10 Best Business Schools In London 2024 -Top MBA In London

10 Best Business Schools In London 2024 -Top MBA In London

Are you a business-inclined student who wants to study a top mba in london? You're in luck; this article on 10 best business schools in london 2024 - top mba in london, can point you in the right direction and give you all the information you require.

You can't mention London without talking about its history, sports, and general business scene. This city has a character which is woven into football, cricket, financial institutions, and entrepreneurship. In all of these areas, London has contributed immensely for years.

But, when it comes to attaining a higher education in the UK, the first schools that pop up in the head of international students are the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. This can often leave them wondering if London doesn't have any other good universities besides these two that are associated with the UK.

As a matter of fact, London does have other great universities besides Oxford and Cambridge. In this article, we would even be looking at the best business schools in london that are suited to the business-minded student.

We have taken the time to curate this list of the top 10 mba universities in london, to which international candidates can apply. 

Three of the schools we have mentioned in this article are also based on data gotten from the Times Higher Education's World University Rankings 2024 of the best UK universities for business degrees, where they appear on the list.


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Article Content:

  1. 7 reasons why you should study business in London 

  2. Table showing 10 best business schools in London 2024 - top MBA in London and their tuition fees

  3. 10 best business schools in London 2024 -top MBA in London 

  4. Conclusion


7 Reasons Why You Should Study Business In London

The city of London pulls its weight as one of the best study destinations in the world and since it has more than 30,000 programs taught by various colleges and universities, it houses, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. 

In addition, there are many top mba colleges london has to offer which could help you kick-start your career in this field.

Besides it being a great place to study, these are 8 (very good) reasons why you should study business in London.


  1. High Employment Rate For Business Graduates 

Students with a business studies degree is considered to be employable because they learn a lot of transferrable skills in college which can benefit an organisation. 

A degree in business covers a broad range of subjects like economics, accounting, entrepreneurial training, etc., and can prepare students for a number of career paths.


  1. Practical Teaching Approach

The universities in London which offer business degrees equip student learning experience by applying practical teaching done outside the classrooms.

Such schools also partner with companies in the public and private sectors, thereby offering students the chance to learn from industry experts and network with potential employers.


  1.  London Is Located In The UK

The United Kingdom is a fantastic place to study an MBA mostly because it is the home of one of the world's leading financial capitals, London.

London has the highest number of major business districts and more overseas banks than any other city and it is the biggest currency trading centre in the world.


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  1.  Same Standard Of Education As The UK

The United Kingdom is a renowned international business hub that has connections around the globe with ease and expertise.

This nation is recognized for its entrepreneurial strength, it is Europe's business leader and is among the top ten countries in the world to establish a new business.

Apart from its unmissable contribution to the general entrepreneurship and business scene, the UK is home to a vast number of universities and colleges of academic excellence and acclaimed research; some of those schools are also located in London.


  1.  Multicultural And Rich Heritage 

London is famed for its multicultural and rich heritage that welcomes students from across the world. 

It has one of the highest numbers of universities and colleges in the world and consistently ranks amongst the top places for international students to study.


  1. Unmatched Transferrable Skills 

Studying a business degree in London gives you access to numerous transferrable skills in finance, administration, project management, and marketing.

These skills when combined with your London degree can put you on the radar of various companies both in London and other countries who are ready to give you opportunities.


  1.  Career Paths In Business And Management 

With an MBA being a flexible and multidimensional course, there are many career paths that are open to you. 

A few of these career paths include - business management, management consultancy, project and risk management, and human resources. These areas are all competitive and have good salaries attached to them.

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Table Showing 10 Best Business Schools In London 2024 - Top MBA In London and Their Tuition Fees

If you happen to be an international student who wishes to study at any of the top b schools in london, just ensure that you keep your composure after you discover the number of study and career opportunities that'll come your way when you enrol to any of these schools.

As a business graduate from top institutions in London, you'll land roles in a  number of big corporations.

