H4 Visa Interview questions and answers (PDF for download)

H4 Visa Interview questions and answers (PDF for download)

Are you preparing for your h4 visa interview? If you answer yes, read this article on h4 visa interview questions and answer 2024.

 Moving to the US through the h4 visa application route can be challenging, and visa interviews play a significant role in the process.

The government wants to ensure you're a trustworthy and responsible individual who won't exploit them. Therefore, it's essential to know what to expect and how to respond to any questions.

In this article on H4 Visa interview questions and answers, we've compiled a list of 40 h4 interview questions in this interview questions and answers pdf to help you prepare for your interview thoroughly.


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What is an H4 Visa?

If you have a family member who holds an H1 visa and you are eligible, you can apply for an H4 dependent visa and live in the United States. The H-4 visa is a type of visa that is issued by U.S. immigration to dependents of certain nonimmigrant workers, such as H-1B visa holders.

This visa is available to spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21. With an H4 visa, you can accompany the work visa holder to the U.S. and reside there for the duration of their authorized stay. Additionally, you may study in the U.S. and apply for a work permit.


H4 Visa Interview Questions Category 

As you prepare for your H4 visa interview questions and answers, it's important to know that the questions you'll be asked will most likely fall under four categories. These include questions about your marriage, your spouse, and yourself.

By familiarizing yourself with these categories and preparing thorough and honest answers, you can increase your chances of success at the interview. The questions you will be asked are based on the 4 categories listed below;

  • Questions about your Marriage

  • Questions about the Applicant

  • Questions about your spouse 

  • Questions about the H4 Visa.


40 H4 Visa interview questions and answers

During the H4 visa interview experience, the validity of your marriage-based visa will be assessed through a series of questions about your marriage, yourself, and your spouse. The interviewer is highly trained to distinguish between genuine marriages and those that are solely for immigration benefits. 

The questions will cover visa specifics, personal information, details about your marriage, and your knowledge of your spouse. To ensure a successful interview, it's important to be honest, prepare truthful responses, and bring any necessary supporting documents.

Here are 40 H4 Visa Interview Questions and Answers to help you prepare ahead of your interview;


  1. Why are you applying for an h4 visa?

When you're in an interview for an h4 visa, you might be asked why you're applying. It's important to keep your answer concise and focused on your valid reasons. Don't spend too much time explaining your rationale.

Sample Answer:

I'm applying for the h4 visa because I wish to accompany my husband/wife to the US.


  1. Where do you currently live?

One frequently asked question during H4 visa interviews is about your current place of residence. State the place, city, and state where you are currently staying.

Sample Answer:

I live at Bode Thomas in Surulere, Lagos.


  1. Who do you currently live with?

This question will most likely come after asking where you live. The interviewer just wants to know more about your current living situation. Ensure you give an honest answer here.

Sample Answer:

I live with my parents in their home in Shomolu, Bariga


  1. Did you schedule your appointment with help from anyone?

Give an honest answer, whether it was yourself, your spouse, or someone else.

Sample Answer:

I scheduled my appointment by myself.


  1. What amount of money was spent on your wedding ceremony?

Provide the appropriate details to this question. you can give an approximate amount.

Sample Answer:

We spent about 7 million naira on my wedding.


  1. Where will you live in the US?

Tell the interviewer the exact location you will live if you move to the US.

Sample Answer:

I will live with my spouse in Maryland, U.S.A


  1. Who will you live with in the United States?  

Tell the interviewer who you plan to live with when you move to the US. Most likely, the answer here will also be your spouse.

Sample Answer:

I will live with my wife when I move to the US.


  1. Are you planning to work in the US?

Let the interviewer know your plans for working in the US or if you'll be a stay-at-home partner.

Sample Answer:

I have a nursing degree so I plan to work as a nurse or carer.


  1. How long have you been married to your spouse?

Give the interviewer the number of years or/months that you have been married to your spouse.

