Cheapest Accommodation in London for International Students 2024

Cheapest Accommodation in London for International Students 2024

Are you a student living in London? and Are you searching for affordable places to live in London? In this article, you will find the cheapest accommodation in London for international students that fits your budget.

London is a great place to study. The city offers everything a student might desire, you get to experience a vibrant culture, historic huildings, great transport links, exciting nightlife and a plethora of cafes, restaurants, cuisines, festivals and so much more.

However, this lifestyle comes at a very high cost and student accommodation is no exception.To make your stay in London more memorable, we bring you a list of some of the best neighbourhoods and affordable accommodation for international student in uk.


Table of Content

  • Types of Accommodation for international students in London

  • Best neighbourhoods to Live in London

  • How to find affordable student accommodation in London

  • Cheap student accommodation in london

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Types of Accommodation for international students in London

There are 3 common types of uk accommodation for international students, they include;

  1. Homestays

Homestay is a temporary residence for international student who is hosted by a local family. Homestay arrangements is an affordable housing option for students who wish to improve their language skill, experience a different culture, enjoy cuisines, make genuine connections and get the best travel experience.


  1. University residence halls

Universities offer international student housing london(dorms) for their first or final year in the University. Most University dorms are shared, they can house up to 100 students in a building at a time. Dorms are typically gender-based.

Each room is fully furnished with a personal bed space, a study desk, storage space and shared bathrooms.


  1. Private Student halls

These are private residences provided for students who want to live off-campus. There are different types of private student halls. They include ensuites, studio apartments, shared flats, single rooms, hostels. Here are some of the private accommodation cost in Uk for international students.


How to find affordable student accommodation in London for international Students

Finding the right student accommodation can be a bit hectic, you have to consider your budget, safety and location before renting in london as an international students.

Follow these three simple steps when searching for student accommodation in London.


  1. Search online

The best place to find the exact type of accommodation you want is on the internet. There are websites that post available student housing all around london. For example, If you're looking for a cheap flat in Bloomsbury, you can search for "Cheapest shared flats in Bloomsbury". When you find a few places that fit what you want, prepare a list of the best places you find before touring properties.


  1. Find the right Location

One good tip when searching for student accommodation is to look for places with good transportation system. Also, check the distance of the apartment to your school and the facilities that come with the apartment. It is important to be fully aware of the benefits and additional costs that come with the apartment.


  1. Do your research

Once you have found a suitable accommodation that fits your budget, do a background research on the apartment. You can check for reviews and ratings online to see if the offer checks out. As an international student living in London, always prioritise your safety. Only book places that are safe, secure and welcoming to international students.


Best neighbourhoods to live in London

London has some of the best places for international students. Do not let your budget or University location restrict where you choose to live. Regardless of where you choose, you can still enjoy great and affordable transport links to other parts of the city. With this, you can keep an open mind when searching for student accommodation.

Here's a look at some great neighbourhoods to live in London;


  1. Camden, North London

Camden is a safe and friendly community in North London. It has quite a number of international student hall london. Living in Camden gives you great access to the sorrounding areas and cities in London.

It has a safe and secure community with effecient transport links into the city.  It has a vibrant, cultural diverse environment so students can live peacefully and focus fully on their study without worry. Royal Vertinery College, Central Saint Martins and University College London are all within walking distances to Camden.


  1. Brixton, South London

If youre a student looking for a vibrant and trendy city to live in London, Brixton is the perfect choice for you. It offers stylish and contemporary student accommodation for indian student in uk at affordable prices. It is also well known for its market, you can get fresh foods at very affordable prices, there is also a plethora of budget friendly restaurants and cafe if you do not like to cook.

Public transport service are fully accessible to residents, you can either travel by the overground rail, tube or bus. With a variety of available accommodation, there's always a home for students in Brixton.


  1. Angel, North London

Angel is a student-friendly neighbourhood in the Northern part of Central London. It is considered one of the most beautiful places to live for international students due to its culture, location, scenery and student population. Although rent is a little more pricey than other part of London, it still offers some of the best deals for super comfortable student accommodations.

Angel is close to a lot of major colleges sorrounding the city and its small size makes it a very walkable city, However, you can choose to use a bike, tube, rail or catch a bus whenever you're out and about.


  1. Bermondsey, South East London

Bermondsey is a picture perfect city in South East London, Southwark. It is close to major landmarks, stores and colleges in the city. It has an excellent transport system with super affordable student housing. There are a lot of great bars, cafes, restaurants, galleries, pubs and buildings in Bermondsey.

Residents are super friendly and welcoming and are typically young students or working professionals. Student housing is also very affordable in this part of London.


  1. Docklands, Central London

Docklands is the best neighbourhood for students with tight budgets, it has the most affordable and unique student housing in Central London. From Docklands, it is easy to commute easily to other parts of London. It has very effecient and affordable tube links all around the city.

Docklands is also close to the beautiful landmarks, historical buildings, amazing scenery and antique stores where students can explore after a long week of lectures and homework.