But first, preview these schools you'll be attending and where they're located in the table below:

Business School 


Tuition Fee

London Business School

Bloomsbury, London 


London School Of Economics and Political Science

Houghton, St, London


Imperial College Business School

South Kensington Campus, London


Bayes Business School

Bunhill Row, London


UCL School Of Management

Canary Wharf, London


King's Business School

Aldwych, London 


School Of Business And Management

Bethnal, Green, London


Brunel Business School

Kingston, London 

On request

Middlesex Business School

The Burroughs, London


The School For Finance And Management

Thornhaugh St, London

£24,750 per year


10 Best Business Schools In London 2024 - Top MBA In London

Since there are thousands of other business schools in the world that offer an MBA degree for a cheaper price, why should you instead choose to study in London? 

Well, as a student you'll get the opportunity to study at any of the top mba programs in london and as a graduate, you can choose from a sea of employers.

London houses more than 100 specialist business schools in the United Kingdom, including the famous London School Of Business.

The schools are run by experienced faculty from all over the world who ensure that you receive the best education of education rooted in years of expertise.

Moreso, the level of business expertise offered by the best b schools in london is designed to match the needs of every individual or type of student. 

What that means is that if you want a one-year MBA to just get ready for a job, you could easily get it in London, especially since the programs offered by different institutions are flexible and industry-oriented.


1. London Business School

10 best business schools in london

London Business School is amongst the top 10 colleges for mba in london. The school's MBA course is one of the best mba programs in london.

The MBA course at London Business School is perfect for students searching for a career in global business or in London's booming startup scene.

They'll certainly learn new skills, secure a lifetime network of trusted peers, challenge their thinking as well as develop the leadership and general management tools for business success with this unique two-year programme.

Set in Europe's successful business capital, the London School Of Business MBA gives you a chance to connect with world-renowned leaders and organizations, while you get the full London experience. The London Business School is number 5 on Global University Rankings.

Parent Institute:  University Of London 

Location: Bloomsbury, London

Course Duration: 15-21 months 

Tuition Fee: £109,700 

Learn more about the tuition fee.


Admission Requirements 

To gain admission into the MBA program at London Business School, prospects should do the following:

  • Meet the Application Criteria - students who are European Economic Area (EEA), Swiss or non-EEA national might need a visa to study in the UK.

  • Completed online application form.

  • Application essays.

  • One-Page CV 

  • Name and details of a referee. 

  •  GMAT/GRE score 

  •  Proof of English Language ability - IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE or PTE Academic score.

  • £200 application fee.

  • Copy of university transcripts.

View full list of London Business School admission requirements.


2. London School Of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the top 10 business schools in london. 

LSE's Trium Global Executive MBA is an innovative and prestigious programme delivered through a partnership between the NYU Stern Business School, the London School Of Economics and HEC Paris School of Management which are three of the world's leading business and management schools.

The Global Executive MBA prepares senior leaders at the top level across all industries to excel in today's challenging and complex business environment and take on leading roles in responsibly shaping the fast-changing future of business worldwide.

With the future-focused curriculum of this course, students will gain the strategic and leadership skills needed to take on the next challenge in their careers.

The London School Of Economics and Political Science is among the top mba universities in london and places at number 10 on the World University Rankings of business schools.

Parent Institute:  London School Of Economics and Political Science 

Location: Houghton, St, London

Course Duration: 18 months 

Tuition Fee: $204,000 

Learn more about the tuition fee.


Admission Requirements 

  • Minimum 10 years of professional work experience.

  • An exceptional track record with experience in senior management is preferred.

  • Global/ Intentional responsibilities.

  • English proficiency qualification - TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT or GRE.

View the full list of London School Of Economics and Political Science admission requirements.


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3. Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School, one of the london best mba colleges, offers an Imperial MBA which is an inspiring one-year programme.

The Full-time MBA seeks to develop innovative and mindful leaders who can create a valued impact for global business and society, spurred by rigorous analysis, collaborative spirit, and skilled use of technology.

Graduates of this course are highly preferred by world-class employers across sectors in technology, consulting, and finance sectors. Additionally, some of the graduates go on to become entrepreneurs who start up their own business ventures.

