universities that are free for international students.


Country - America


How to apply to United States Military Academy West Point 

  • Be sponsored by a government official at a national level.

  • You should be aged between 17 and 22.

  • You're not married, pregnant or under any legal obligation to support children.

  • You have to be from one of the Eligible countries selected on an annual basis by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Defense in order to become one of the 60 international cadets allowed to study at the academy.


Additional Application Information For United States Military Academy West Point.


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13. Deep Springs College

Deep Springs College is one of the free international colleges in America, and is dedicated to making sure that applicants chosen for admission are not burdened by financial costs. Due to this, all students receive a full scholarship of $50,000 which covers tuition, room, and board.

The only fees students are expected to pay is a damage deposit fee, and books, travel, medical insurance and incidental expenses. However, students who show financial need can have these covered by a scholarship.


Country - America


How to apply to Deep Springs College.


14. University of Tromsø 

The University of Tromsø, is a Norwegian state university that does not charge tuition fees, making it one of the free tuition fee universities for international students in Norway.

University of Tromsø offers over 30 English taught master's degree programmes to which international students like you can apply for as either self-financing Master's degree students or as Quota students. The university also offers English Bachelor’s degree programmes.

The only fee you'll pay is the one all the students pay per semester of NOK 625 per to The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation.


Country - Norway


How to apply to University of Tromsø

  • All applicants must possess basic education.

  • Provide proof of English proficiency.

  • Show proof of Financial Ability and and/or Average Grade.


Additional Application Information For University of Tromsø.


15. University of Stavanger 

The University of Stavanger is one of the universities that offer free tuition for international students. UiS participates in various student exchange programs like NORDPLUS and ERASMUS, as well as bilateral exchange agreements with several universities and colleges globally.

If your institution in your country has a standing exchange agreement with the University of Stavanger, you can apply as an exchange student.


Country - Norway


How to apply to University of Stavanger 

  • All applicants are to upload during their application the following documents in PDF format: 

  • A CV

  • Transcript of records  (Bachelor's or Master's).

  • Diploma(s) (Bachelor's or Master's).

  • English language requirement tests.

  • Your final diploma from higher secondary education.

  • Passport copy or Documentation of change of name where applicable.

  • Non-EU/EEA students should provide Documentation of Financing.


Additional Application Information For University of Stavanger.


16. University of Agder 

17 Free Universities for International Students

The University of Agder is among the free universities for non eu students, what's more is that it has numerous exchange agreements with certain institutions globally, so if your school is on that list, you can apply to take 1 or 2 semesters at Adger without paying for tuition.


Country - Norway


How to apply to University of Agder 

Bachelor's students:

  • Bachelor's students will be required to take the Higher Education Entrance Qualification.

  • Upload officially issued transcripts and diplomas online.

  • Translate all documents into English, Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish, if they were not originally in these languages.


Master's students

  • Have a bachelor's degree from a recognised institution that is equivalent to 180 ECTS.

  • You must have completed the degree to qualify for admission into Stavanger's masters programs.


Additional Application Information For University of Agder.

17. Østfold University College

Østfold University College is one of the universities abroad with a low tuition fee. Like the other Norwegian schools on this list, Østfold also has various exchange agreements with institutions outside Norway, and if you are a student of any of those institutions, you can opt for admission into any of the school's English taught programs.


Country - Norway


How to apply to Østfold University College

Students applying to Østfold University College, should have the following:

  • Requested academic documents.

  • An online application form.

  • English language proficiency certificate - IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Passport.

  • Contact number.

  • A valid email address.

  • Proof of fee payment capability.

  • Stipulated application fee.

  • Recommendation letters for MA and  PhD applicants.

  • Résumé or CV for graduate and postgraduate applicants.

  • Health and life insurance.

  • A student visa to study in Norway.

  • A declaration of financial support.

  • Motivational letter.

  • An outline of your research proposal, for MA and PhD applicants.

  • A supervisor agreement form for PhD applicants.

  • Fine Art, Music, and Design students should have a portfolio of works.


Note, although education and study materials are free in  these tuition-free universities, you might still be required to make minimum payments like application and assessment fees for each course you complete.

However, most of these schools we have listed are free application fee universities for international students, so this might not apply to you.


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