Cheap Student Accommodation in London 

Here are some of the cheapest accommodation in Uk for international students you can find in London.

  1. Holland House

Holland House is a remarkable student accommodation situated in a stunning building in Holland park, Kesignton. It is one of the most affordable Central london student accommodation, offering a variety of spacious private and shared room styles.

Students in Holland house get fulltime access to state of the art facilities, which includes an in-house gym, bicycle storage, study lounge, free super fast internet, laundry room, 24/7 CCTV surveillance and a stationed porter to assure your safety at all times. King's College London and BPP University are located within a 12 minutes drive from the hostel.

Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey, Eccleston square gardens and the Houses of Parliament are just a stone throw away, so you get a chance to go sightseeing with your friends during your free time.

Location: Kensington, London

Price Range: £138 per week


  1. Sunlight Apartment

Sunlight Apartment is perfect for students who want to get a feel of home away from home. It is located in a small and welcoming community in the heart of Bethnal Greene, London.

Its rooms are designed to give students all inclusive living experience, fully equipped with high tech kitchenette, high speed WiFi, bicycle storage, and 24 hours surveillance system so you never have to worry about your safety.

Many of the city's universities such as Queen Mary's University of London and London Metropolitan University are within walking distances from the apartment. Staying in Sunlight Apartment not only allows you enjoy comfory, you also get to experience the hustle and bustle of some of London's hippest districts.

Location: Bethnal Greene, London

Price Range: £204 per week


  1. Sandeman-Allen House

Sandeman-Allen is an affordable student housing near hyde park with an onsite gym, TV room, study room, and beautiful shared bathrooms. Bookings comes with all inclusive continental breakfast, free WiFi, CCTv and a porter.

The hostel offers a variety of student dorms, single and double rooms. Plus, SOAS, University of London and University College London are just 20 minutes away, making the daily commute for students in these universities super stress-free .

Location: Bays water, London

Price Range: £103 - £225 per week


  1. Arch view House

This hostel is designed to give student the best living experience, it offers a variety of private and shared rooms, each room with its own kitchen, bathroom, living area and a shared study room.

You can also enjoy the vibrant outdoor view, onsite gym and common area during your free time. It is super close to top hotspots and major universities such as University of West London and the University of Westmister Harrow Campus in Central London.\

Location: Wembley Park, London

Price Range: £189 - £245 per week


  1. The Valentine's

The valentine is a classic student housing in East London, it is located very close to Stratford and Liverpool street. With well furnished student rooms, study rooms,lounge areas, movie area, gaming room and adequate outdoor space, you're definitely getting your money's worth staying at the Valentine.

You'll find that the hostel is sorrounded by major universities in East london; the University of East London, Queen Mary University, BPP University, London School of Economics and University College London are at close proximity.

Student security is of top priority at the Valentines, the hostel is fully secure with 24/7 security surveillance, Security door entrance and a porter stationed for night duty.

Location: East London

Price Range: £178 - £345 per week


  1. Belsize House

Belsize is a budget friendly student accommodation in london for international students located near Belsize park, it offers students stylish varieties of rooms, from single rooms to five room dormitories, each room with its own set of amenities.

Students at Belsize enjoy fully equipped bedrooms, kitchens, common room, laundry rooms, onsite gym, bicycle storage, free wifi and a beautiful outdoor scenery.

Location: Belsize park, London

Price Range: £105 - £201 per week


  1. Leinster House

Leinster House offers the best student facilities to ensure you live comfortably  during your study in London. Free WiFi, 24/7 CCTV, a common room,personal kitchen areas, laundry area, great communal areas and bike storage are some of the amazing features students at Leinster enjoy.

It is also conveniently situated at close distances to Heythrop College, University of London and University of Westmister. It is one of the most affordable places to live in Bayswater, London.

Location:  Leinster Gardens, London

Price Range: £115 - £201 per week


  1. Claredale House

Claredale house is one of the best places for international students to live in Bethnal Green, London. It offers stylish, spacious, affordable student rooms suitable for undergraduate and graduate students.

Rooms are available in different sizes with different price ranges, Each apartment has a shared kitchen, bathrooms, living area and laundry facility. Tne hostel is managed by on-site residential staff who keep the hostel safe and attend to emergencies with immediate effect.

Location: Bethnal Green, London

Price Range: From £169/week


  1. Railton House

Railton is an affordable student housing in Paddington, London. It features a variety of single, double and shared dormitories.

It is situated very close to Royal College of Art, London and boasts of top-class amenities such as super fast internet, CCTV, cleaning services, laundry rooms, contents insurance and so much more. It also has a very spacious common room where you can relax with your friends after a long day at school.

Location:  Paddington, London

Price Range: From £105/week


  1. Wood Greene Hall

Woodgreene hall is a super stylish student accommodation in North London. It prioritises student's comfort and safety at all times. You get access to amenities and a friendly community of students which gives you the feeling home

It is located at close proximity to major of the city's universities with easy links to transport system so you can move around and explore beautiful parts of the city.