Imperial College Business School is among the best mba schools in london, placing 25 on Global University Rankings.

Parent Institute:  Imperial College London 

Location: South Kensington Campus, London 

Course Duration: 12 months

Tuition Fee: £61,500


Admission Requirements 

  • Complete degree transcripts 

  • Personal statement 

  • CV

  • Career planning questions where you need to demonstrate that you've thought about the type of employer you want to work for after graduation and have researched your target organisation(s) and role.

  • Contact details of two referees 

  • GMAT or GRE results 

  • English language test results (where applicable)

  • An application processing fee of £150

View the full list of Imperial College Business School admission requirements.

See other MBA courses from Imperial College Business School.


4. Bayes Business School

top 10 business schools in london

Bayes Business School is among the best business schools in london postgraduate that should be on your list if you're coming to this city.

The Full-time MBA programme from Bayes is a 12-month self-discovery exploration course situated in the heart of the City of London.

Students of this course gain access to intensive and experiential learning that'll increase their knowledge, skills, performance, and ability to think innovatively.

Bayes Business School is one of the top mba schools in london, and at the end of 12 months, you'll become a graduate equipped to put your education into practice and rise to the challenges of a steadily changing global business environment.

Parent Institute:  City University of London 

Location: Bunhill Row, London 

Course Duration: 12 months

Tuition Fee: £48,000


Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of three years of full-time work experience.

  • A good university degree equivalent to an upper second class honours degree (2:1) or higher.

  • GMAT/GRE score of minimum 600 or 650+.

  • English language requirement - IELTS, PTE, LanguageCert, or TOEFL exam.

  • Personal statement 

  • CV

  • GMAT or GRE results 

  • English language results (if applicable)

  • Two professional references 

  • Copy of University documents.

  • An application fee of £100.

  • Student visa.

View the full list of Bayes admission requirements.

See other MBA courses from City University of London.


5. UCL School Of Management

UCL School of Management is on the list of good business schools in london and is definitely one worth checking out.

The UCL MBA programme is designed for experienced business professionals, to give them the required skills, insights, and fresh perspectives they need for writing their leadership stories.

This programme's structure goes beyond traditional online MBAs, through its emphasis on the use of data, technology, and information to forecast critical issues, guide business choices, and navigate uncertain situations in a global context.

UCL School of Management is one the best mbas in london and number 23 on World University Rankings.

Parent Institute:  University College London 

Location: Canary Wharf, London 

Course Duration: 24-60 months

Tuition Fee: £42,500


Admission Requirements

  • A good undergraduate degree from a recognizable university.

  • Minimum of UK Second Class Honours (Upper Division - 2:1) or its international equivalent.

  • Minimum of five years of full-time work experience after completing an undergraduate degree or before starting the MBA programme.

  • Minimum of seven years of work experience, with at least two years spent in a senior executive leadership role, if you do not have a good undergraduate degree.

See other MBA programmes from University College London.


6. King's Business School

top 10 business schools in london

King's Business School is the best executive mba london. It caters to both undergraduates and graduates.

The Executive MBA programme by King's helps you make your mark in business, by becoming the most capital leader you can be.

This programme is loaded with opportunities and activities like networking with leaders from various global industries and discussions on the latest issues with top minds in specialist areas, to help you develop your skills.

In addition, you'll collaborate on projects with your peers during the course and develop your capabilities through coaching and skills workshops.

Note, for students starting from scratch, King's Business School is also one of the top business schools in london undergraduate students can attend.

Parent Institute:  King's College London 

Location: Aldwych, London 

Course Duration: 2 years 

Fee: £47,800


Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 10 years relevant full-time work experience with management or leadership responsibilities in current role.

  • 2:1 at the undergraduate level in any discipline.

  • Advanced written and spoken English. Candidates who, English isn't their native language will be assessed through their test scores or other evidence if needed.

  • Personal statement and easy.

  • GMAC Executive Assessment, GMAT or GRE score.