Sample Answer:

My husband and I have been married for 3 years.


  1. What was your marriage – arranged or love? If arranged, who arranged it?

This is a yes or no question and if yes, tell the interviewer who arranged your marriage.

Sample Answer:

No, my marriage is a love marriage 


  1. Who sponsored your wedding?

Give a straightforward answer to this question. Just say the name of the person and the relationship the person has with you.

Sample Answer:

My wedding was sponsored by my father.


  1. Did you get engaged before marriage?

Give a yes or no answer.

Sample Answer:

Yes, My partner and I were engaged for 5 months before our marriage.


  1. When did you meet your spouse for the first time?

Tell the interviewer where you met your spouse for the first time. Answer accordingly as to how it happened.

Sample Answer:

I met my husband for the first time at the University in 2017.


  1. How did you meet your spouse?

Give a brief recap of how you and your spouse met. Remember to be concise, don't waste time telling too many stories.

Sample Answer:

We met on a dating app and became fast friends, fast forward 2 years later, he proposed and I said yes.


  1. Where did you get married?

Tell the interviewer the place, city, and country you got married to your spouse.

Sample Answer:

We got married in Lagos, Nigeria 


  1. Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Answer this stating if you and your spouse took a honeymoon trip or not – and if there is proof, also show it.

Sample Answer:

We went to an Island in Seychelles


  1. On what date did you get married to your spouse?

Answer correctly. Give the date, month, and year.

Sample Answer:

My husband and I got married on the 26th of July, 2024.


  1. Is your marriage registered?

Answer Truthfully because, after this question, you may be asked to present your marriage certificate.

Sample Answer:

Yes, it is.


  1. Can I see your marriage certificate?

h4 visa interview questions usually require you to provide copies of your supporting documents and certificates. 

You would have been informed about the documents required for the interview. 

Sample Answer:

Yes, and show them the marriage certificate.


  1. Can I see some wedding photographs?

A major part of the H4 interview is proving to the interviewer that your marriage to your spouse is legitimate. Be ready to provide wedding photographs of you and your spouse together.

Sample Answer:

Yes, and show them the wedding photographs.


  1. How long has your spouse been in the US?

This is an answer you shouldn't miss.

Sample Answer:

My spouse has been in the US for 4 years now.


  1. Has your spouse applied for a green card?

As we said earlier, you must have asked your spouse about this information beforehand.

Sample Answer:

No, she hasn't.


  1. What is your Spouse's date of Birth?

Tell the interviewer your spouse's correct date of birth.

Sample Answer:

My wife was born on the 21st of January, 1996.


  1. Which University/College did your spouse graduate from?

State the name of the university or college or if he didn't attend the university.

Sample Answer:

My wife graduated from the University of Benin, Nigeria.


  1. What does your spouse do for work?

State your spouse's job.

Sample Answer:

My wife is a computer engineer.


  1. How long has your spouse been employed with the current organization?

Before going for your interview, ensure you ask your spouse for all the important information regarding his/her employer and company. 

Give accurate and direct answers.

Sample Answer:

My husband has worked with the NHIS for 3 years.


  1. What is your spouse’s highest degree?

Answer correctly. It may be a high school degree, a master's, or a Ph.D.

Sample Answer:

My husband/wife's highest degree is a master's in clinical psychology.


  1. Which company does your spouse work for?

Ensure you have all your spouse's correct employment information. Tell the interviewer the name of the company your spouse works for. You can also give a brief description of the company's services.

Sample Answer:

My wife/husband works in a hospital in Washington. If they ask for more details, provide them.

  1. What is the per annum income of your spouse?

Tell the interviewer your spouse's annual income. An approximate or exact amount.

Sample Answer:

My wife/husband earns 72,000 USD per year.


  1. Can I see some of your spouse's bank statements?

You must have collected your spouse's bank statements before the interview, so when you're asked this, you just present it to the interviewer.