Location:  North London

Price Range: £160 - £174 per week


  1. Belvedere House

Belvedere is a cheap student accommodation in London, offering a wide range of housing options for international students.There are single rooms, twin rooms, three bedroom and four bedroom dormitories to choose from. Each room is fully furnished and equipped with feautures such as study desk, kitchen, wardrobe and a very comfortable bed.

Students also enjoy from a long list of facilities and services like free WiFi, all inclusive bills, study room, a common room, tv room and so much more. It offers a great opportunity to study and live in London comfortably.

Location: South Kensington, London

Price Range: £120 - £223 per week


  1. Halpin House

Halpin House is a student housing in South Kensington, this accommodation has an aesthetically pleasing interior with fully furnished bedrooms. The surroundings are so serene that you can study for hours without external disturbances. It is a suitable coventry university accommodation for international students.

In halpin house, you get to enjoy free WiFi, all inclusive utility bills, laundry, common room, study room and content insurance.

Location: South Kensington, London

Price Range: From £208 per week


  1. The Cube - Ealing

The Cube Ealing is the best student accommodation located in the vibrant community in Hounslow Borough in West London. It offers an all-inclusive utility bills, accessible rooms, large TV, Wi-Fi, a common room, broadband and laundry facilities.

Location: Hounslow Borough, West London

Price Range: from £190 per week


  1. Kaplan Residence

Kaplan residence Bournemouth is a suitable student accommodation for students in universities around Bournemouth. It is a short distance from Bournemouth University(Landsdowne and Talbot Campus) and Bournemouth Art University.

It has a wide range of stylish ensuites, studios, shared rooms, and apartments at budget friendly prices.

Location: Bournemouth, London

Price Range: From £230/week


  1. Helen Graham House

Helem Graham House is a very popular student accommodation in Bloomsbury. It is situated very close to major universities in West End of London including, London School of Economics, London school of fashion and Birkberk, School of African and Oriental Studies.

You can also explore famous landmarks without spending a lot on  transport. The British Museum is located at the direct opposite of the school, You can also visit Leicester square, Picadilly Circus to enjoy a good time with your friends in your free time.

Location: Bloomsbury, London

Price Range: £174 - £249 per week


  1. Kensal Green Garrow House

If you're a full-time college student in London, you will love Kensal Green Garrow house in Notting hill. It is a

private student hall located in Kensal Road, East London.

Kensal Green Garrow house popularly called Garrow House is a modern student accommodation that offers amazing, spacious student rooms with a fantastic view over Regent Canal, game rooms, lounges, 24/7 security, onsite emergency response, modern style bathroom and kitchenettes, shared laundry room and a common room where students can go to unwind.

Each student room is fully furnished with large sized bed, study desk, an ensuite bathroom, wardrobe and a TV. Nottingham hill is home to famous buildings and hotspots where students can explore during their free time.

Location: Notting Hill, London

Price Range: from £181 per week


  1. New Mansion House

New Mansion house is an historic student accommodation located in a peaceful community very close to Paddington station in West London.

Rooms are available in singles, doubles, triples and dormitory styled with specific price ranges. All bills and content insurance are included with rent free, no need to worry about additional payments after your rent. Students also get access to high speed wifi, 24 hours security key access, a TV room and study room.

Location: Paddington, London

Price Range: £141 - £255 per week


  1. LHA Davies Court

Davies court is an affordable self catered student housing near Canary Wharf, London. It offers ensuite and shared apartments, this allows students enjoy independent living style.

Students enjoy fully accessible onsite gym, bicycle storage, kitchens and  can also explore amazing sights and shops all around Canary Wharf. Special facilities and accessibility measures are also set up for students with disabilities and special needs.

Location: Canary Wharf, London

Price Range: from £140 per week


  1. Arbury Court

At Arbury Court, you can get beautifully furnished and comfortable student accommodations at very affordable prices. It is one of the best budget friendly accommodation for international students in Kingston and St Mary's University. You get full access to all facilities after paying your rent.

Each rooms in Arbury court come fully equipped with comfortable double beds, high tech kitchens, ample storage space and a common room you can share with your friends.

You'll also have fast internet, accessible gym, laundry and bike storage facility. All bills and insurance are included in your rent so you don't have to worry about extra costs.

Location: Kingston, London

Price Range: £227 - £322 per week


  1. Mannequin House

Mannequin house offers attractive student rooms at very good prices, It is located in a premium building in near university of hertfordshire accommodation for international in Mannequins, London.

You can choose shared bedrooms where you get double beds, shared bathrooms and kitchenettes or go for the more expensive private suites with ensuite bathrooms, kitchen and laundry facility.

To ensure you have a safe and worry free experience at Mannequin house, CCTV cameras are installed all around the building with 24 hours surveillance so you can focus fully on your study.

Location: Mannequin, London

Price Range: £100 - £500 per week


We hope that this list helps you find the best student accommodation in London.


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