7. School Of Business And Management

The School Of Business And Management at the Queen Mary University of London is one of the top 10 business schools london has to offer.

This school's Business Analytics MSc prNormalepares students for the increased use of data in business decision-making, by helping them develop a strong understanding of tools and methodologies used for business analysis as graduates.

They'll learn to interpret data and use the results to inform business direction. Students will also acquire the skills needed to excel in all sectors of the global economy.

Parent Institute:  Queen Mary University Of London 

Location: Bethnal, Green, London 

Course Duration: 1 year

Fee: £28,950


Admission Requirements

  • Meet the English language requirements - candidates who got their degree in an English-speaking country or were taught in English and studied within the last five years, might not need an English language qualification.

  • A minimum English language requirement of 7.0 overall, plus 6.0 in writing, and 6.0 in Reading, Listening and Speaking.



8. Brunel Business School

top 10 business schools in london

Brunel Business School is another of the top business colleges in london.

The Full-time Brunel MBA is a one-year intensive course that provides students with a qualification that signifies dedication to continued development in their profession.

The course is perfect if you intend to complete your MBA in a short time, which may be useful if you are an international candidate. Brunel MBA students are vastly diverse as they come from various industries, professions, cultures, and countries this is one of the key strengths of this programme.

The people students meet during their MBA become an essential network of business contacts and friends for life.

Parent Institute:  Brunel University London 

Location: Kingston, London 

Course Duration: 1 year

Fee: On request 


Admission Requirements

Applicants applying to the Brunel MBA should typically have:

  • A 2:1 (or above) UK Honours degree or international equivalent.

  • Minimum of three years full-time work experience at a managerial or professional level in managing people, budget, or other resources following a degree.

View the full list of the Brunel MBA admission requirements.


9. Middlesex Business School

10 best business schools in london

Middlesex Business School is one of the top 20 business schools in london and for good reasons too.

The Master of Business Administration MBA at Middlesex is designed to prepare students for the challenges that come with management, exposing them to the latest thinking in business across a variety of sectors within an international context.

Studying this course will get you engaged with key management disciplines entailing financial and economic analysis, strategy and innovation, managing and developing people, global marketing management, operations and supply chain management, and cross-cultural management and ethics.

Middlesex Business School is also among the best undergraduate business schools in london, and can be considered if you're starting at this level.

Parent Institute:  Middlesex University London 

Location: The Burroughs, London 

Course Duration: 1 year full-time.

Fee: £19,000


Admission Requirements 

Students should meet the following qualifications:

  • A second-class honours degree.

  • Two or more years of relevant business experience.

  • Graduate-level professional qualifications.

  • GMAT score of at least 550 points for students who do not have an honours degree or professional qualifications.


10. The School For Finance And Management

The School For Finance And Management at SOAS University of London is one of the best business colleges in london.

SOAS' MSc International Business programme is open to graduates from any study discipline. Having work experience is welcome but it is not necessary. The programme emphasizes the development of a comprehensive knowledge set of key areas in international business and their application too.

With interactive teaching and learning, you can develop your critical perspectives on the changing dynamics of multinational firms and small businesses and their relationships with the external environment.

The School For Finance And Management is also one of the best business schools london undergraduates can apply to also.

Parent Institute:  SOAS University of London

Location: Thornhaugh St, London 

Course Duration: 1 year full-time, two years or three years part-time.

Fee: £24,750 per year.


Admission Requirements 

  • An undergraduate degree at a high 2:2 or above.

  • Supporting statement and references. References are optional, but they can make your application profile stronger if you fall below the 2:2 requirement or have nontraditional qualifications.

View the full list of The School For Finance And Management admission requirements.



With a large number of business schools in London, we can see why choosing the right one for you can be a difficult decision. 

These top business schools in london we have listed for you are a few institutions out of many you should set your sights on.

The best london mba programs rightly offer the best of both worlds in terms of education and lived experience. 

And since London is a recognized world business hub, as a student here you'll interact with industry leaders and gain more opportunities than you would in other cities or countries. 


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