Sample Answer:

Yes – and show them the bank statement.


  1. Who is sponsoring your spouse’s H1?

Let the interviewer know who sponsored your spouse's h1b visa.

Sample Answer:

My wife/husband's employer sponsored his/her h1 visa.


  1. When did your spouse receive approval for an H1 category visa?

State the year and the month when they received their visa approval.

Sample Answer:

My husband/wife's h1 visa was approved on the 5th of April, 2019.


  1. Is your spouse a US citizen?

Answer correctly.

Sample Answer:

No, he isn't.

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  1. Why didn't you attend the interview when your spouse did?

Give your reasons for not attending the interview with your spouse.

Sample Answer:

I was busy with exams when my wife/husband applied for his h1 visa.


  1. Who made the interview appointment?

Tell the interviewer who scheduled your appointment.

Sample Answer:

I scheduled the interview appointment by myself.


  1. How did you get the documents necessary for the visa interview?

Let the interviewer know how you received your documents.

Sample Answer:

My husband/wife sent me all the documents I need for the interview


  1. Do you have any other family members besides your spouse in the US?

Answer Truthfully.

Sample Answer:

Yes, I do.


  1. Who will support you financially during your period of stay in the US?

Explain to the interviewer who will support you financially throughout your stay in the US, if your visa is granted.

Sample Answer:

My husband will take care of my finances in the US.


  1. Which visa are you applying for?

Tell them that you are applying for an H4 visa

Sample Answer:

I am applying for the H4 Visa.


  1. Who is sponsoring your trip to the US?

Let the interviewer know who will sponsor your trip. Whether it's yourself, your spouse, or someone else

Sample Answer:

My husband will sponsor my trip to the US.


Note: the more truthful you are with your answers, the clearer it will be that there is nothing unusual going on in your case – and you may be granted the visa.


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 H4 Visa Interview Tips.

The final hurdle to achieving your goal of moving to the United States to be with your spouse is the interview stage. It's crucial to avoid any missteps that could potentially harm your chances of securing your visa approval. To help you prepare for your H4 visa interview questions and answers, here are some useful tips to keep in mind.


  • Be Well-Prepared

Ensure that you have all your important documents ready for your H4 dependent visa interview questions. Not providing all the necessary documents may result in your interview being rescheduled or your visa being denied. To be safe, it's a good idea to keep a copy of all your documents with you. This will help if you are asked questions about your marriage or anything else that requires proof. Having a backup copy of your documents can strengthen your case and improve your chances of success.


  • Answer Questions Correctly

It's important to be upfront and truthful during your h4b visa interview questions, as this will help ensure that your answers come across as genuine and not suspicious. While this may not be groundbreaking advice, it's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to visa interviews. So make sure to answer all questions as clearly and honestly as possible.


  • Be Confident

Remember to remain calm and composed throughout the interview, and speak clearly and confidently when answering questionsAvoid hesitating or giving contradicting answers as this can raise suspicion and cause the interviewer to doubt your credibility.

Therefore, It's best to be honest and straightforward when answering questions. This will demonstrate that you are genuine and have nothing to hide.



  • Practice Interview Questions

Practice common interview questions with a friend or family member to help build your confidence before the interview. Be ready to explain your relationship with the H1b holder in your h1b and h4 visa interview questions and answers, your intentions in the US and any other questions the interviewer might ask you.


  • Dress Appropriately 

Dress formally and conservatively for the interview, Your appearance should show that you are taking the interview process seriously and you respect the process.



We hope we have provided enough questions to prepare you for your h4 visa interview. To increase your chances of getting your H4 visa, it's important to answer all questions truthfully. Keep your answers brief and use simple language, but provide details whenever you are asked.

As long as your answers are accurate and add up nicely together, you'll be one step closer to achieving your dreams of accompanying your spouse to the United States of America. Good luck with your interview.


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